CyberConnect (CYBER)

CyberConnect (CYBER)

CyberConnect aims to build a decentralized social graph protocol that returns data ownership and utilities back to Web3 dwellers while inviting all Web3 social networks and Metaverse projects to scale with us.

What is CyberConnect

CyberConnect is launching a “decentralized social graph protocol” that it says will help Web3 developers to build applications such as social media, gaming, and metaverse more easily.

With CyberConnect, Web3 developers can mobilize social graphs data, such as following and followers lists, saving them the cost and difficulty rebuilding a social graph every time when launching a new app. As for end users, they will be able to own their social graphs data and port that data to new applications.

CyberConnect has also developed an app called CyberChat to demonstrate how social graph data can be utilized. The app will integrate with the CyberConnect protocol.

CyberConnect Roadmap

2023 Q2

  • Launch “Login with CyberConnect” SDK
  • Reach 80+ ecosystem dApps and 1M+ CyberProfile owners
  • Launch Link3 Post, a decentralized content publishing tool powered by CyberConnect
  • Technical integration with XMTP, Notifi,PUSH, Livepeer & Lit Protocol

2023 Q3

  • Launch CyberConnect v3 and deploy on more EVM-compatible blockchains
  • Launch a beta version of CyberWallet that is ERC-4337 compatible and integrates with CyberConnect social graph module
  • Upgrade .cyber to an omni-chain name

2023 Q4

  • CyberWallet features: web2 social login, social recovery with MPC-TSS, developer SDKs for third party to integrate
  • Launch CyberConnect Grant Program for developer onboarding and ecosystem development
  • Reach 120+ ecosystem dApps and 1.5M+ CyberProfile owners