A Complete Guide To Our Rating method

An ICO’s value is determined by its utility in various applications and market speculation. Therefore, becoming informed and making thoughtful decisions is paramount when investing in an ICO. Take a look at a few critical components of rating an ICO.

ICO Profile:

The amount of available weight of information at hand helps in determining the ratings of an ICO. A few standard pieces lay a positive impact while rating an ICO among all the available information. This includes

  • Essential Information (White paper, Description, Video, etc.)
  • Platform related information, including Token Type
  • Cap Size ( Hard Cap, Soft Cap, etc.)
  • Any Information related to Financial aspects
  • List of Milestones Achieved
  • Any piece related to Advisors and Team behind ICO
  • Activity On Their Links
  • Taking Evidence From Social Media Activity:

If the social media platform of an ICO is regularly updated with constant updates, it is a healthy sign. A decent number of subscribers, frequent posting, and sharing regular updates on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are positive indicators.

Proof of Team:

While going through the profile of an ICO, the social media engagement of team members and their advisors is also crucial. Therefore, it is a healthy indicator if you can find the links for the social media profiles of different team members and advisory members.
Note: It is important to note that these ratings are not permanent and may change over time.


These different ratings published by the Website are solely developed for informational purposes only. These ratings in any form are not an invitation or suggestion to investing in any ICO project. When making investment decisions, the Website recommends that you research on an individual level. If possible, you can take consultancy from professional advisors of ICO projects.

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