How to Make Money with NFTs in 2024

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NFT is a way to verify ownership and authenticity of a digital item, whether it be a piece of artwork, a tweet, or even a video clip.

So why have NFTs suddenly become so popular? Well, there are a few reasons. For one, the pandemic has pushed more people to spend time online, which has led to an increased interest in digital assets. Additionally, the rise of cryptocurrency has made people more familiar and comfortable with blockchain technology, which is what NFTs are built on.

Another reason for the growth in popularity of NFTs is the recent high-profile sales of digital artwork and other unique items. In March 2021, a digital artwork by Beeple sold for a whopping $69 million at Christie’s auction house, which put NFTs on the map. Since then, we’ve seen more and more artists and creators embrace NFTs as a way to monetize their work and connect with fans in a new way.

Earning potential of NFTs

When it comes to earning potential, NFTs can be quite lucrative for creators and investors. Creators can earn money by selling their NFTs in online marketplaces or through auctions. The value of an NFT can vary widely depending on factors such as the artist’s reputation, the rarity of the item, and the demand from buyers.

This is not the only way of earning money through NFTS. There are several methods, and the one you choose will depend on your interests and skills. Here are a few options:

NFT staking

NFT staking works in a similar way cryptocurrency staking does. In simpler words, staking is all about locking up your asset on the DeFi platform and receiving rewards in return.

Now, how can you earn money from NFT staking? The process is pretty simple. You’ll need to find a platform or marketplace that supports NFT staking, and then follow these steps:

  • Choose the NFTs you want to stake: Look for NFTs that have staking rewards available. These rewards can vary depending on the platform and the specific NFT, so do your research to find the best opportunities.
  • Stake your NFTs: Once you’ve chosen your NFTs, you’ll need to stake them on the platform. This usually involves transferring them to a specific wallet or address and locking them up for a set period.
  • Collect your rewards: After the staking period is over, you’ll receive rewards in the form of additional NFTs or cryptocurrency. These rewards can be used for further staking or traded for other assets.

So, that’s a brief overview of how to earn money from NFT staking. Let’s move on to the next method!

Hosting NFT auctions

Hosting NFT auctions can be a great way to earn money, but it does require some effort and preparation. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Create or curate NFTs: The first step is to have something to auction off. You can either create your NFTs or curate them from other artists. Make sure that the NFTs you select have value and appeal to your target audience.
  2. Choose a platform: There are many NFT marketplaces and auction sites available, so choose one that suits your needs. Some popular options include OpenSea, SuperRare, and Rarible. Make sure to read the platform’s terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you comply with their policies.
  3. Set a reserve price: When you list your NFTs for auction, you will need to set a reserve price, which is the minimum amount you are willing to accept for the NFT. Make sure to set this price carefully, as it will determine the starting bid for the auction.
  4. Promote your auction: Once your NFTs are listed for auction, you will need to promote them to your audience. Use social media, email marketing, and other channels to get the word out and encourage people to bid.
  5. Engage with bidders: During the auction, make sure to engage with bidders and answer any questions they may have. This can help build trust and encourage more people to bid.
  6. Follow up after the auction: Once the auction is over, make sure to follow up with the winning bidder to arrange payment and transfer of the NFT. Make sure to also thank all bidders for their participation, as this can help build relationships and encourage repeat business.

Remember, hosting NFT auctions is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and success will require effort and dedication. But with the right strategy and approach, it can be a rewarding way to earn money and build your brand in the NFT space.

NFT gaming

NFT gaming is an exciting new opportunity to earn money in the world of online gaming. Here are a few ways you can get started:

  • As a gamer, you can create unique and valuable in-game items, such as rare weapons or special skins, and turn them into NFTs. You can then sell these NFTs to other players for real money.
  • There are now several games that use NFTs as their in-game currency or reward system. By playing and winning these games, you can earn valuable NFTs that can be sold or traded for real money.
  • You can learn from others and collaborate on various gaming projects by joining a community of NFT gamers. This can help you create more valuable NFTs or discover new opportunities for earning money in the space.

NFT lending

When you lend your NFT to someone else, you’re essentially allowing them to use it for a set period in exchange for some form of compensation. This compensation can come in the form of interest, fees, or other rewards. So, how can you earn money through NFT lending?

Well, one way is to use a platform that specializes in NFT lending. These platforms allow you to lend your NFTs to others and earn a return on your investment. The interest rates and fees can vary depending on the platform and the specific NFT you’re lending.

