EMCODEX stands for: Emerging Commodity Decentralized Exchange. So called commodity market is nothing else than a market where theoretically goods should be traded. In economics, the term commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other goods of the same type. Commodities are most often used as inputs in the production of other goods or services and the quality of a given commodity may differ slightly, but it is essentially uniform across producers. From the point of view of a potential participant in this market (producer) this market is now no longer a market in which actual commodity exchange takes place, and it is primarily a market captured by speculators such as banks, financial institutions, or funds of various kinds.

EMCODEX is a crosschain decentralized exchange enabling seamless trading and commodity standardization. EMCODEX decentralized exchange platform provides automated swaps of emerging commodities trading pairs, as well as standard cryptocurrency pairs on various blockchain protocols and ecosystems. EMCODEX provides a comprehensive trading interface including leverage and margin trading, option and futures contracts as well as synthetic assets for emerging commodities

ECOMDEX is the Solution

The concept of decentralization using blockchain technology stems from the very idea of this technology. Everyone is familiar with the term DEX (Decentralized Exchange), which means a peer-to-peer exchange allowing users to trade cryptocurrency or other digital assets without the need for an intermediary.

This idea is completely different from the idea of centralized exchanges. These platforms are owned privately which means that there is a third party with its own motives and priorities — sitting in the middle of every transaction made. As a result, these private companies have oversight of those transactions, and collect and hold details on all its customers, besides transactions conducted on centralized exchanges are custodial — meaning the platform holds the asset that is being exchanged. Decentralized exchanges tackle both of these issues, offering theoretically complete anonymity and, crucially, non-custodial transactions. This means the actual asset being exchanged never passes through the hands of an intermediary

One of the key issues associated with any type of exchange is what is known as liquidity. In the simplest way it can be defined as the possibility of concluding transactions of any size at any time.
So-called market makers are responsible for providing liquidity on the market. As its name implies, market making connotes the process involved in defining the prices of assets and simultaneously providing liquidity to the market. In other words, a market maker does create liquidity for a financial asset.


Q2 2021

Concept Creation Whitepaper MVP

Q3 2021

Beta DEX Liquidity Mining $EMCO Token Launch

Q4 2021

Crosschain DEX EMCO Starter Community Expansion

Q1 2022

Crosschain Integrations Wallets Integrations GUI 2.0

Q3 2022

Options Trading Futures Trading Ongoing Development

Team Members

Total supply
Hard cap
Seed sale
Private sale A
Private sale B
Public sale
Initial market cap
Initial circulating supply
2’971’383 $EMCO

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