Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) – this is the emergent trend which rapid development we have lately witnessed. Now its pioneer – Lucrosus Capital – has entered into the market and they started its Public Sale!

Lucrosus Capital as Decentralized Venture Capital provides institutional benefits to individual investors through its native token – $LUCA. Their main goal is to support the development of the most thriving blockchain projects. As they claim, they are confident that the solutions they provide will soon revolutionize the world you know.”

Lucrosus Capital, through the usage of tokens, can create utilities that are unprecedented in the traditional markets. Among such applications is the possibility for investors to allocate funds in promising projects invested by Lucrosus Capital. Such allocations are acquirable on very favorable terms previously inaccessible to individual investors. They have developed.

$LUCA offers several unique features:

1. Shared Allocation Program – token holders will be able to participate in the Shared Allocation Program and, according to the tier they belong to, acquire tokens of projects invested by Lucrosus Capital.
2. Buy-back Program – a significant part of generated profits will be used to buy back tokens from an open market which will have a positive impact on the $LUCA token price.
3. Governance – holders of $LUCA will be able to decide about the future investments, timing of buybacks, and many other activities.
4. Staking – by staking $LUCA users will increase both the voting power and the size of the allocation.
5. Access to highly advanced research – professional research documents created by the team will be available exclusively to $LUCA holders.
6. One-on-One with projects’ representatives – access to dedicated meetings with the creators of projects in which Lucrosus Capital invests.

Why is Lucrosus Capital so special?

Their Shared allocation program is something that sets Lucrosus Capital apart from other cryptos VCs. Lucrosus gives away part of the allocation in the invested project to $LUCA token holders. The amount that holders can invest will depend on the tier they belong to. The tier depends on the number of $LUCA tokens they hold – the more tokens, the higher the allocation:

● Gemmo – 2M+ $LUCA; 25% allocation
● Emerald – 500K+ $LUCA; 22.5% allocation
● Aurum – 150K+ $LUCA; 20% allocation
● Arganti – 25K+ $LUCA; 17.5% allocation
● Cuprum – 1K+ $LUCA; 15% allocation.


The profits generated by the Shared Allocation Program are not only beneficial to them, but are also highly desirable to the owners of $LUCA. A significant part of will be used to buy back $LUCA tokens from the open market. This operation is expected to reduce the supply in circulation and thus have a positive impact on price activity. The share of profits used in the repurchase programme will depend on market conditions. Lucrosus Capital believes that their objectives are aligned with those of their investors. This is due to the fact that the more lucrative investments they make, the more tokens are redeemed and thus the price of $LUCA increases even more. The profitability of their allocation is dependent on the value, number and return on investment of the allocation, and can therefore vary depending on dynamic market conditions. This phenomenon means that their investor has exposure to any favourable movement.

$LUCA holders will have a vote in future investments, buyback timing, and a variety of other activities by Staking $LUCA, users will enhance both their voting power and the size of their allocation. The token also grants you access to the team’s professional research as well as exclusive meetings with the developers of projects in which Lucrosus Capital invests, which are only available to $LUCA holders.

Lucrosus Capital has designed a very generous program for its supporters who contribute to spreading their vision. In your Lucrosus Capital account, you can generate a unique referral link that can significantly increase your profits. Share this referral link with your friends and you will be able to receive 30% of their purchased amount in $LUCA tokens or 15% in ETH as a reward. Moreover, your friends will be able to buy 5% more tokens thanks to registering their account from your referral link. Therefore, you could mutually benefit! This program will last for the entire Public Sale and there will be zero limits on the transaction amount you can earn from. We encourage you to generate your link and earn thanks to the program created by Lucrosus Capital.


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