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With the industry’s leading expert security auditors, ICO Listing Online you can rest assured that your Solana blockchain application is protected from malicious attacks and is built to last with our industry-leading security suite of tools for research and analysis.

Solana Smart Contract Security Audit

A blockchain protocol based on proof of history allows for faster and more scalable transactions while ensuring high levels of security. Several building blocks make up Solana applications, such as smart contracts, written in Rust, the programming language that Solana was created with. The smart contract model at Solana differs from traditional EVMs.

As a Solana auditing expert, ICO Listing Online is continually going the extra mile to ensure the security of your smart contract. Our team of experts meticulously examines each bug and vulnerability in your smart contracts and delivers an in-depth audit report. With our pioneering smart contract auditing services, we ensure the elimination of bugs and hackers for a secure future on blockchains for many enterprises.

Our services

ICO Listing Online has a team of professional auditors that goes the extra mile to provide you with the best Solana Audit services. These are some of the best auditing services that cater to your project security needs.

Detailed reports

Developers benefit from our detailed audit reports, which assist them in effortlessly identifying and fixing source code vulnerabilities. In addition, we provide multiple levels of security references to make risk assessment more manageable.

Verify 200+ vulnerabilities

Re-entry, Gas limit issues, and Front-running are some of the vulnerabilities found repeatedly in smart contracts. We specifically scrutinize such matters in more than 200 cases.

Smart fuzzing

The fuzzing technique can detect implementation bugs in an automated manner by injecting malformed/semi-malformed data. In this way, our security experts can find vulnerabilities by analyzing what stresses the application and what causes unexpected code behavior.

Post refactor reaudits

An update of a code requires a re-audit. There is no need to worry – our clients are entitled to free re-audits in the future if and when they require them.

Security test case

There will be a detailed proof of concept for the severity of issues detected during the audit process, along with two test cases that will be provided to the clients to confirm the auditor’s findings.

Is it worth undergoing Solana smart contract audit?

Maintain a secure project and show users that you are concerned about security by protecting it from vulnerabilities

Among the most popular blockchains in the world, Solana stands out. As one of the pioneering firms, ICO Listing Online providing smart contract auditing services to projects using the Solana platform, our engineers have been at the forefront of this innovation. We adhere to two main auditing principles when providing auditing services to our clients: quality and timely delivery.

Eliminate critical mistakes

A critical security vulnerability may threaten the existence of your project. Significant hacks are caused by code security flaws that can be attributed to most breaches.

Code optimization

Get tips for enhancing your project’s efficiency. Aside from detecting security flaws, a smart contract audit performed by Solana can also identify bugs affecting the product’s logic.

Enhance community trust

Our Solana smart contract security auditors give you an insight into the security of this project before you take it up. ICO Listing Online has found an incidence rate of about 1% in audited projects, which is considered low.

Our Process

We have put together the result-oriented approach in place to offering Solana smart contract auditing services:

Gathering requirements

Before we begin to implement a program, we must understand the program’s business logic to identify any mismatches between the specifications and implementations, if any.

Manual Analysis

As one of our top Security engineers, we will review the code and scan the entire project line by line to look for potential vulnerabilities.

Check for Dependencies

Our team will scan your program’s dependencies following the manual analysis to ensure they don’t have any outdated or vulnerable components.

Tests for fuzz

To prove that this is the worst-case scenario, we will perform an exhaustive scan of all inputs considering the program’s inputs to detect anomalies.

Final Report

As soon as the vulnerabilities are found, a full report is written highlighting the flaws and the remediation measures needed.

Why should you choose us?

There is no doubt that ICO Listing Online offers the most effective security for Solana projects. A slew of the most renowned Solana projects, including Decentraland, Tether, and Frax, as our clients put us in a unique position to spot vulnerabilities and attack vectors that even the most diligent of developers may miss. Our in-depth understanding of Solana allows us to spot these vulnerabilities and attack vectors before the developer discovers them. Let us help you with Solana smart contract auditing and end-to-end security for your project. Get in touch with us today to learn more about ICO Listing Online’s unique, end-to-end security services.

Here is what stands us apart.

  1. Extensive knowledge of the domain
  2. World-class auditors
  3. Round-the-clock customer support


What is Solana Smart Contract?

A Solana smart contract is a set of rules that executes a self-executing program governed by predetermined terms and conditions. In this case, the instructions will be generated in association with and deployed on a specific chain address.

What is the average time it takes to audit a Solana smart contract?

Project complexity and code size determine how long an audit takes. An audit of a standard token can take a week while auditing a Defi project, wallet, or dApp can take up to four weeks.

What is the cost of auditing a Solana smart contract?

Depending on the Smart Contract Audit type and the audit’s complexity, the cost will be different. Furthermore, the level of documentation the developer provides is also a very important factor in understanding how the business logic implements itself.

What is the language of Solana Smart Contracts?

As part of the Solana platform, smart contracts are developed in Rust, C, and C++ using the Rust language. As a result of these programs being developed on-chain, they are deployed to the Solana Runtime platform, where they are executed and recorded for future reference.

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