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High-performance computing (HPC) company Solidus AI Tech has raised over $6.3 million and are now entering their 3rd round of funding. Solidus AI Tech is working to solve the problem of the lack of European HPC facilities in the global top 10. Only producing 5% of computing power despite being the consumer of one-third of HPC resources.

It is bridging the gap across a number of industries such as the automotive industry, face & voice recognition, medical industry, sales automation & lead generation, among others. It is an advocate of the “Crypto Climate Accord”, an initiative to decarbonize the crypto industry by 2024. Its data centers are 40% more energy-efficient due to their use of unique IP and evaporating cooling methods.

Solidus Ai Tech are pleased to announce they are now able to accept U.S Citizens. Bloomberg have stated more than 15% of Americans hold Cryptocurrency in their portfolio as an investment and with funds now being able to be invested from American residents Solidus expect the fund raising in its public sale to be a huge success. 

Below are just some of the reasons to invest 

💰£4m Raised Privately In 2017 

💰€3.5m EU Grant Accepted 

💰$6.3m Raised in Pre Sale 

🥳Partnership with Microsoft 

📝Letters of interest from Mega Corps & Governmental Authorities & Organisations within the defense sector  

🧠Experienced Management

🤑Staking & Lottery Air Drops

🔥Burn Program 

✅CertiK Smart Contract Audit

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Company name: Solidus AI TECH
Contact Person: Paul Farhi, Founder & Head of UK Operations
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