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To make sure you receive the most recent data, statistics, and rates, our team of professionals thoroughly investigates and analyzes every IDO platform on a regular basis. We supply the full data set with all the unbiased opinions and scores, so you can quickly perform an IDO launchpad comparison and choose which coin projects from their pools to join with the help of our database.

What Are Crypto IDO Platforms?

IDO launchpads are investment collecting platforms that enable cryptocurrency companies to issue and launch tokens in a decentralized way using their resources and infrastructure (via smart contracts). The idea behind an IDO launchpad was inspired by problems that project owners and investors encountered during traditional ICOs and IEOs, such as excessive centralization in fundraising, opaque project listings, and investor selection procedures that required mandatory KYC verification.

In addition to offering a decentralized infrastructure for launching new crypto tokens, IDO launchpads occasionally help new projects with marketing and technical support, as their success is correlated with the success of IDO rounds held on their venue.

Why Do Projects Launch New Crypto on IDO Platforms?

With the help of the IDO launchpad platform, cryptocurrency projects can hold token sales and gather the money required for the development and promotion of recently launched coins in a decentralized and transparent manner. IDO platforms have become a reliable substitute for conventional crowdfunding methods such as initial coin offerings. The project may profit from a range of additional services and advantages provided by a fundraising platform when holding a token sale through the IDO launchpad, including assistance with future exchange listings, marketing support, connection to a larger audience, technical support, and validation of the project’s credibility.

What are the benefits of IDO Crypto Platforms?

The launching of tokens using IDO launchpads is advantageous for token projects and investors alike.

IDO platforms provide a long number of benefits for cryptocurrency projects:

IDO launchpads provide cryptocurrency projects a quick and inexpensive way to acquire money for marketing and product development.

The devoted community of IDO launchpads can offer tremendous support for any cryptocurrency that is released there. Projects are highlighted on the launchpad’s website, social media accounts, and occasionally during joint AMA sessions that are held as part of the collaboration.

The finances of cryptocurrency projects and investors are better safeguarded when smart contracts are used, and the methods for receiving tokens and making investments are more safe and transparent.

IDO platforms boost the liquidity of recently launched tokens, which naturally draws more attention to the project and increases its attraction for investors.

The following advantages are provided by IDO platforms for regular customers who wish to invest:
Investment alternatives that are trustworthy and secure: You can feel more at ease investing in one of the tokens without worrying about becoming a victim of scammers because all of the projects that are displayed on launchpads are often closely watched and verified.

A collection of the most promising upcoming tokens: The team of a launchpad thoroughly evaluates a project’s validity as well as its potential and profitability when an upcoming token requests to host a token sale round on that launchpad. The platform takes care to ensure that customers are only presented with high-caliber investment options, as the reputation of a launchpad is largely based on the projects it hosts.
Fair and transparent token distribution mechanism: IDO platforms use randomized, transparent methods to select the winners. Although some launchpads use staking-based methods and some platforms have tiered participation structures, the token allocation process is entirely randomized and cannot be manipulated for one’s own benefit.

Which cryptocurrency launchpads (ICO, IEO, and IDO platforms) offer allocation guarantees?

The following list of the top 5 launchpads will ensure that you receive a token allocation:

DAO Maker: Users at the top tier (tier 5) receive a guaranteed allocation, while users at the bottom have a 4.6% chance of winning.

TruePNL: A guaranteed place on the whitelist is awarded to each PNLg pool contributor;

Seedify: Allocates tokens at random on the first layer (tier 1), but guarantees tokens on the next eight tiers.

GameFi: 20% of the proceeds from a fresh token sale will go to token holders who earned the Legend rating.

BSCPad: A guaranteed allocation is given to each tier.

How to Find the Best IDO Launchpad?

Prior to investing in new cryptocurrency projects, there are three (3) important factors you should consider when searching for the greatest IDO platform:

Examine the history of token sales that have taken place on the platform: the success of projects that have already been listed can reveal a lot about a cryptocurrency launchpad. Examine the number of projects with both positive and negative return on investment. Remember to keep an eye on the tokens with the highest ROI. It is the main quality mark of any launchpad since it shows the degree of compliance and the method by which they choose projects, as well as the strength of the support network they offer to cryptocurrency projects after they are listed.

Take note of the regulations governing staking and allocation distribution: in order to be eligible to receive a token allocation, users typically need to stake a certain amount of their native tokens on launchpads. On some platforms, you can only begin taking part in the token sale after a specific lockup period for the staked tokens. It is always important to consider how long you may have to lock up your money. Different launchpads use different structures when discussing the distribution model for token allocation. For example, some use a tiered selection process, while others base token allocation on the quantity of tokens invested. For example, DAO Maker mandates that token sale participants continue to stack their native token in order to eventually obtain tokens in accordance with a vesting schedule. If the tokens are moved from staking earlier and have not yet been claimed by an investor, the remaining investors will receive the rest of the allocation . To avoid losing their money, cryptocurrency investors must learn and understand the staking and allocation distribution guidelines of each launchpad.

Evaluate launchpad’s social media presence: Evaluate the platform across many channels to evaluate its audience size, coverage, and online presence. Go on to more detailed measurements like engagement rate (ER) and engagement rate ratio (ERR). As a bonus, you will also receive information about future IDO listings on the designated launchpads.

Top Platforms for IDO Launchpad

Till yet, only DAO Maker has demonstrated a positive average return on investment (ROI) over the 112 token sales that have already taken place.

TrustSwap Launchpad comes in second. Among all launchpads, the average negative current ROI is the lowest with 30 IDOs launched on the platform.

BSCPad, the first IDO platform built on the Binance Smart Chain Network, is ranked third. Based on 69 previous IDOs, the launchpad now has the second-lowest negative average ROI rate.

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