Another option is to directly negotiate a lending agreement with someone who wants to use your NFT. This can be riskier than using a platform, as you’ll need to trust the borrower to return the NFT in good condition and on time. But if you’re comfortable with the borrower and the terms of the agreement, it can be a way to earn some extra cash.

NFT lending can be a great way to earn passive income from your NFTs. Just make sure to do your research and choose a reputable platform to work with. And as always, be mindful of the risks involved with any type of lending or investment.


NFTs have created a new and exciting avenue for making money in the digital world. By creating and selling unique digital assets, artists, creators, and investors alike can take advantage of this innovative technology to earn a profit.

Whether you are a digital artist looking to sell your work, a collector looking to invest in unique pieces, or a developer looking to create new applications for NFTs, there are endless opportunities to make money with NFTs.


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Over the past few years, the market rate of NFT has grown immensely. Investors find NFTs the most exciting way to make an investment and earn money from them. NFTs are reliable and sustainable and offer the investor 100% transparency and security. Besides this, it has also helped diversify the investment portfolio.

Over time, people have built a strong interest in NFTs and drastically invested in the different variables. However, there are several people to find it difficult in making money out of NFTs. If you are also one of them, here is a brief guide on how to make money with NFTs and what variables to invest in.

You will also get to know the benefits of investing in NFTs, why you should go for it, and which streams are NFTs mainly used for. If you want to learn about all these facts, then you are at the right place. So let’s head out and check an exemplified detail about NFTs and money-making through them.

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token is a blockchain Ethereum. It is a digital asset that is unique, and you cannot get it replaced. NFTs are generally represented in video games and digital arts and have become a hot topic in cryptocurrency.

You can use NFTs in purchasing your cryptocurrency in the forms of bitcoin and Ethereum. They are fungible. That means the valuation of all the tokens is approximately equal, but all the tokens are different from each other and are pretty unique. Thus, these NFTs contain several types of collectibles that are part of NFT tokens. These collectibles contain-

1. The historical information of all kinds of transactions that have taken place previously. It also includes the artist’s information and the number of likes they have if they got the NFTs.
2. Along with that, the token will also contain a token ID with a unique identification number highlighted on it.
3. As NFTs are an art token, it contains the image of some art on it with some artistic value.
4. The token will have a smart contract on it. An NFT has an effective agreement built with all types of standard copyright issues and laws applied to it.
5. A link will be provided in the descriptions that will offer you access to the art.

The non-fungible token can be in the form of any art type, and it can be painting, videos, GIFs, songs, poems, graphics, posts, or tweets. It can also include video games, virtual books, real estate, birth certificates, and concert tickets. You can get several types of non-fungible tokens to invest in and make money out of it. An irreplaceable token with unique values is the best way to earn a massive amount.

How can you make money with NFTs?

When paying attention to investing in NFTs, you should also learn how you can get back in return. Thanks to the NFTs market, you get plenty of ways to make money out of these irreplaceable tokens actively and passively. Furthermore, you will find many NFT offers that will give you giveaways.

The main idea behind it is to encourage the users toward the range of NFT collections. Thus, if you are also reviewing NFT tokens and want to learn how you can make money out of them, then here are some strategies you should go for. It is undoubtedly helping you to make massive amounts from NFTs easily.

1. Invest in an NFT that offers you promising results in a short time

You might know that there are so many NFTs available to opt from. Thus, it is advised that you should pick one who offers you the highest returns in advance. It is the best and most appropriate way to make money. Investing in a good collection offers to early skyrocket value than investing in non-promising NFT.

Many of the NFTs begin with a low price, but after some weeks or months of launch, the price reaches its peak. For instance, you bought a crypto punk launched in 2017 with a value between one dollar and thirty-four dollars. And when the market of NFTs exploded in 2021, the value of the Punk got increased immensely.

These are some types of NFTs that are often purchased by artists, celebrities, or other high-profile people. Some of them even sell out the punks at $24. The best-known NFTs are lucky blocks, which most people love to invest in. After going through the market research, the lucky block is believed to meet all the criteria. It is a crypto platform that offers you a binance smart chain.

2. Go for play to earn NFTs.

If you want to make money out of NFTs, then an excellent approach towards it is the play to earn NFT games. You can find so many of the NFTs games that offer you P2E features. Basically, it allows the players to earn the rewards from the game plays using their skills. These rewards are predominately derived from people towards the NFT platform and make it easy for them to earn money.

