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Tangem Hardware Wallet is a self-custodial cold wallet in the form of a card that allows you to purchase, sell, and store more than 6,000 digital assets. Tangem wallet is a good option for those seeking a practical way to manage their cryptocurrency. Tangem does not require cables, batteries, chargers, or seed phrases as compared to the bulk of other wallets available in the market.

How Does Tangem Wallet Work?

Tangem functions differently unlike traditional hardware wallets. Traditional hardware wallets are essentially smaller computers that store your private keys and provide you with a small screen to check data for transactions. When your wallet is lost or otherwise compromised, they also have a recovery seed phrase.

A credit card-sized Tangem wallet uses NFC to validate cryptocurrency transactions made on your smartphone. No battery, wires, or recovery seed phrase. Just tap and move on.

This greatly accelerates the process of conventional cryptography security but also creates new risks. For instance, your cryptocurrency would be lost if you misplaced your Tangem physical card.

You receive 2 or 3 additional backup cards from Tangem as a convenience. Users are given one of the greatest options for a backup strategy.

Even if one of the cards is misplaced or damaged, it is simple for the user to continue having access to their wallet.

Benefits of using Tangem Wallet:

  • Simple and prominent card-shaped design
  • Fits conveniently in a pocket
  • NFC support for speedy operations
  • Design that is resistant to water and dust and doesn’t require batteries or cables

Cryptocurrencies Supported By Tangem

Currently, Tangem supports more than 6,000 different cryptocurrencies and tokens. Among the well-liked choices are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin
  • SolanaCardano

What’s in the Tangem Box?

The Tangem wallet is exceptionally efficient and easy to use. These two are key selling factors. The packaging is also very simple.

One Tangem wallet (along with one or two backups) of credit card size is included in the box. The box doesn’t include cords, recovery seed brochures, and other materials.

Is Tangem Wallet Safe?

The Tangem Wallet is secure. When Tangem Wallet is turned on, the card’s chip creates a secret, extremely secure random private key. It is protected against theft and fraudulent attempts because neither Tangem nor any other organization has access to it. In contrast with traditional seed phrases, Tangem provides a more secure fallback method utilizing additional cards.

Furthermore, Tangem prioritizes user privacy by not collecting personal data and designing the Tangem App without any backdoors. Tangem Wallet completed an independent assessment of its firmware and source code by the renowned Swiss auditing firm, Kudelski Security, to further demonstrate its dedication to security.

These substantial features show that safety was given top priority during the meticulous design of the Tangem Wallet.

What is the Price of The Tangem Wallet?

While the physical cards for Tangem range in price, the mobile application is free to use. A pack of three cards costs $58.96, whereas a pack of two cards costs $55.09. Users are advised to buy a pack of three for greater security.


The extremely secure hardware wallet Tangem provides a special solution to the challenging issue of seed phrase storage. The smart card is portable and reliable, making it safe to use.

It is a great option for users of all skill levels because of its intuitive user interface, comprehensive cryptocurrency support, and dApp support. Tangem’s military-grade chip protection and card backup mechanism also provide you with confidence that your assets are secure.


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