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Global Precious Metals Supply Chain Transparency

The Karuschain project aims to touch on many of the key inputs and outputs of the current precious metals supply chain. The Karuschain platform is being developed to specifically mitigate the issues and challenges facing all the participants in the precious metals supply chain.

The Karuschain platform ecosystem is a blockchain-based system that will allow every participant in the precious metals supply chain to track and trace both inputs and outputs. Karuschain will enable true and full compliance with regulations like the OECD’s responsible sourcing guidelines. It will allow companies to meet compliance regulations with full control over the data they provide while enabling real time audits. The diagram below shows the data flow into the Karuschain platform

The initial implementation of the Karuschain platform aims to provide the tracking and tracing capacity to limit the impact of the following global compliance burdens:
• OECD(Organization for EconomicCooperation and Development) and LBMA(LondonBullion
Market Association), responsible for sourcing and due diligence;
• Downstream companies’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) obligation in
Electronics and Jewellery;
• Hardening points on the supply chain to respond to UNICRI’s (United Nations Interregional Crime
and Justice Research Institute) finding of criminal actors within the chain;
• Downstream product end user proof-of-ownership (bullion etc.);
The Karuschain platform will use the Hyperledger software family, our implementation of sophisticated smart contracts (chaincode), and the management of key data flows from legacy systems and innovative hardware throughout the precious metals supply chain to better manage how to unify, protect, trace, and track the precious metal data flows from the greatest number of supply chain participants on the Karuschain platform.
Further details of the platform, the services we will offer and the technology powering the whole project (collectively, the “Karuschain Platform”) are set out in this Whitepaper.

Token Sale Period Phases

Token Sale will be conducted on named exchanges. This initial exchange offering will be publicly announced and information will be available on www.karuschain.com

Total Token Supply
500,000,000 KRS

KRS – during Token Sale Period
300,000,000 KRS

KRS Price
US $0.10 = 1 KRS, exclusive of transaction fees or costs
karuschain 6 Whitepaper

Minimum Investment
No minimum investment for Public Initial Exchange Offering Sale Contributors

Accepted Methods of Payment
BTC or ETH transferred to the respective digital addresses specified on the exchanges authorised by
Karuschain as detailed on the KaruschainWebsite, payable at the applicableBTC or ETH price determined by the market rate on the listing exchanges at the time of purchase.

Distribution of Purchased KRS Tokens (KRS)
Contributors to receive KRS upon activation via smart contracts.

The Karuschain platform uses the Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchains, our implementation of
sophisticated smart contracts (chaincode), and the management of key data flows from legacy systems and innovative hardware throughout the precious metals supply chain. Karuschain platform technology will allow supply chain participants to determine the source of the metal
as it flows downstream. It will allow them to track the metal from the source onwards, and then for other participants to trace it backwards to the source. It will allow a participant’s compliance department to determine what compliance data to store on its private blockchain channel and with whom to share read-only access


Our mission is to create valuable and targeted transparency for every participant in the precious metals market and supply chain. Our founder has experienced the need for a technological mechanism that promotes transparency while running businesses in the precious metal extractive industry and acquiring precious metal for investment/value storage purposes.

We strongly believe that blockchain technology and its core advantages over conventional systems form the foundation of Karuschain’s ability to reforge the complex, multinational precious metal supply chain.

ICO Roadmap

Q4 2017

Blockchain Technology Advisors Stanislav Synko and David Pierini Retained. Compliance and Legal Advisors Law Firm Ellul & Co Retained. White Paper Research Commences.Academics are Consulted. Development Roadmap Finalized. Demo Development Commences. White Paper Writing Begins. Live Demo of Karuschain Released. White Paper Internal Draft Circulated. Robert van der Zalm is hired to be CFO. James McDowell is hired to be COO. Mike Templeman is retained as Marketing Advisor. Company incorporated in Gibraltar. Money Laundering Reporting Officer Appointed.

Q2 2019

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Commences .

Q3 2019

IEO Ends. Karus Home Office Opens in Gibraltar. Marketing and Business Development is Kicked off. Karuschain Platform Development Begins. Hardwared Module R&D Begins. Proof of Concept (PoC) Partner Announced & Strategic Partnership Signed. Onsite PoC begins.

Q1 2020

Production Version of Hardware Module is Field Tested.

Q2 2020

Onsite PoC is Completed. Initial Platform Development is Completed .

Q3 2020

Hardware Module is Completed.

Q4 2020

Karuschain Platform is Live.

Q4 2021

R&D, Hiring, and Development Continues.

ICO Main Sale
ICO Start
January 14th, 2020
February 14, 2020
1 KRS = 0.1 USD
Hard Cap
10,000,000 USD
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