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UCoin is a digital currency one-stop ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts. UCoin provides its token holders and crypto/fiat users a diversified digital and global financial service network for their daily life transaction.

UCoin Currency

UCoin is an innovative and new generation of cryptocurrency, created on the prestigious decentralized Ethereum platform, that is destined to revolutionize the market. UCoin will provide its token holders a diversified digital and international financial service network developed for the crypto market. The ecosystem will provide a one-stop service delivery system, that will enable crypto/fiat users to perform and execute daily life transactions according to their financial and service needs. The ecosystem will be built on strategic financial and commercial alliances, giving a universal utility to the coin.

As a decentralized cryptocurrency, UCoin will have the functionality of a voucher for the payment of products and services from the Ubis ecosystem. The token will provides rights for specific access to the Ubis ecosystem including benefits and discounts. Furthermore, UCoin as a medium of exchange within the whole ecosystem will provide added value to its users not offered for other coins. UCoin will combine the most reliable blockchain technology with a business financial ecosystem and much more that provide it with unparalleled strength, transparency, and security

The UCoin Token Offering

UCoin combines the most reliable blockchain technology with best in class assets, a business ecosystem and much more that provide it with unparalleled strength, transparency, and security. Moreover, the ecosystem’s digital banking platform, promotes UCoin as a mode of transaction outside of the UCoin platform, addressing one of the most critical elements of a currency, “Access to Your money anytime, anywhere”. UCoin is offered to investors through a Utility Token Offering campaign. A utility token can be defined to represent future access to a company’s products or service. The defining characteristic of Utility Tokens is that they are not designed as securities investments, if properly structured, this feature exempts utility tokens them from U.S. federal laws governing securities.

Why UCoin UTO?

Universal Coin International’s management team, the Advisory Board, and associates have been preparing, researching and developing the various components and strategies behind the UCoin cryptocurrency design, launch, and growth. UCoin was created under the BOA directive to create a transactional cryptocurrency with the right digital platform, and a business ecosystem that will not only give users a global crypto coin but also help with investments in physical assets. UCoin, is a unique new asset-backed cryptocurrency combining blockchain technology with a diversified range of physical assets. UCoin digital currency end result is the establishment of a diversified asset ecosystem that promotes value and liquidity for its coin users on a global scope. The Board demanded a cryptocurrency that can guarantee to their holders access to their money anytime, anywhere and anyplace, addressing this way the most critical barriers to cryptocurrency mass adoption.

Accordingly to the Board mandate, UCoin’s UTO funds will go largely towards the continue development of the technology and for backing the coin business ecosystem, and the underwriting for the universality of UCoin. Ubis is scalable, professional and independently managed with a portfolio of diverse asset types, a digital banking platform, and much more all adding a extra value to the UCoin value because of its usage and on-going market demand for daily life transactions. The intrinsic value of UCoin will stand the test of time as it will always remain an asset-backed digital currency. UCoin will invest 70% of its UTO funds back into fund generating assets to retain the intrinsic value for its token. Currently, UCoin currency is in existence in the Ethereum blockchain, to be available to the public in a global UTO, excluding citizens and residents of the USA, Canada, and Singapore. Further details of the UTO, the potential benefits of UCoin currency ownership and the terms and provisions of UCoin sale are outlined in this White Paper.

ICO Roadmap


Q3 UCI Incorporated and UCOIN Development UCI Registration No. 19590993 in British Virgin Island UCoin Creation ERC-20 Utility Token (Ethereum Platform) Q4 UCI Planning and Development UCI Incubator Office Organized UCOIN Mined


Q2 UCoin Marketing Package and Material UCOIN Digital Marketing Plan Design Q3 Business Platform Design (UBis) Ecosystem Planning and Development Q4 Vault and Custodial Services Multi-currency E Wallet


Q1 UCI Office Infrastructure Q2 UCOIN Blockchain Developments Q3 Sales and Marketing Firm Research Q4 Exchanges Contracts Secured UCOIN Ecosystem Alliances


Q1 CD Bank License Approved CD Bank Tax Decree Application Q2 CD Bank Implementation CD Bank Digital Platform In Process Q3 UCOIN Value Features Developments Continues Q4 Market Making Campaign and Developments

ICO Main Sale
ICO Start
Soft Cap
100,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
200,000,000 USD
Buy With
ETH, BTC, Fiat
ICO Location
British Virgin Islands
KYC Required
USA, China, Singapore

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