The Internet continues to change peoples lives, especially now more than ever during the COVID-19 Pandemic with how we shop and work. With the increasing number of hours that people are online and the number of devices connected, the average user is concerned about the privacy and security of their activity and data. They also expect that services are always online and their cloud data is always accessible. The Internet today isn’t perfect – it does not protect users fully and services are often disrupted because their networks are centralized. Unigrid will solve these issues and bring the next evolution of the Internet.

What is the next evolution of the Internet?

It’s one where you can browse anonymously, securely and if you store data on it, it will always be accessible and private. If any business deploys their services on the Unigrid network, they won’t go offline and it will always be available. This will be possible by not having large corporations having control and utilizing central servers – Unigrid is a network run by the people, for the people.

How does the Unigrid network work?

The network is run by gridnodes that can be run by anyone from using a home computer to large data centres. Each gridnode is rewarded based on the compute cycles and storage services provided to the network. The network will use striping and parity blocks to ensure data integrity to achieve fault tolerance and redundant storage. The gridnodes will organize themselves into shard groups that govern 1 blockchain as the Unigrid network will consist of thousands of blockchains. These shard groups will create storage arrays that contain data or parity information. For anonymity, a connection is made via a locally running proxy server and assigning a fingerprint to a specific communication channel. A gridnode will pick up this fingerprint and act as the “outlet” for that connection. The data being sent is encrypted. The gridnodes themselves act as a swarm of proxies; meaning nobody actually knows who picks up the data or who is the originating party. For more information on how the network works, please watch their Promotional Video.

How can I join the Unigrid Internet Revolution?

Unigrid’s Open Sale starts on December 10, 2021. They are selling UGD tokens at $1/$1.25, based on different vesting schedules with a $10,000 minimum purchase. Only 20 million tokens are available in this Open Sale. With the UGD token, anybody can support development and buy into the network and the project. Please visit their sale site at for more information.


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