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Did you think that art exhibitions could be done online? NFT has made it a lot easier for the artists. Non-fungible tokens have been growing by the passing year, and it has become one of the best discoveries of 2021. It is filling the cryptocurrency and artistic world gap, which has also given birth to NFT visualizers.

However, it is recently launched in the market; there are not many NFT visualizers available in the industry. Although, it is going to be changed in the coming years, as more artists and companies are growing as per the demand. Before moving ahead, let’s learn more about what NFT visualizer is!

What Is An NFT Visualizer?

An NFT visualizer is a platform or a tool that permits artists and collectors to showcase NFT artwork in a way that offers an enormous experience to the users. These are essential tools as it is available as a token on the wallet for all the users. Apart from seeing the artwork on NFT marketplaces or the wallets, there is no source available for the holders to reach the collectibles they purchase. An NFT visualizer is also one of the ways for artists to represent their collections in one place. It offers the same experience as museums or galleries, where visitors see the artwork and decide whether they want to purchase it.

Types Of NFT Viewers

Interactive Displays: It represents the customized display that FT artists design to give users the physical connection to add to a collection. One of the best examples is I MIss You NFT visualizer, led by audiovisual artist Vino Naso and Swedish craftsman Love Hulten. This solution connects two Raspberry PI computers and a handmade metal frame with an analog button and dial control, permitting users to scroll and freeze along with the artwork. Nonetheless, it is an entirely customized solution that requires the inspiration and motivation of the artists who wish to offer a physical element to their NFT network.

NFT Virtual Galleries: Virtual galleries are just so similar to real-world galleries. The only difference is that it exists virtually, and fans must be available on the virtual platform to go through the collection. It is permissible for both artists and collectors to create a virtual gallery in blockchain-based virtual worlds such as Cryptovoxels and Decentraland. These solutions permit the users to go through the gallery in Metaverse, see displayed NFTs, and place orders for the collection they liked.
Apart from blockchain, several existing galleries and platforms permit NFT enthusiasts to showcase their collections. Many segregate virtual and supplemented reality features to offer an improved experience.

Top 5 Best NFT Visualizers


Mynt says that it is a place for artists to present their artwork. This platform is entirely free to use for both collectors and articles. It allows them to list the individual likable items and unite them in a single collection. Visitors can come and view NFT items on their website with several options and list them on famous NFT platforms such as OpenSea.

On Mynt, there is a list of top collectibles, collectors, and highly viewed articles. Users are needed to link their social media platforms and unite them with a Metamask wallet to their account to show the collection. Some of the famous collectibles listed on Mynt are Cool Cat, CryptoBabyPunk, and Incognito.

Unstoppable Domains is a service that allows crypto holders to exchange normal alphanumeric crypto addresses with a simple URL that uses crypto, coins, and NFT extensions. For example, instead of using 0x….Ethereum addresses, users can just buy a domain that users can name and add crypto to it such as “theirname.cryptpo.” While others can use highly simple names while sending the coins from the wallet, supporting the Unstoppable Domains Service.

Unstoppable Domains have recently added a new feature: an NFT Art Gallery, which also works as a visualizer. Artists who purchase a domain on this platform get an opportunity to showcase their NFTs to others using the designed URL on supported browsers, for example, Brave or Google Chrome.

To start this service, users have to connect their Metamask account to the crypto domain. After it is formed, the service will transport NFTs held on the wallet and display them on the interface on the URL.


Spatial is one famous 3D workspace application that uses augmented and virtual reality to offer a premium experience. When people started showing enormous interest in NFT this year, many start-ups got to know that several artists are using this platform to create visual galleries and interact with their audience at the same time.

Spatial work dedicatedly to enhancing its platform precisely to cater to the needs of NFT collectors and artists. For example, Spatial introduced a new gallery platform environment, a description panel, along with a Metamask integration for the users to upload art to the galleries.

The features mentioned above make Spatial one of the most recommended NFT visualizers for the artist to establish an immersive experience for the fans and collectors. The platform has a free version, where creators with maximum audiences require a Pro Account to use the advanced features. OpenSea, NFT Marketplaces, and SuperRare have NFT virtual galleries on Spatial.


Decentraland is one of the popular virtual worlds created on the Ethereum Network. It is specially formed for collectors who want to explore multiple allergies of both static and animated.

Sotheby is one of the UK traditional art companies, which opened the largest art auction company, called Decenteland. Some other popular NFT galleries available on this platform include MarkersPlace, KnownOrigin, and the Decentraland Museum.

Collectors and artists with enhanced technical knowledge can create their own NFT visualizers on the Decentealand or host their work on any famous art galleries in the metaverse.


CryptoVozels is a virtual world that is created on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows the creation of the galleries using parcel and space features. Collectors and artists can form their art galleries on Cryptovoxels and utilize it as an NFT visualizer.

Anyone can form a space on Cryptovoxels and launch their NFT gallery. However, one of the disadvantages of using this platform is that artists and collectors cannot interact in real-time. MakersPlace, Aims Art, and Art Blocks are popular artists with an NFT gallery.

Who To Consider While Looking For An NFT Viewer

It does not matter if you are an artist or a collector: here are some of the factors you should look out for in an NFT viewer.

Social Interaction

Just like physical galleries, your NFT visualizer should provide you with an option to interact with the collectors. Tools like Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and Spatial allow you to interact with your collector simultaneously.

Support Media

You should choose a platform that supports multiple media to generate the artwork. Some of the popular media forms are MP4, JEPGS, PNGS, 2D, 3D images, and more.


Before creating the virtual gallery, you must look after the setting up costs on various tools. You can stick with free-to-use NFT visualizers if you have a large following.

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Artists spend maximum time creating artwork, and collectors spend their money purchasing the best piece to add to their collection. However, it is only valuable that both the parties show their collections to fans and the potential market buyers.

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