Chainflip (FLIP)

Chainflip (FLIP)

Chainflip is a decentralised, trustless protocol that enables cross chain swaps between different blockchains.

What is Chainflip

Chainflip is a cross-chain decentralised exchange, coordinated through its own application-specific blockchain. It is designed to have amazing pricing, support for both native BTC, EVM & substrate networks, and many other chain types. It also features cross-chain messaging support to maximise composability with current and future solutions to maximise asset coverage for users.

Chainflip is not building yet another bridge. Chainflip takes the best of all current cross-chain solutions and makes further optimisations not presently available to any of them. Chainflip is at the forefront of the new generation of AMM designs, enabling the protocol to leverage existing on and off-chain spot markets to provide a truly game-changing experience to users.

Chainflip Roadmap

November 2022

Testnet Launch

Aprill 2023

Security Audit

July 2023

Swapping Demo

Q3 2023

Token Sale

Mainnet Launch

Swapping Launch

Q4 2023

Chain Integrations