Stumble upon Rumble

Stumble upon Rumble

Stumble upon Rumble is a live Play & Earn game on the Fantom Blockchain.

About IDO Stumble upon Rumble

In Stumble upon Rumble all customizations are in the form of NFTs and are subject to a rarity class that decides the quantity available for minting. Once minted there will never be more in supply, and those who wish to obtain those NFTs will have to do so on the secondary market.

Play: completely free-to-play & accessible mechanics.

Compete: skill-based gameplay makes for a great competitive landscape. Put your skills to the test in tournaments and wager matches.

Earn: there are various ways for players to earn tokens and NFTs. Keep winning and you will keep earning.

Customize: the extensive customization system allows you to truly express yourself in the ring. All in the form of NFTs of course.

The Glove token ($GLOVE) is the currency within the Stumble upon Rumble ecosystem. What is key to the economy, is that it closed and does not rely on game-side incentives (e.g., fixed reward per match). Instead, the economy drives on zero-sum peer-to-peer incentives. It also has enough token sinks to become deflationary if the community chooses for it to be through governance.