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People sometimes refer to it as “a fad that will soon pass away” when someone else is enthusiastic and engaged in the game. The NFT industry has dramatically transformed the world of finance. As a matter of fact, this marks a milestone in the history of art, culture, and the world as a whole. Additionally, by participating in this competition, many artists will have the opportunity to shine in the spotlight and significantly alter their lives.

From world-famous artists surrounded by a million fans on social media channels to amateur artists without any community, the NFT market welcomes all artists, regardless of their level of fame. Many creators release a new NFT collection or a new piece of work every day. Irrespective of how great you are as an artist and how unique your artwork is. There is no way that it will be enough to attract collectors to your piece.

One point to all of this is that it is very important to promote your NFT Collection.

Here are some tips on marketing your NFTs and making yourself stand out in a crowd. Here’s how to showcase your NFT Collection.

What’s the point of promoting your NFT Collection?

The following are some possible reasons that could be used to justify creating a piece of NFT:

  • As a means of making money,
  • To keep up with trends, and
  • To attract the attention of a wider audience to the artist’s work.
  • Regardless of the reason, there is no way they are going to get anywhere without a promotion.

Now let’s take a closer look at why promoting NFT Collections is so important:

The more attention your art receives, the more likely it is that people will spend their money on it. That seems obvious, doesn’t it? But some artists, particularly beginners without a marketing team, end up minting NFTs and leaving it at that. Currently, marketing and PR go hand in hand with sales. Therefore, promotion is necessary for making money.

When you make an effort to do everything you can to get noticed or to obtain your desired outcome, you will be noticed. It always pays off to have a true desire to become a recognized artist, drive, and passion. Getting your brand out there will help boost your profit and personal brand.

You must market your NFT Project well so that you grab the attention of not only collectors but other artists who may want to work with you in the future.

And last but not least, we are always impressed by those artists who take responsibility for making their projects visible. When we see someone taking responsibility, we pay attention to it and feature it in the NFT Calendar.

What are the 10 best ways to promote your NFT project?

Recently, we’ve been keeping an eye on the NFT industry. There are a lot of drops to add to our calendar, as well as what we have learned about a lot of new creators and their approaches to promoting their art. It helped us to analyze various ways of marketing crypto art and determine which of them is the most effective and efficient for us. Feel free to take a peek!

Ways to Promote Free of cost:

NFTDroppers.io: Add your drop

NFTDroppers.io is one of the best NFT calendars on the market that gathers together the best NFT drops from across a range of marketplaces in a single location. For NFT collectors, this is a great source, as it allows them to shop for the latest releases without having to travel from one marketplace to another.

The process of adding your drop to NFTDroppers.io only takes a few minutes. You only need to fill out a form with the following details about the release:

  • Title of your NFT work or collection
  • Artist details
  • Description
  • A visual representation of your drop
  • Your drop-off time and date
  • It is a market where your NFT can be sold.
  • Add a link to the release

Upon submitting a drop, it appears in the list after a quick review by the team. Usually, it takes 24-48 Hours.

You can also choose their Premium Listing Package to speed up the process and get listed within 2-4 Hours.

The drops will also be featured on Twitter and Instagram, where a community of NFT enthusiasts is gathered.

Short version, by adding your drop to the NFT Droppers- NFT Calendar for free, your drop will be given more exposure. Does that sound attractive?

You can even advertise your NFT on their platform through different promotion packages like banner ads, adding NFT on the Spotlight Section to reach more audiences.

Check their NFT advertising packages here: https://nftdroppers.io/media-kit/

Take advantage of social media

It’s a great way to promote yourself using social media. An NFT Collection, i.e., a collection of several NFTs displayed on several social media sites, will be posted and shown on each social media account. To prepare your audience for the launch, you should start doing so at least two weeks before the release. It is evident that Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Medium are among the most popular platforms for showcasing your drop.

It’s important to remember that some people don’t know anything about NFT. Similarly, you should prepare a series of blog posts in which you explain what NFT is and why it is worth paying for them.

Don’t forget to check out the latest Instagram story maker to create remarkable free designs for your Instagram stories.

Make a teaser of your NFT project that catches the eye

To set out a teaser is to give a general idea of your NFT Project while at the same time keeping a sense of intrigue surrounding it. This kind of advertising method usually generates interest in potential customers and keeps them interested in finding out more information in case they miss the release date. Your teaser should be posted on social media and shared with the marketplace so they can use it on their website and social media channels.
If you are an artist, do your best to create an engaging trailer (you’re an artist, after all) and make the NFT world eagerly anticipate your release.

The exact nature of this promotion is usually discussed directly with the marketplaces themselves. We noticed some of them have a special website with featured drops. Makers Place creates a page for each drop, a description, an image or teaser, and a countdown clock. Every week, Nifty Gateway publishes a schedule of events for the upcoming week on the site and on Twitter. Marketplaces promote your NFTs on social media after they get to the featured drops if your NFTs get to that stage. In that case, you accomplish two things at once!

