The launch of the TV network will be one of the goals of the CCN project.

The CCN project is an institutional project that was created with the aim of making more and more people in the world interested in digital currencies, as well as ending the separation of activists and enthusiasts in this field due to successive losses. In addition, ccn is thinking of teaching the basics of making money from this market, as well as new ways to increase capital and earn money for all those who are interested.

CCN was generated in March 2022, however, the idea of this project is not new and was studied and researched for over 2 years to finally have the best reach and functionality for those interested in digital currencies and the future of this market.

Cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about topics in the world. With new companies, technologies, and regulations emerging every day, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest crypto news. Whether you are a cryptocurrency investor, enthusiast, or just curious about what’s happening in the world of digital money, there is no better way to stay informed than by reading more crypto news. 

CCN is not just a token. We have several goals to attract users to the world of digital currencies; all these goals will be available on our application and website as well as our very own CCN TV. We have concluded that the most significant reason for financial loss in any given market (especially the crypto market) is a lack of transparency in the industry. In our opinion, In order to promote transparency in the Blockchain industry, Cryptocurrency Network; abbreviated as “CCN”, is to form a platform that delivers information that is current, without bias and ultimately reflects factual data.

CCN aims to create a fairly stable and steady market with the CCN token that is designed to avoid fictitious fluctuations that cause investors to loose. One way to prevent the tokens from being pumped and dumped unfairly; is with the CCN algorithm that imposes limitations on sales in the first three months post ICO launch. Another method used to preserve the value of CCN holders is by implementing the burning tokens. This is done mostly manually at the optimal time. In addition, a bot has been designed to prevent whales’ purchases that have the possibility to negatively affect the ecosystem.

Having proceeded with instructional aspects of CCN project, a news network is to be launched to assist and educate users on the effective factors on the market at any given moment, on the basis of which, one may analyze relevant crypto charts and compare them with trends affecting new projects to hit the market. The users can easily access a reliable source of information providing them with a financial statistical analysis and up to date news on current status of any given market. This approach is designed to unite users and to keep them informed so that they may have the tools at their disposal to prevent financial loss in a consistent manner.

The main advantages of CCN project are the following:

1. Creating CCN exclusive wallet and exchange with the lowest possible commissions
2. Running and maintaining the largest NFT gallery for auction use cases
3. The option to eventually stake CCN tokens
4. Establishing an app store that permits CCN users to access and use various applications, games, etc.
5. Installing an online token verification system to assesses and provide scores and ranks on the value & efficiency of tokens

Credit card payments:

•We make it as easy as possible for users to onboard into crypto
•Wide coverage with both fiat and crypto
•We accept payments by credit card, debit card or bank transfer
•More than 100 countries and territories supported with over 60 currencies
•Support for all major blockchains, tokens and stable-coins. 80+ cryptocurrencies in total
•Continuously adding new currencies, blockchains, digital assets and protocols

Our news network will be ready to professionally provide users with live 24/7 with the greatest thought leaders in the crypto industry; Including YouTubers, Instagram and Facebook influencers. With the planned content we are looking to provide; we aim to be one of the most popular online media centers to have its execution entirely in the Metaverse.

Our application will be active with several application tabs and our R&D team will be developing this application into a super app.
Our application and website will be ready to provide digital currencies and crypto industry training completely free of charge for all people in the world online and we will be interested in preparing the Metaverse space for educating people.

We will be listed in large digital currency exchanges and we will be ready for the second phase of presenting our currency in Metaverse business environment.

Our NFT gallery has been set up with the lowest fee and the easiest way to share NFT’s, and we’re getting ready to present the largest NFT gallery in Metaverse.

The CCN token is currently in the ICO stage and has won many honors so far.
You can use this great chance at this stage and buy the CCN token at a great price. Also, with this purchase, you declare your support for launching this project.

Because this will be a fundamental project, and according to the announced goals, they will undoubtedly create many problems and animosities for it, which, without a doubt, can not be overcome without the support of the people.

If you need more information, you can visit the main website of the project at:

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