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In every field we live in, such as IoT and Finance, Supply Chain, Gaming, and Supply Chain, smart contracts have been implemented in some way. As a result, consistency and blockchain security is on the first plan list.

To identify possible smart contract security flaws and vulnerabilities, smart contract audits become essential to any enterprise’s security system. We will now examine how a Near smart contract audit is conducted in this article and its main benefits.

How Important Is The Near Smart Contract Security Audit?

Smart contracts currently face one of the greatest security challenges. This is primarily due to insufficiency, misbehavior, and safety issues in smart contract codes, which can result in irreversible damages, such as legal charges and extraordinary losses in financial assets.

Hence, smart contract auditing is necessary for most businesses to avoid such scenarios. Below are a few reasons why Near Smart Contract Security Audit is irreplaceable.

Errors in code can be costly.

Before launching an enterprise, smart contract code should be audited early in development to prevent potential errors and security vulnerabilities.

Defend against security attacks by

Smart contract developers can spot existing flaws in the code while writing and deploying it and take precautions to avoid being hacked.

Review by an expert

The security team manually double-checks your contract code to prevent spurious results.

Assessment of security continuously.

Performing smart contract audits allows you to improve development environments by performing continuous security assessments.

Is there an auditing company for Near Smart Contracts?

Security professionals within the company can conduct the auditing process, or specialized smart contract auditing firms can do so. A choice should be made based on the project’s goals and the company’s budget. The experts at ICO Listing Online specialize in Near Smart Contract auditing, and the company specializes in smart contract audits and pen tests for blockchain and smart contracts. ICO Listing Online has already conducted over 1000+ audits on various protocols.

What is the cost of an audit of a Near-Smart Contract?

A smart contract audit performed by Near Protocol varies in cost from project to project and is based on various statistics and price lists of smart contract audit companies.

In general, the final price of a smart contract audit is determined by several factors, such as the complexity of the code, the scope of the project, company requirements, the principles and methodologies of auditing, and the expertise of the staff conducting the audit.

Process for auditing near-smart contracts

The Near security audit process can differ based on the smart contract auditing firm and the specific project. Most smart contract audit companies follow the following steps.

Gathering the terms and conditions of the specification

Collecting all specifications and conditions in one place is the key to performing a Near security audit. With these materials and data, our smart contract project team can fully comprehend the foundational architecture and the basics of the written code, prioritize those vulnerabilities that require immediate attention, draft a report outlining further activities, and decide how to conduct security audits.

Review of manual codes

In the next phase of the Near Protocol Audit, our auditors will gather all the necessary materials and specifications and begin the manual review process. As part of this phase, the smart contract code will be inspected for possible errors and flaws. The security team will verify that the contract and its terms adhere to the original document.

Unit Testing

A smart contract audit team can begin running the test suite after the manual review, which includes integration and unit tests, once the manual review has been completed. Unit testing is a very effective way for the company to check that smart contracts are running correctly and without any disruption or errors by thoroughly testing each contract function.

The final report of the audit

An audit of smart contracts ends with the technical audit report. At the end of the Near Security audit, the smart contract auditor team will deliver a final report that will include a detailed list of current vulnerabilities in the smart contract, as well as several approaches that are being taken to address these.


You now have the idea of a smart contract audit for the NEAR protocols, and it assists in keeping you on top of the business. If you are looking for auditors for your next smart contract project audit, ICO Listing can help. We have a team of the best auditors who meet the needs of your business.

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