Solidus Technologies has boosted its pipeline of strategic partnerships with the announcement of a cooperation with leading global cyber-security firm Cyber Smart Defence (CSD).

Solidus AI Tech, the AI arm of the company, welcomed CSD founder and CEO Mădălin Dumitru as its cyber-security advisor to ensure the security and data protection of the company’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. CSD was instrumental in creating a global cyber-security tower capable of delivering all cyber-security services on all continents for global digital and IT solutions company Stefanini Group; others among its portfolio of world-leading clients include Porsche, Carrefour, BNP Paribas, Al Habtoor Group, Orange and Goodyear.

Solidus Technologies founder Paul Farhi said: “It’s an honour to have Mădălin on board as a cyber-security advisor for our platform. Mădălin’s expertise is sought after around the world, and he is a hugely respected commentator on cyber-security issues, including on media platforms such as NBC, USA Today, Fox, Aljazeera and ABC News. He’ll help Solidus’ ecosystem to remain safe, and he’ll ensure the Solidus HPS infrastructure remains secure. CSD will also integrate some of the software solutions for its current clients. It’s a truly beneficial relationship all round.”

At the core of this strategic partnership is Solidus Technologies’ goal of solving problems with high computational needs through its HPC capabilities. By integrating Cyber Smart Defence’s existing solutions with Solidus’ innovative AI and High Performance Computing capabilities, the partnership aims to revolutionise cyber-security solutions.

Adrian Stoica, a Solidus Technologies joint venture partner and co-founder of Solidus AI Tech said: “Our High Performance Computing capabilities for various applications, such as artificial intelligence, defence, climate research, engineering, material science and earth sciences, are fundamental for the future of technology and ‘super computing’. Teaming up with Solidus has proven to be a solid and long lasting partnership that will scale our project faster than any other initiative in the world, and with Mădălin and Cyber Smart Defence as official partners, it’s the perfect combination to write history together.”

Despite advancements in artificial intelligence, vulnerability management has lagged behind. Security and IT teams can use AI to improve traditional vulnerability management activities. Speaking to this, Mădălin Dumitru said: “I’m excited about the vulnerability monitoring platform, which is a highly secured protocol that does not operate with an IP or Mac address. The vulnerability monitoring platform will enhance our clients’ ability to detect sophisticated threats, streamline and collaborate on investigations and automate corrective actions.”

About Solidus Technologies

Founded in December 2017, Solidus Technologies started as a cryptocurrency mining firm with a particular focus on mining Ethereum (ETH) via GPU-based mining rigs. In the wake of the 2020 financial crash and the significant boost in demand for AI services, the company shifted its core focus to Artificial Intelligence and incorporated Solidus AI Tech to become the AI arm of the business. Solidus’ Artificial Intelligence infrastructure will enable Government Authorities, Megacorps, SME’s and Professionals to purchase AI services. Solidus AI Tech is launching its eco-friendly AITECH token to operate seamlessly with their AI infrastructure. AITECH can be bought, staked or held.

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