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BILLCRYPT pl is a global decentralized integration system for Blockchain-Representative offices (BR). A single multifunctional infrastructure uniting Blockchain Representative offices in the form of decentralized applications on the blockchain (DApp). A unique platform that combines all the advantages of the real world and the virtual space, the familiar Internet and blockchain.

We are creating a global universal decentralized platform BILLCRYPT pl. This is a multifunctional
Blockchain integration system of representative offices of companies, professional
communities, specialists and products.

The aim of the BILLCRYPT project is to create a single global system Blockchain Representation offices – BR

To thus:
• To give everyone the opportunity to accumulate reliable information about themselves as a specialist, about the business, about the created products and goods.
• Build a reputation of unconditional trust and present it in an understandable way to interested customers, partners, contractors, buyers, investors.
• Provide all users with reliable information.
• Monetize reputation and status.
• To create a reliable information environment that allows any business to get a solid foundation for its subsequent tokenization and any types of crowdsales.
• Raise the level of decision-making security to an unprecedented level.

Create the brand-new economic model:

Evolutionary BILLCRYPT token with built-in development functions;
• Progressive financial instrument, digital asset value storage with payment functions within the system;
• Mutual settlements and mutual investments between Blockchain representative offices within the platform;
• Payment by users of Blockchain Representation services and goods;
• Privileges for holders;
• Intra-platform new derivative financial instrument ViP, reflecting the reputational value of BR;
• Earning opportunities for ordinary users within the system, performing works and orders offered by Blockchain Representative offices;
• Innovative model of self-financing and self-regulation.

Technical Part

BILLCRYPT pl is an open, open-source, multifunctional platform that allows to create Blockchain-Representative offices. The use of blockchain technology in a project allows to create a verifiable system that is transparent to all participants. The platform has an intuitive interface implemented in the form of a logical, understandable structured site and associated mobile application.

The platform integrates and operates the system of decentralized applications (DApp), Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and other interaction services. DApp is a decentralized application on the blockchain, specially designed for specific purposes, performs programmed actions on the blockchain.

It consists of backend and frontend codes. In places of contact with the owners of the BR and users has a user interface created by the frontend-code, which refers to the backend code to perform certain functions. DApps provide interaction between users and the owners of the BR directly, a central server is not required. Fully open source.

DApps user functions can be accessed by multiple users at any time. All functions will be available through web browsers and user-friendly, intuitive mobile applications. DApps, created by platform developers, are supported by BILLCRYPT pl technical services, for continuous effective automation of processes.

DApps work on algorithms coded Smart contracts related to their functionality. DApps track changes, take into account the reputation and maintain the generated BR status within the platform.

ICO Roadmap


The emergence of the idea to create a unified multifunctional blockchain platform for existing enterprises, investment projects and investors.


Concept formation; Technologies, tasks, solutions.

Q2 2018

Development of the project, the economic system and security system; Negotiations and conclusion of agreements with project partners, current participants of the investment group; Writing a Smart Contract for Token BILLCRYPT; Preparing for closed pre-sale; June 27 launch of BILLCRYPT (test version); Start of accepting applications for closed pre-sale, price 1BILC = $ 0.5

Q3 2018

Test period; Continuing the development of the project, the economic system and the security system; 08 08 2018 issue BILLCRYPT - emission 152 000 000 BILC Closed pre-sale: price 1BILC = $ 0.5 Minimum to purchase 10,000 BILC = $ 5,000 Conversion of investment funds from existing (early) investors to BILLCRYPT

Q4 2018

Continuing work on the project and economic system WhitePaper v.1 development finished Creating a project site October 18 - start of the final stage of the closed pre-sale Price 1BILC = $ 0.6 Minimum to purchase 10,000 BILC = $ 6,000 November 16 - open pre-sale (acceptance of applications) Price 1BILC = $ 0.75 Minimum to purchase 20,000 BILC = $ 15,000

Q1 2019

Project process modeling; Introduction of terms and concepts of BR and ViP; Creating innovation economic model; WhitePaper v.2; Negotiations with institutional investors.

Q2 2019

Modeling of system processes; Introduction of term and concept of IVO (Initial ViP Offering); WhitePaper v.3; Language localization (French, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) Marketing, PR & advertising before the start of Token Sale; Connecting to the project key figures of the crypto world; Negotiations with institutional investors.

Q3 2019

ITO start July 03, 13:15 UTC Price 1 BILC = $ 1 Legal Bounty campaign Coordination of terms with exchanges Round 1 ITO Completion Sept. 30, 20:00 UTC

Q4 2019

ITO start Round 2 Oct.11, 15:00 UTC Platform development, infrastructure, design, layout, MVP Applications for exchanges Completion ITO Dec. 16, 20:00 UTC or when the Hard cap Exchange Listing Completing BILC Distribution BILLCRYPT exchange trades start Development Economic BILLCRYPT

Q1 2020

Platform Integration with External Resources Running test BRs on the platform; ViP testing; Increased market presence;

Q2 2020

The complex of works on the technical and economic development of the platform; Test period BR & ViP.

Q3 2020

launch of all platform functions; Launch of BR with basic functions; Launch of IVO (Initial ViP Offering); Start on the platform of partnership projects; Start closed pre-sales of partnership projects from the pool;

Q4 2020

Launch full-featured BR; Integration solutions; Start open pre-sales partnership projects; Start ICO partner projects.

2021 and further

Expanding platform capabilities; World expansion BR & BILLCRYPT.

ICO Main Sale
2018-11-16 - 2019-07-03
2019-07-03 - 2020-04-23
Soft Cap
10,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
80,000,000 USD
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