Your Portal to the open & revolutionized content creator economy.

What is Speckies

Speckies is a leading portal built for bolstering the community-driven Web 3.0 creator economy, It provides a cost-efficient and composable way for content creators (in Youtube or Tiktok, etc.) to monetize through a content curation community that curates excellent content.

The innovative model of watch, share, and earn allows creators, viewers, and content curators to align their objectives and develop a strong community following for content creators. Big or small, Speckie opens up a market of 3.3 billion users to Web3.


Registration year: 2023

Speckies Roadmap

2023 Q1-Q2
  • Project Launch
  • User Open Test and Feedback
  • Mobile App Launch
  • Initial Marketing Campaign
  • Seed Funding Round
2023 Q3-Q4
  • Beta Product Release
  • Boost Program Expansion
  • Partnerships with Web3 Projects
  • Token Listing on Exchanges
2024 Q1-Q2
  • Integration with Multiple Video Platforms
  • Partnership with More IP Brands
  • Original Content Brand
  • Expansion into International Markets
2024 Q3-Q4
  • Launch of UGC/PGCU Platform
  • Launch of Social Features
  • Global Branding Campaign