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The team at ICO Listing Online specializes in providing high-level smart contract auditing services by identifying security vulnerabilities and fixing them before the smart contract is executed on the main network.

Auditing smart contracts for security and compliance

Considering the rising trust issues in the digital age, businesses have begun to utilize smart contracts to enhance their security quotient to maintain a competitive edge. Despite this, it is essential to remember that even a very small error when deploying smart contracts can have catastrophic consequences. Here we come to the point where the idea of smart contract security audits comes into play.

The Blockchain experts at ICO Listing Online can harness their experience and expertise to conduct advanced analysis of smart contracts to identify existing and potential errors, security flaws, compilation issues, and more, ensuring that the code adheres to the highest quality standards.

Smart Contract Auditing Services We Provide

Providing smart contract audit & validation services to Fintech, Security, and Real Estate industries, ICO Listing Online offers smart contract audit & validation services.

Smart Contract Development

As part of our comprehensive security audit, we perform dynamic analysis, formal verification, static analysis, and manual testing of smart contracts, which all comprise a comprehensive security audit. As part of our mitigation strategy, we utilize cutting-edge tools such as Sol-profiler, Oyente, Slither, Security, and Solhint to confront common attacks.

Smart Contract Audit

Using a unique Dapp security process like penetration testing, our cybersecurity experts conduct safe and secure attack simulations in test environments to detect all security vulnerabilities of the Dapp application.

Smart Contract Optimization

In order to ensure the sustainability of the business of decentralized exchanges, our specialized smart contract team will audit your decentralized exchange contracts in accordance with the specific procedures of business logic, data maintenance, user privacy and data, and infrastructure in order to make sure that it is operating efficiently.

Smart Contract for Dapp

A key component of digital wallet security is the rigorous process of auditing that ensures the security of cryptographic private keys and data privacy and the wallet is functioning safely and steadily.

Smart Contract for DEX

Our company audits blockchain protocols to improve the platform’s security by performing procedures such as signing the protocol to ensure privacy, encrypting signatures, designing the business logic, assessing consensus mechanisms, and implementing tokenomics.

Our Smart Contract Audit Process

Our smart contract security developers follow a comprehensive smart contract audit process as a security measure to ensure that your smart contract is transparent at its core.

Requirements gathering

Through the use of white papers or business requirements documents, we can understand the smart contract’s intent.

Automated Testing

Performing unit tests as part of the smart contract development process and ensuring that the contracts are not prone to syntactical or run-time errors.

Manual review

Reviewing a sample smart contract manually and identifying critical, major, and minor bugs in the smart contract, along with recommendations for fixing them.

Preparing Initial Audit report

We prepare a document that highlights & solves the critical, major, and minor bugs in the code and work on refactoring the code depending on the bug severity.

Final Audit report

After editing the Initial Audit report and refactoring the code, the final audit report will be prepared with our approval and the refactored code.

Benefits of ICO Listing Online Smart Contract Audit

Once a smart contract has been deployed, it cannot be changed. Therefore, it is essential to deploy error-free smart contracts to ensure seamless operation over the long haul without interruption. Before the smart contract is implemented, it is necessary to conduct an audit of it to ensure the following benefits:

Effortless and time-saving

During the negotiation phase, the customer will determine the audit duration. Upon receiving all documentation required by a client, we begin the audit as soon as we receive it.

Pricing transparency

A price for the audit will be determined during the negotiation stage of the project. Amounts are calculated solely based on the audit’s complexity and scope. We do not charge hidden fees or penalties.

Community trust

Our audits are integrated with CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and CER.live to give you access to ICO Listing Online audits anytime. Thus, it indicates how reliable you are to users.

Human face

The people around us are real. You can find our team members on LinkedIn and Twitter and meet us when we attend events in your industry.

Get in touch with our professionals

We provide full support and assistance for developing secure and cost-effective smart contracts and performing smart contract audits before deploying the smart contracts.

With vast experience in analyzing the functionality of smart contracts, ICO Listing Online team of professionals is proficient in performing necessary checks against vulnerabilities to ensure the security of our smart contracts.

The firm specializes in smart auditing contracts for a wide range of industries worldwide, and it efficiently delivers projects on time.

Why choose us for a smart contract audit?

It is essential to avoid taking risks with unreliable tech partners because one runs the risk of being cornered by wasted resources, missed deadlines, and spaghetti code by taking these chances. You can be sure that you are safe when you engage our smart contract development agency – we go the extra mile so that each project is delivered with stellar results.

Security Enhancement

Is your major blockchain platform, Ethereum, Ripple, or Hyperledger, in need of a compelling smart contract audit? By utilizing cutting-edge tools, including an unrivaled auditing process for your blockchain platform, ICO Listing Online team audits smart contracts on your blockchain platform.

Increase the stakeholder’s Confidence

Our blockchain developers use the chiseled methodology to conduct smart contract auditing effectively for stakeholders since it’s a legal crowdfunding model requiring smart contract audits to ensure everyone agrees on the rules.

Conformity with regulations

To ensure the security of smart contracts on blockchain platforms like Ethereum, we ensure the parties involved are reliable by scrutinizing their smart contracts. For this reason, we manually cross-check all the owners in a smart contract to make sure they are the legal owners of the contract.

Quality Assessment

To eliminate upcoming security issues, it is necessary to perform iterative testing during every project phase. “Code Freeze” is the final draft code that defines what our auditing team will request to accept the code that the auditing team has audited.

Auditor efficiency

With the help of our adept auditors, you can obtain an official certificate that certifies that the smart contracts are being implemented successfully to benefit your investors and contributors. Additionally, we can provide complete Solidity development services to help you develop a custom smart contract from scratch if that is what you need.

Auditing of major platforms on a regular basis

The team of auditors at ICO Listing Online has extensive experience auditing your smart contracts on various platforms, including Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Hyperledger, Waves, Stellar, Minter, and Tezos, so that you can depend on us for a meticulous audit. As part of our smart contract security service, our team of experts checks your smart contract for more than 100 vulnerabilities.


Smart Contract Audit: What is it?

Smart contract audits are thorough examinations of the code that underwrites Smart contracts. The code must be meticulously analyzed to detect and fix bugs, vulnerabilities, and logical errors in business logic.

How long does an audit last?

Depending on project size, audits take a certain amount of time. It takes only a couple of days to audit the contract of a simple token (such as ERC20) whereas it can take 15 to 30 days to audit a complex project such as a decentralized exchange or a distributed application.

How is an automated audit different from a manual audit?

As part of a manual audit, our code auditors perform various inspections and tests to ensure the code is implemented correctly. As it is a manual audit, human error is possible, leading to the issue of hard-to-find errors.

What are the benefits of smart contract audits?

Performing audits of smart contracts within an application can help prevent cyber-attacks, eliminate errors that may occur after deployment, reduce compilation errors, and save developers time in the long run.

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Solana (SOL) Smart Contract Auditing
NEAR Smart Contract Security Auditing
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