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Decentralized, community-driven AI platform

Mindsync is a platform and a global community of machine learning developers, data scientists and applied AI experts. This community will be able to cooperate as well as participate in competitions between individuals and teams to solve various problems. This can be called "Human Swarm Intelligence". Businesses of all kinds and sizes may benefit from world class talent on a single platform. Customers can order customized AI solutions through ML/DS competitions or choose from a wide collection of ready solutions.

Mindsync will also look to strategically partner with decentralized supercomputer projects and then
create its own global network (decentralized supercomputer) by engaging Ethereum miners in
exchange for offering more profitable mining and make this computing power available to Mindsync
community members and customers. This will help reduce the high costs for availing computing
capabilities and allow everyone, from schoolchildren to scientists, to use the previously inaccessible
computational power in their projects and open new horizons for researchers in AI domain.

Mindsync (MAI)

Mindsync project has the potential to capture 15% of this market within five (5) years of operation, which will represent an annual turnover of US$2.77 billion. Such turnover will translate into a massive increase in the demand for the Mindsync (MAI) token which will be the sole medium of transaction on the platform. No MindsyncAI tokens will be mined (created) after the Token Generation Event (TGE) and therefore no dilution effect/risk. Given the non-minced nature of the coin, increase in the demand for the platform’s service, even if modest, will lead to material increases in the market value of the MAI token.

Mindsync advantages

Mindsync is an all-in-one place to perform machine learning and data science tasks.
Key advantages of Mindsync is:
• Tokenization and smart-contracts guarantee the fulfillment of obligations by participants.
• Multi-GPU Deep Learning Machine at the lowest price on the market (up to 30x cheaper than
Google Cloud).
• Scalability and Uberisation[5]. Unlike competitors, the resources required to fulfill customer
orders are taken from the platform community. Mindsync can easily increase production
capacity by increasing the platform community by attracting specialists in competitions and
new interesting and complex tasks in the AI domain.
• Marketplace for ready-made AI solutions. Ready-made machine learning models and data sets
can be sold or rented.
• Platform experts and clients can create competitions with any reward independently without
participation of Mindsync staff.
• Data verification and integrity: All the data verified, hashed and stored in blockchain and IPFS
• API : Mindsync AIaaS (AI as a Service) platform allows to run production-ready solutions on
itself and make requests to it using RESTful API without deploying it on external servers, i.e. on
the customer side. This makes possible to create lightweight and scalable applications using AI
technology with theoretically unlimited computing power for any device.
• Mining and resource sharing. Miners or any Mindsync platform member who owns computing
resources can provide them to other members for a fee.
• Cheap AutoML

ICO Roadmap

December 2018


March 2019

Public Sale

Q4 2019

Alpha Features: - Community portal - Kernels - Datasets stored on IPFS

Q2 2020

Beta. Features: - Competitions - Marketplace - Expert-as-a-Service portal

Q4 2020

Release. Features: - Decentralized Autonomous Organization - Scalable solutions - API

Team Members

Konstantin Bogolepov
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Dmitry Timoshenko
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Mikhail Trofimov
Data Scientist & Head of Competitions
Mikhail Melnik
Blockchain Developer
Elena Liakou
UI/UX Designer
Felix Finkel
VP of Engeneering
Roman Milovskiy
Full Stack Developer
Kirill Smirnov
Head of Marketing
Gilberto Titericz
Machine Learning Expert
ICO Main Sale
ICO Start
March 01, 2019
December 31, 2019
1 MAI = 0.14 USD
Soft Cap
4,200,000 USD
ICO Location
KYC Required

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