All Crypto Launchpad Platforms List Rating 2024

All Crypto Launchpad Platforms List Rating 2024

Every successful investor has a reliable source of information at their disposal. By providing thorough assessments and an up-to-date list of cryptocurrency launchpads, each with a unique in-depth analysis, statistics, and score, ICO Listing hopes to establish itself as your go-to partner. Our team has created a special ranking system that assesses each launchpad’s performance and potential using more than 80 metrics, including social influence, development roadmap, business model, associated funds and influencers, and the results of previous ICO, IDO, and IEO events. This goes beyond simply compiling all platforms into a single list. With our well-curated list of cryptocurrency launchpads, you never miss out on the greatest token launch platforms.

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What Is a Crypto Launchpad?

Crypto launchpads are websites that operate in the NFT and cryptocurrency space and assist companies in raising capital for their start-up ventures. In essence, crypto launchpad platforms serve as a channel for capital between companies and retail investors, giving both groups access to a large pool of possible investors while the former can participate in crowd sale events such as IEOs, IDOs, and ICOs.

Crypto launchpads give aspiring businesses not only the infrastructure they need to function but also technical and marketing support to make sure a coin doesn’t collapse before or after a sale.

How Do Crypto Launchpad Projects Gain Popularity?

A launchpad project’s buzz is primarily influenced by two factors:

  • The project team’s marketing performance
  • a spotlight by Launchpad.

The value the project adds to the world and its users is closely related to the first point. A blockchain business has a good chance of going viral if its token has a compelling marketing plan, a robust development team, and actual use cases.

The cryptocurrency launchpad platform itself is in charge of the next significant portion of a token promotion. First, investors have an opinion about a launchpad platform based on its reputation. Second, the majority of cryptocurrency launchpads work as incubators for cryptocurrencies, which means they do more than just act as a middleman for potential investors. Instead, these platforms aid a project with its marketing and offer advice to its staff on how to increase brand recognition, draw in more users, and get listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

How Can I Choose the Best Launchpad?

Not every cryptocurrency launchpad that receives the most attention is the greatest one. To help you establish an unbiased view regarding a particular platform, consider the following four points of analysis:

A history of previous token sales: this data will provide you with a wealth of knowledge, including the screening procedure used by launchpads, technical and marketing support, listing assistance, etc. Examine all of the projects that have been hosted on the platform, and determine how successful a launchpad is at choosing and assisting companies after a token sale event by comparing the ratio of tokens with current positive and negative ROI.

Social influence & community: A launchpad’s online presence on the most well-known social media platforms provides valuable insight into the kind of support a project will receive both during and after a token sale event. To assess a platform of choice’s marketing potential, examine its audience size, engagement rate (ER), and other indicators.

Staking requirements: In most circumstances, you must stake a specific quantity of a crypto launchpad’s native tokens to be qualified to participate in a token sale. In light of this, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of investing with the cryptocurrency launchpad of your choice by carefully examining the minimum quantity and value of tokens needed for staking, the length of the staking period, and any associated lock-up periods.

Rules for token allocation and distribution: The procedures for vesting, lock-ups, and token distribution vary from launchpad to launchpad. To choose the best launchpad, find out how bought tokens are distributed amongst private and public investors, whether a guaranteed allocation is possible, and other details regarding token distribution.

Which Crypto Exchange Launchpads Are the Best?

Most major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi, OKX, KuCoin, and, have launched their launchpad projects. According to Cryptorank’s curated list, there are now about 25 cryptocurrency launchpads that were created by cryptocurrency exchanges. One of the most well-known and excellent launchpads the cryptocurrency industry has ever seen is Binance Launchpad, which has played host to several well-known projects like Binance Coin, WazirX, and The Sandbox. Due to their wide range of sponsored projects and user-friendly platforms, Huobi Primelist, KuCoin Spotlight, OKX Jumpstart, and Startup have also made it to the list of the best cryptocurrency launchpads.

Binance Launchpad has the best track record when it comes to token launches, with 94% of projects showing a current positive return on investment. Comparatively, Gate io Launchpad exhibits a fair success rate, with 56% of projects showing a favorable return on investment. With OKX Launchpad at 40%, Kucoin Launchpad at 44%, and Huobi Primelist at 51% projects attaining positive ROI, the success rates continuously decline.

Why Does Launchpads Crypto Issue Its Coins?

To facilitate the economy of a platform, manage the distribution and allotment of launched tokens, and accelerate token sales events for investors and projects alike, cryptocurrency launchpads issue their tokens. The whole staking and token allocation methods depend on Launchpad native tokens. Since the price of these cryptocurrencies is expected to increase as the platform continues to work with high ROI projects, the native tokens of a launchpad with continuously strong overall performance are a true gem for its holders. Demand for the launchpad’s native coins rises as more investors become aware of its capacity to identify profitable companies.

Is crypto launchpad profitable?

Through launchpads, cryptocurrency investors may find and fund early-stage projects before they are made available to the general public. They can purchase tokens at a reduced cost and benefit more as their value rises.

What Are the Pros of Token Launching on the Best Crypto Launchpad?

The time and money needed to carry out a token sale can be greatly decreased by using top cryptocurrency launchpads. To draw in outside funding, project teams do not have to devote a lot of time and resources to creating their processes. They can also concentrate on their projects rather than the whole token sale infrastructure.

Additionally, by utilizing the launchpad network and resources, projects intending to hold a token sale may receive significant marketing exposure and outreach coverage. As a result, their marketing budget will be much more efficient. Furthermore, a coin project will gain credibility from the relationship with launchpads, which may draw in devoted investors and community members who follow these platforms.

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