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MetaDogeUnity is the first AAA multichain blockchain-based gaming platform that creates a gaming experience for players by offering lightning-fast 2-second block times and ultra-low gas fees on Bitcoin and other Layer 1 chains too, making in-game actions smooth and cost-effective.

MetaDogeUnity leverages optimistic rollup technology to provide massive scalability and ensure a smooth, secure, and immersive gaming experience.

The platform is designed to support Multiplayer and Single Player modes, in an open-world environment similar to popular titles like PUBG, offering players a speedy,cost-effective and addictive gaming experience.

The MetaMask SDK allows for the effortless migration of existing games from any EVM-compatible chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Polygon to any new chain, without requiring new toolkits or change of code.This flexibility enables game developers to bring a variety of EVM AAA games to the MetaDogeUnity platform easily.

Players perform in-game actions such as buying/selling NFT’s, participating in battles.The Multiplayer game achieves high security by leveraging Optimistic Rollups Security as transactions are initially assumed to be valid and executed off-chain, but they are posted on-chain for verification.

DOGEGEMS is the in-game premium currency used to purchase in-game items and earn rewards from playing MetaDogeUnity.

DOGEGEMS redemptions are fully collateralized by our treasury.

Website – metadogeunity.in
Twitter – @MetaDogeUnity


MetaDogeUnity also introduces a concept of doing tournaments weekly to engage their players and reward them. The prize distribution will be in USDT as well as in native $MDU token.

  1. The players have to participate in a Multiplayer game available for both android and IOS mobile.
  2. The players have to register themselves and log in through any social media account.
  3. The game will be of 15 mins long and the winning player will receive the amount of 2000 USDT.
  4. The player has to submit an application form in order to verify himself to receive the winning amount by sharing an authentication password.

Personal Profile

Ashish Janghel
F O U N D E R & C E O

Passionate and dedicated professional with a strong background in blockchain development. As a blockchain developer with a focus on Solidity, Bitcoin Layer 2, and Hyper-ledger Fabric, I achieved 1st place in a blockchain competition and am committed to mastering emerging blockchain frameworks.


Founder & CEO, EtherVerse & MetaDogeUnity

As the Founder & CEO of JANGHEL ETHERVERSE TECH PVT LTD, I lead a dynamic team of experts specialising in blockchain 360-degree solutions, AI and machine learning, AR/VR applications and games, smart contract audits, web development.

Additionally, I am the founder of MetaDogeUnity, a blockchain-based gaming studio creating Multichain AAA games.


  • Multichain Telegram based defi solution
  • MetaDogeUnity – Multichain AAA Game
  • Bridging mechanism between ERC20 and BRC20
  • Token and NFT staking reward
  • Multichain Token Bridge
  • NFT event ticketing platform
  • AI based image editing tool
  • Multi Signature Decentralised Vault
  • Decentralised Wallet Tracker and
  • Liquidity Pools Analyzer
  • Web3 Messenger app
  • Dex on Solana


  • Python
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Blockchain Development
  • Solidity Ethereum
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Smart Contract Audits
  • AI Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • AR/VR Applications
  • Bitcoin Layer 2
  • Optimistic Rollup Technology
  • Solana




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