gold brick

GoldBrick - The coin of State1

GoldBrick is designed to become the reference currency of the State1 metaverse. Our currency’s purpose is to serve as a utility token, allowing users to employ it throughout the entire ecosystem for daily actions, purchasing land, and buying services in both online and offline stores. State1 is the world's first business metaverse, a winning combination of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, where companies can migrate their business from the real world to the virtual one, integrating innovative features and acquiring millions of customers. Users can enjoy all the goods and services provided by companies, play, have unprecedented experiences, and perform all daily actions in a revolutionary way. Over 4000 users and more than 150 companies are part of State1 Metaverse at the moment. All payments, both in FIAT and in crypto, will be converted into GoldBrick, allowing for constant, fast, and limitless token price growth!