Xcavator had announced the launch of its long-awaited Crypto Utility Token, which will be released under the code XCA.

Xcavator wants XCA to become a go-to feature for the professional mining community, with its ever increasing hashing power giving it an edge over household mining. XCA offers greater returns, with improved energy efficiency and more appealing environmental credentials.

The company says that participants in the public Initial Coin Offering (ICO) can use BUSD/USDT to acquire tokens. The opening selling price is set at 0.2 USDT/BUSD. Aside from the ICO, it will be possible for enthusiasts to buy tokens directly via popular crypto exchanges soon. These crypto exchanges will have 75% of the tokens available for sale as 10% will be held by the team of developers and marketers and 15% will be sold through ICO.

The completion of XCA’s listing across exchanges is expected by June 2022.

Introducing a New Age of Environmentally Friendly Mining

The company’s stated objective, and the purpose of XCA, is to build a new era of environmentally friendly and sustainable mining practices.

This objective will be achieved by allocating all the funds from the ICO and direct sale on crypto exchanges into the acquisition of special mining rigs, which will subsequently be used to mine cryptocurrencies.

Half of the profits collected from the mining operations will then be used to further expand mining operations, enabling long-term growth and appreciation for token holders.

The other half of the profits collected from the mining operations will be used to buy back the Xcavator tokens on weekly basis from the market for burning with proof of burn. These buybacks will reduce the supply available in the market, directly increasing prices for the token holders.

Since 2017, Xcavator’s team has been working hard to lay the foundations for the future of professional crypto mining by designing cutting edge, highly efficient and low maintenance mining technology.

Xcavator’s experienced team plan to set up crypto mining farms all around the world, generating substantial hashing power to mine profitable cryptocurrencies.

The mined cryptocurrencies will be used to scale up mining operations and buy back tokens from the market for burning. The token burning mechanism is expected to start by July 2022. As the token supply declines and demand increases, the price will take off rapidly.

There is no hassle or unnecessary complication involved, as XCA is a BEP20 token based on the familiar, robust yet flexible Binance Smart Chain, which enables fast transactions and minimal transaction fees.

Xcavator continues to move the industry forward.

Ready for A New Generation in Renewables-Powered Crypto Mining?

Introducing XCAVATOR – Crypto Mining token with an in-built price appreciation mechanism:



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