Kai Ken Inu Is All Set To Launch A New ICO Soon

Your chance to become a millionaire is here!

Kai Ken Inu is soon going to set the crypto world on fire through its new ICO launch. With bigger, better, and stronger ICO features than ever before, it aims to create millionaires by rewarding holders generously.

But what is Kai Ken Inu? Let’s find out!

About Kai Ken Inu

Kai Ken Inu is a Dog Token with a smart stalking system. It is a community-driven, Defi token; the value of which depends on the community’s support. Its ecosystem is as follows-

  • Dog Farm: An LP farming pool, Dog Farm will let Kai Ken Inu pair with other tokens like Eth, USDT, and more to farm more Kai Ken Inu. It will also partner with other tokens for stalking.
  • Dog House: Another limited token, Dog House when paired with Kai Ken Inu token in the Dog Farm will fasten the earnings by twice.
  • Crypto Puppies: This will be a brand new token that can be earned through stalking Kai Ken Inu with another special token that will be introduced in the future.
  • Dog Food: This token will be bought to feed the Crypto Puppies. It is so they can grow faster. Dog food is an essential ingredient for puppies to become valuable NFTs or digital assets to be traded on the market.
  • Dog Vitamins: This will be another token that will provide nutrition to crypto puppies. This token will be essential for puppies to become dog warriors for dog games.

What Makes Kai Ken Inu Token Different From Other Dog Tokens?

Kai Ken Inu’s features and anti-dump implementation are two things that make it different from other dog tokens. Besides this, when an investor buys the token during a Public Sale, 1% each goes to the marketing wallet, LP, burn wallet address and 2% goes to the holders. However, 2% – 7% goes to holders depending on the Eth equivalent of the total sale the seller makes. The contract determines the equivalent Eth and removes the % that goes to holders.

The 2% – 7% that goes to the holders for every sell transaction is a feature that no one in the industry has implemented yet. This is unique and this token will be the first to introduce this.

Please note that this is only applicable during the public sale and not during presale and private sales.

What Stage Of Sale Is Kai Ken Inu Token Currently On?

Kai Ken Inu Token sale has three planned stages. It is currently at the first stage of its sale. Its three stages are as follows-

  • Private Sale at $7 per 1 billion tokens.
  • Pre-sale at $10 per 1 billion tokens through dxsale.
  • Public Sale at $12 per 1 billion tokens.

Thus, in its ongoing Private Sale, Kai Ken Inu is selling 200T or 20% of the total supply. This is the ICO Page to join the private sale and to enjoy the lowest possible price of the token. However, 6 points are mandatory for a buyer to participate in the private sale. Every point that one earns is counted and sorted from the highest to the lowest. The one with the highest points will have the priority to buy tokens at the lowest price.

Want to buy Kai Ken Inu tokens? Head to the page and unleash the millionaire within you!