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The World’s Most Advanced Pet Community

Pawtocol LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Pawtocol”, “we”, “our”, “us”) aims to take the pet care industry into the blockchain age by developing a platform with a pet-focused economy and ecosystem. This paper outlines our vision and philosophy behind Pawtocol and why we are taking this project to market, as well as our progress to date and why we are the right team to execute.

Pawtocol was inspired by a shared vision to build a global community of pet parents, service providers, and manufacturers who are unified towards improving pet care. We have a mission to help pets around the world live longer and healthier lives by empowering pet caretakers with cutting edge technology and data.


Pawtocol is building a multi-functional platform that can seamlessly integrate into the average pet parent’s daily life, to make crucial pet care decisions easier, reduce the lifetime cost of pet ownership, and ultimately improve the lives of pets everywhere.


The Pawtocol vision is to introduce the new era of decentralization and transparency to the pet industry.

Network participants will be incentivized to collect and feed data to Pawtocol’s AI – which in turn will make AI-enhanced diet and care recommendations for crowd-verified food products, toys, and service providers. Pawtocol will naturally reward quality businesses by allowing their products and services to appear in targeted in-app recommendations and open doors to a vast audience of new potential customers.

The market for electronic pet wearable devices is on the rise and in need of a unified ecosystem for a pet owner to connect their devices and stay updated on their pet’s well-being through a single interface. Pet technology will be given an interconnected platform where various pet tech wearables and IoT devices can connect, share their data, and interact via the Pawtocol API.

Across many industries, the platform business model has become a crucial building block for waves of technological innovations. The most advanced digital products and services that come to market today are based on platform business models; a model that most business owners have begun to explore and intend to make core to their growth strategies. Pawtocol uses a platform business model–and is the first pet technology platform to incorporate AI learning along with a blockchain-based incentivization structure.

ICO Roadmap


- Project conceived - Core team formed, including CTO and Chief Data Scientist - Research begins for Pawtocol's Personalized AI


- Research begins for PAWS spectrometry scanner - Research begins for point-of-care veterinary diagnostic devices - High-level data architecture design complete - First private funding round complete - UPI token structure established


- UX/UI design and development begins - Research begins for Blockchain Dog Tag - Research begins for Pawtocol Data Marketplace - Research begins for applications of Zero-knowledge Proofs - Marketing in North America begins - Second private funding round complete


- Smart contract development begins - Distributed encrypted storage model designed (i.e. IPFS) - 1st Generation Blockchain Dog Tag released - Partnership with EZ Vet micro-clinics - Partnership with Miami Animal Clinic - Partnership with MLG blockchain - Marketing begins in Asia and Europe - IEO compliance sign-off from Grant Thornton Malta obtained - IEO launched on ProBit Exchange


- Global MVP Launch - IEO on second exchange - Second Generation Blockchain Dog Tag release (battery-less bluetooth) - Blockchain Dog Tag mass distribution - PAWS spectral photometer release - Outreach to local manufacturers begins - Universal Pet Records and Veterinary Office Interface launch


- Additional pet wearables launch - Health and Wellness AI Recommendation engine launch - EZ Vet nationwide expansion - Data Marketplace launch

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1st Jul 2018
31st Dec 2018
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Hong Kong
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USA, China