Besides this, they cannot only make money out of it, but they can also exchange them with FIAT. Therefore, using NFT games to make money is the most delightful and suitable approach, and it offers the participants different exciting platforms and helps them generate a consistent income effectively. Besides this, a game like Axis infinity is considered the most prominent way people can battle over there with other users and earn enough rewards.

Along with that, as most of the essential features of the games are the NFT structure, the digital currency not only allows you to earn rewards but allows you to make reinvestments for the future. It has also led to an increase in performance. Besides this, the investors can buy the NFT tokens on the exchanges and gain direct exposure to the P2E space.

3. Through NFT holds

One of the best ways to make money out of NFT is to invest your NFT tokens and “HODL.” Those who don’t know what hold stands for is “hold on for dear life.” It is the most exponential and popular term for traders and investors in-game stop 2021. The term is sued to showcase the investment strategy where you do not sell your NFT token regardless of the market values up and down.

An investor will buy a cryptocurrency after knowing its advantages and disadvantages and moving forward with the approach. However, consequently, HODLing is the best way to make money out of NFTs in the long term. As stated earlier, imagine you purchased a crypto punk in 2017 and decided to HODL in until the value reaches its peak.

You waited for a time, and in 2021, the prices increased unexpectedly. You take it out, and you have made doubled or tripled the investment you made in 2017. Won’t it be great? It will be correct. However, this depends upon the token you choose to buy. Several NFTs don’t experience any uptakes or generate price momentum. But the cases are rare too. Thus, you can make more out of it if you make a great choice of the NFT collection.

4. Flipping NFTs

One other strategy to make money out of NFT is flipping. Flipping is the process of buying and selling NFTs at a high price and opting for a positive return. However, the difference between flipping and other strategies is that flipping is a short-term approach while HODL, described earlier, is a long-term. However, finding a suitable NFT for flipping can be a bit challenging.

This is because many competitions have been generated in the NFT market today. Therefore, it can be tricky to find, but it is not impossible. You can consider several factors while selecting NFT for yourself and learning how to flip it for better profits. The token’s utility should be in your mind, replicating why investors like to purchase it.

Therefore, the next thing you should consider is community backing. You should also find out about the development team carrying out the project. Finally, the next thing you should consider is the visual appeal of the NFT collection. It plays an essential role in making money out of NFT. Most visitors wish to showcase their NFT digital art in the form of their profile picture on the social media platform or through a digital gallery. It reflects their personality and tells people about their investments.

5. Minting your NFT

One of the most common ways to make money from NFT is to mint your own NFT. Minting refers to taking out all your digital assets and placing them in the blockchain. If one of your assets is minted in the blockchain, you can trade it on the NFT marketplace and make high returns.

Besides this, blockchain technology allows you to monetize the creation and make more money from NFT. You might NFT know, but it is the most convenient and straightforward process. Several marketplaces like the NFT launch pad make it relatively easy for a beginner to invest in the NFT collection. Thus due to the immense growth of NFT, you will find more competition in your way.

Along with that, it will also offer you a different collection of NFT that springs every single day. However, if you go for minting, make sure your NFT creation stands out in public. It should be unique to catch everyone’s attention. Imagine you have created your NFT and minted the collection to your blockchain. Now you are waiting for someone to purchase it.

Now is the time when marketing plays an important role. Most of your collections aren’t visible to the investor until it is displayed properly and effectively. That is why; you need to make your creation so that it can become noticeable quickly. Additionally, once you start selling your NFT, you will receive the proceeds from your sale, and you can easily withdraw the money from your crypto wallet. This way, you can make a lot of money by minting your own NFT.

6. NFT trading

Similar to NFT HODL and NFT flipping, NFT trading also offers you the advantage of earning money effectively and efficiently. This process allows you to make money out of increments of capital in the long term. Thus, if you are looking forward to long-term investment plans, then NFT trading is the most suitable option. It doesn’t go in and out of the marketplace quickly.

Several investors pay interest in NFT trading, buying, and selling NFT for mall profits. But you will be surprised to see that they repeat the process frequently. This is because; it offers them more returns on average. Therefore, NFT trading requires a lot of patience and knowledge to make values of the right kind of NFT collection.

A person should know when to purchase and sell NFT to get an effective outcome. Therefore, the results can be exponential over a long time in several cases. That is why it is considered the best method to make the body out of NFT for more experienced investors so that they can get enough of it.

7. Staking NFTs

Those who pay their interest in crypto staking must be pleased by learning about NFT staking. It is the most effective way to earn from NFT. Thus, NFT staking comes in different firms. However, the primary mechanism used in NFT staking is to lock all your digital assets in the DeFi platform and make a reward from it in return.

