Richmint DAO: Coming Up With Loads of Exclusive Features

RICHMINT DAO aims to provide Blockchain based DAO protocol, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) implementations with Smart Contracts in various business segments with focus on Proof of ESG compliance and Honest Reporting, thereby facilitating ESG adoption globally. ESG compliance is today globally a very big movement supported by all countries and institutions to evolve a carbon neutral earth and save the planet from further global warming and environment degradation. Most of the Fortune companies have already announced their plans to move towards zero carbon / carbon neutral business entities, which will eventually help reduce carbon emissions. Blockchain as a technology helps transparency and Proof of Honest reporting of ESG parameters, which can be validated on Blockchain. Proof of ESG compliance will help companies provide better and environment friendly products to their customers. Since it is using Blockchain technology, it is easily verifiable and validated by all stake holders. Also DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) protocol holds very good future for deployments using Blockchain.

Founded by experts with Global domain experience and immense Blockchain technology knowledge, RICHMINT DAO is setting up platforms and processes to deploy Smart Contract solutions across multitude of use cases in Health care, Renewable Energy, Agri-commodities, Textiles, Mining, Real estate, Sports, Pharma to name a few. There is a huge untapped potential in this segment and RICHMINT has a long term vision to ensure cleaner Earth, creating a better world through increased awareness in the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a major potential segment for Blockchain deployment and business opportunity which RICHMINT is planning to tap in big way. RICHMINT also is designing & launching Stable collateralized token as part of Dual Token eco system for deployment across use cases. A fully functional Crypto Exchange with state of the art Cyber security and Data protection is under development by RICHMINT and planned for launch during Q3 2022. This will offer pairing of RMW native token of RICHMINT with many currencies for trading. Richmint also developing own Blockchain technology to benefit from large use case deployments.


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