Releap (REAP)

Releap (REAP)

Releap Protocol is a decentralized, open-for-all social graph that allows users to wholly own and harness their audience and content.

What is Releap

Releap Protocol is a decentralized social graph where creators can publish their content as a set of NFTs to be discovered, enjoyed and traded on chain.

Releap Protocol aims to provide creators with ownership of their relationships with their community, establishing a completely composable, decentralized social network.

This is accomplished by permitting users to construct profiles and engage with each other through these profiles.

These profiles can compose content that can be published as an NFT on the platform.

Users can also leave likes and comments on these posts that will be recorded on-chain on the Sui public ledger.

We’re building Releap Protocol to work as a communal social blueprint where users can own their individual connections and various applications can build upon this blueprint. This solves mainly two problems: (a) users can own, move and utilize their social connections across a variety of applications throughout the chain and (b) social applications can co-exist and take advantage of a collaborative database allowing them to focus on building for innovative and niche use cases.

Releap Roadmap

Q1 2023

  • Private Devnet Launch
  • Research and development of sponsored TX launch

Q2 2023

  • Mainnet Launch
  • Sponsored TX Launch
  • SUI Campaigns

Q3 2023

  • Mobile Integration
  • Content Curation Module
  • DAO development

Q4 2023

  • Releap DAO Launch
  • Wormhole integration
  • Mobile app Launch