Make sure you ask your friends and colleagues to support your project’s release.
There is usually a strong support network among artists in their community. Almost all your art friends and followers would be glad to share your NFT Project on social media. You will create more buzz for your NFTs when you act together, allowing them to reach more people.

Make a post on Reddit/Bitcointalk

Reddit, Quora, and Bitcointalk are some of the best platforms to promote your NFT Collection. Using a different account, you can share links to your drop and tell about yourself as if you were speaking in an official capacity. For example, you can start the conversation by asking questions like, “What is an emerging NFT artist you recommend I keep an eye on?

It is possible that it may sound a little dishonest to you. But, if you look at this from a different perspective, we aren’t the ones coming up with this promotion. This is known as crowd-marketing and is being actively used in advertising right now.

You may also participate in other discussion threads if you have interesting things to say. The more often your name appears on various platforms, the sooner your name will be remembered.

Get to the newsletter:

Several crypto platforms, media outlets, and marketplaces send out weekly newsletters. Most likely, this kind of promotion is a paid one. However, you may be wondering why it is included in the list of free options? Contact them for the possibility of your NFT release being featured in the upcoming newsletter.

Several times a week, NFT Calendar provides a newsletter with the latest developments in the NFT industry. The NFT newsletter features five collections every three days. To increase your chances of being noticed and featured by editors, you should add your drop on the calendar first and then become active within the calendar first community.

Utilize the social media accounts for the themed drops to promote your drop

Some NFT groups on Instagram and Twitter offer promotional options for NFT artwork. As far as Instagram is concerned, they create a post that includes all the details of the drop, they feature it on Instagram Stories, and they can invite a live artist. It’s not free, but the rates are yet not known.

Give the word to influencers

Collaborating with influencers is the most common type of paid marketing for your NFT artwork. This type of marketing springs to mind when it comes to raising awareness. Influencers have loyal communities that trust their opinions and rely on their recommendations. An influencer will most likely request payment in crypto or other currency or reward you with NFT artwork.

If you are unfamiliar with prominent artists who can promote you for free, you may want to use influencer marketing.

Publicize your NFT drop with a PR article

Your NFT Collection deserves to be featured in the most popular themed media and distributed online. You can use Medium and write about your drop in a blog post if you want. In addition, you can work with the media in other ways, such as by conducting an interview. Usually, these are paid opportunities.

Promotion tips for NFT drop

Now that you’ve read free and paid promotional methods for NFT drops, let’s look at the most effective promotions for NFT collectibles. If they are put into practice, your NFT project will stand out from thousands of others and be amazing.

Set up a separate webpage about the drop on your website

The best way to promote your drop is to create a dedicated landing page on your website. Add an explanation to all of the NFT items with descriptions and how, when, and where collectors can obtain them.

Become a collector

By collecting pieces from other artists in the NFT universe, you can establish your name in the NFT world. If you buy someone’s NFT artwork, tell them about the event on social media and tag the artist, he will definitely share it on Instagram Stories. So you will gain a larger audience and hence, more collectors.

You have just taken a small step towards your future NFT release.

Engage in collaboration

The NFT Collections are a collaboration of musicians, fashion brands, celebrities, and animation studios who collaborate on creating the latest NFT works. The first reason why they collaborate with other artists is so they can enhance their artworks as a result of the help of other individuals. A second reason is that the two bands exchange audiences so that they can grow their fan base together. When it comes to the first collaboration, it has nothing to do with monetization, but it is definitely about recognition.

Helping other creators is something you can do. If you do not get a response, keep trying. You will soon be noticed.

Plan a giveaway

Giving away NFT from an upcoming collection is one of the most popular practices in the NFT community. You can do so if you want to give away physical pieces of your art or NFT collectibles. The artist usually holds giveaways according to this scenario: for everyone interested in participating, the artist requires they follow them on Instagram/Twitter, tag a friend in a comment, share the giveaway on Instagram Stories, retweet, etc.

It adds buzz to your NFT Collection, a chance to please your fans, and a chance to get noticed by others.

Join the themed Telegram and Discord groups

Telegram and Discord offer chat rooms where creators share their crypto art, get to know each other and communicate. Make yourself known to the other group members by joining in the discussion, being polite, and taking the initiative to make your style memorable. Don’t spam the chat with links to your NFT every ten minutes; please don’t do that.

Start promoting your NFT drop in advance

A lot of NFTs drop every day, so there is an increased risk of getting lost. Try to get the attention of your potential customers at least 10 days before the release of your NFT collectibles. Rather than revealing all the details at once, you can tease the reader with a teaser and then reveal them.

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With our NFT guide on promoting your non-fungible tokens, your NFT drop will be a success. Decide what promotion works best for you, and then implement it. The more people hear about your NFT collections, the better the results will be to the extent that they will always exceed your expectations!


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