Besides this, it usually occurs as the proof of stake for your blockchain and gets rewards with the token native network. This process helps the validator review all your transactions on your network, like crypto holders’ stakes. However, as the marketplace of NFT staking is growing, several platforms offer P2E gaming sectors to increase your income and help you make more money.

However, if you are wondering how to make enough money from NFT, this approach will help you. Thus, the valuation of trading depends from platform to platform. Therefore, it makes sense to say that the amount of money you will make will depend upon the NFT you are staking in.

Moreover, you will find many of the NFT flourishing areas in the market. Therefore, according to a survey conducted, it has been observed that this approach’s market value will increase over time.

8. Generate royalties

Royalties go hand in hand while buying or selling NFT. Besides this, it is the most exciting element of the NFT marketplace. Besides this, you have already heard about the minting process, and you can set your royalty percentage on the minting process. Basically, in this process, the secondary market sale will offer you the same amount as the original creator.

However, most of the proportion of royalty level is set between 5% to 10%. Thus, you can go higher as well, depending on your knowledge. However, you will also find some of the expensive NFTs in the royalty proportion, allowing creators to earn more money whenever they sell out in the market. Certainly, some of the NFT marketplaces also cap the royalties.

That can be around 10%. It ensures that the assets you own are still alluring to the future investors available. However, before investing in any of your NFT collections, you must know they are worth investing in.

There is no point in setting the royalties that can only be purchased t once as it will not cover your investment. Instead, you should opt for a more unique and embedded collection that investors love to buy in the future.

9. Pay your interest in the NFT gaming rewards

An indirect or direct way to earn money from NFT is by playing P2E games. These games are specially designed to make investors involved on the NFT website and help them earn money through rewards and competitions. You can even raise the competition with your match. You can place the winning rewards into a crypto saving account and generate the annual yield.

Therefore, these leads are often higher than traditional bank accounts. This is because cryptocurrencies have gained immense demand in the last few decades. Additionally, if you want to make a massive out, you can take the help of crypto rewards like AQRU. They offer you 12% of interest on any of your crypto deposits.

Besides this, you will receive many bonuses like deposits, referrals, and welcome bonuses if you make any transaction through these rewards. These games not only offer you win money, but you can also invest it and purchase the NFT collection from it.

10. Invest in NFT exposure companies

The last and final way to make money out of NFT is to invest in the companies that offer you exposure to NFT assets. If you purchase any of these companies stocks, they will provide you with indirect exposure to the NFT market and will help you positively grow the NFT collection’s market value. Along with that, seeing the marketplace, you will get limited options.

There are just a few companies that offer you services related to NFT. First, however, check out which one offers you more digital assets and is developing their marketplace in NFT. If you find them on your list, invest in them without hesitation. Besides this, you can check out some of the metaverses that offer you stocks related to NFT.

Meta platforms will lead the NFT marketplace with their own rules and regulations, but other companies may venture into the NFT market. However, this approach is effective for investors looking forward to expanding their market and presenting their exciting assets to the investors to increase their NFT income.

What are the pros of making money with NFTs for artists?

Well, investing in NFT is highly recommended as it helps the investor to generate hefty money in a short period. Along with that, there are so many options available to increase your money count in NFT. But besides that, NFT offers several advantages in making money out of it, which are listed below for your reference.

1. NFT are new products

With NFT, a new embedded project and arts are emerging, which are turned out to be quite beneficial for traditional artists.

2. Created a new marketplace for artists

With NFT, you will get new channels where you can play, promote and display the artist, and they can sell their art on it. These channels bring not only digital arts but also non-digital art in front of the World. It helps boost the renaissance of the art community and the artist there.

3. NFT boosts revenue for the artist

With NFT, you can access smart contracts that will offer you 100% programmable. These allow the artist community to generate their own cost, rights, laws, and royalties. Besides this, they can also work on the other components that help them generate revenue. Along with that, you will also get a chance to receive a 10% royalty on your non-traditional contracts.

The final verdict

These are some ways you can make money out of NFT and the benefits it offers you. No doubt, investing and making money in NFT is the most exciting and exponential task everyone enjoys. You need strategies to unlock new experiences and make money from them. Take the help of P2E games, which will offer you 100% guaranteed results and outcomes. You can set a new bar with the NFT marketplace. Just follow the tips listed above to make a massive amount of money through NFT at ease.

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