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Optimize The Way You Monetize

Gath3r adopts a new approach to in-browser mining with the introduction of a versatile native coin along with merged mining. The GTH coin works well with both browsers and apps, and has no UI issues, thus allowing new and existing coins to use Gath3r’s hashrate. Ultimately, this new model provides better profitability for web-miners, less centralization and a solution to a host of other issues commonly associated with new coins and low hash rates.

By integrating merged mining – the mining of two coins simultaneously from a similar algorithm – Gath3r offers additional benefits to miners as well. New coins looking to launch could fork off GTH into XYZ -G, which effectively allows them to utilize the hashrate of Gath3r. thus solving consensus issues and keeping their chain safe.

Gath3r provides website and application owners an alternate/additional form of non-intrusive monetization. The core revenue model proposed to websites is to earn simple commissions from the pool fees, and computational power of their visitors. Website and application owners can integrate the Gath3r code with their respective platform(s) to earn additional revenue via their users’ CPU and GPU computational power to mine cryptocurrencies.

A CPU and GPU web-based miner that can pay out in Gath3r coins, BTC or local currency where supported… The script can handle large loads of websites and/or applications and their users. A mandatory Opt-in is built in to ensure transparency and user privacy protection. Webmasters will be able to choose to let users browse for free a portion of their website(s) while visiting other sections will prompt a pop-up for opting in. A new block in the chain or network of Gath3r or any other cryptocurrency can only be enabled with a complex code, called a hash that makes it unprofitable for hackers to attempt to crack the code. Once the Gath3r code is installed on a site, visitors can elect to use their excess GPU or CPU power while they’re browsing to try to figure out the code. The process is known as mining. Employing the POS model in combination with our own blockchain will reduce operational costs and introduce staking to further increase the coin’s value. If the website submits the correct hash, the webmaster enables the block, grows our ecosystem, and enhances the value of the Gath3r coin. The system then rewards the webmaster with a payout, which can be in coins, BTC or, where permitted, in cash. Publishers would be split into different mining pools, based on their hashrate i.e. Small, Medium and Large. Each of them would have a separate pool so that each of the publishers would be rewarded fairly.

ICO Roadmap

Q1 2018

Seed round

Q2 2018

Proof of concept

Q3 2018


Q4 2018

Web-Miner Platform Launch

Q1 2019

Beta Testing

Q2 2019

Gath3r Blockchain Testnet Master Nodes Web Staking Wallets

Q3 2019

Token Swap Main Net Launch

Q4 2019

Fiat Payouts Loyalty Programs Paywalls Programs Enabled

Q1 2020

Gath3r Foundation Formation

Q2 2020

10 Projects provided Grants

Q3 2020

Target for over 25 Child Chains 100,000+ Publishers

Q4 2020

Target for over 25 Child Chains 100,000+ Publishers

ICO Main Sale
ICO Start
9th January, 2020
11th January, 2020
1 GTH = 0.02 USD
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
2,500,000 USD
Buy With
ICO Location
United Arab Emirates
KYC & Whitelist
China, Algeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, USA, UK, Singapore