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Step-By-Step Guide To Create NFT Art

NFT, also known as Non-Fungible Token, is gaining popularity with every passing year, not just on online currency but also across the globe. With the increase in NFT, many people are interested in joining the NFT Art field. In this article, we will cover everything related to the NFT and how you can start it most effectively.

NFTs are digital assets constructed on digital blockchain technology, representing multiple features, including art. Real estate, collectible cards, and many more. Many people have generated interest in this field and earning money.

In this article, we will mention the benefits that digital creators are attaining with the help of NFT. Besides, we conclude the step-by-step guide to making NFT art easier for you. So, let’s get started!

Why Consider Creating An NFT If You Are A Digital Artist?

Throughout the years, it has been seen that artists struggle to sell their art and earn money even when their work is valuable. However, if you are an artist, this is the right place for you. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Easier & Cheaper To Create

From the time NFT has come to the market, it has only increased. It has given multiple chances to artists across the globe to present their artwork without spending money on the auctions and galleries. All you need is the internet!

  • Lifetime Profits

Artists do not just get money from the art they sell but also as long as their token exists on the platform. It allows the creator to acquire the percentage of sales and profit.

  • Authentic

Anyone can view or download your digital artwork linked to it, but one person only owns it at a time.

How To Create NFT Art In Six Simple Steps

Follow these steps to create NFT art:

1. Choose An Authentic NFT Marketplace

It is the initial step of creating NFT artwork. However, there are two segments of this peer-to-peer marketplace from where you can choose, which are:

  • Self-Service Platforms: In this category, everyone can create NFT with anything they live. It can be a photo, video, or audio file. Besides, it allows you to set the percentage of the royalty you would like to charge for the token sale.

OpenSea and Rarible are two prominent platforms under this category. One of the major drawbacks of this marketplace is that it is full of fraudsters and imitators.

  • Curated Platforms: This platform is only accessible to the authorized artists to create digital tokems. It is entirely focused on high-quality digital content and low-quality payable.

SuperRare is one of the preeminent platforms for such categories. It has lower flexibility and increased transaction fees.
After you have selected the marketplace, you have to open the account for the next step. This article is easy to understand for beginners, so let’s get started!

2. Get Started With A Digital Wallet

The next step is to form a digital wallet to capture cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Cryptocurrencies Ether is needed to create NFT. It is imperative to pay the gas fee. However, it would be beneficial since the NFTs are formed on the Ethereum blockchain.

OpenSea suggests using the Google Chrome Extension for getting ready to create NFTS. It is part of the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet. If you have another cryptocurrency wallet with ETH, you can create a Metamask wallet and transfer the ETH from the original wallet to MetaMask Wallet. It costs somewhere around £10 to £200 to pay the fees.

3. Make Your Collection

When you open your OpenSea account, you will see My Collections; you must click on it. It serves as a store where you can keep your art.

You have to design your collection by mentioning the name, uploading the content, and writing its description.

4. Creating Your Digital Arts Token

Once you are done with the collection, it is the time when you go through the primary process of creating the NFT. You have to click on the add new time, where you have to upload the visual in the form of JPG, GIF, PNG, etc., or the audio, 3D files, and give it a token name.

The next thing you have to do is choose a mint and a different number of tokens. It is essential to know the number of editions you want to create with the same token.

  • Stand-Alone Token: You can only make one copy of the particular token, making it more valuable.
  • The Edition Tokens: Here, you can create multiple copies of the token. You only have to add an edition number to find the difference between the replicas.

Afterward, you can add levels and properties, enabling the buyers to customize artwork through your collection. Properties can be anything, for example, the date when you created the token.

Once you have added the essential information, social links, description, updated image, name, etc., you have to click on create to add the NFT on the blockchain.

Next step, you have to choose the convenient payment tokens for the digital art. Besides, you can also choose the royalty points you receive on the sales of your artwork.

5. Conclude Your Artwork For The Sale

Once your NFT account is created, the next thing you have to do is list your artwork to the website for sale. You also have to choose a fixed price to set the price for your art. If this is your first time, you must pay a gas fee before listing your work.

6. Promote Your Work On Various Platforms

To increase the chances of selling your work, you have to create an authentic fan base by promoting your art on different social media platforms.

Is It Possible To Create NFT Without Doing Coding?

Yes, it is entirely possible to create NFT art without coding. We have mentioned the step-by-step guide that you can follow. It is beginner-friendly and straightforward, which will help you move on the right path.

There is multiple other NFTs platform that provides guides for each process. As long as you have access to the internet, you will be able to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the places where I can buy and sell NFTs?

Ans: NFTs can be sold on different peer-to-peer marketing platforms. Some famous platforms include SuperRare, OpenSea, Marer’s Place, and many more.

Q: Can I call NFTs cryptocurrencies?

Ans: Many people consider NFT a form of cryptocurrency, but it is a lot different, as they cannot be exchanged. Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged at the same value, but NFTs cannot be exchanged at the same value.

Q: What risks should I keep in mind while starting NFTs?

Ans: NFTs are not easy; it requires patience and knowledge because of the evident risk. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Do not make sales just after creating the NFTs

The art you upload can be lost between multiple other creators, and you need to work on that to put it forward. It would be best to save it later and sell your tokens for the maximum money.

  • Increased Supposition

The market keeps on changing. It never remains consistent. Many investors go after attaining quick returns, which increases the risk of losing funds.

  • Prices

The charges for the transaction of the Ethereum blockchain are high sometimes, which affects the price of NFTs. So, it is better to wait to avoid losing your art’s potential buyers.

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Bottom Line

NFT market is continuously growing, and there is no going back. The resources show its potential growth in the market. Some years back, the NFT market was worth 30 million. However, in these months, the NFT has attained the maximum hype in the market, and its figures are only increasing by the passing year. It has acquired hype from top figures: the National Basketball Association, Mark Cuban, and many other top associations. Currently, the worth of NFT has increased to £300 million.

So, now you know all the essential information, so get started!

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