Beaver Finance

Beaver Finance

Beaver Finance - single-asset intelligent yield enhancing platform with the option-based cutting-edge hedging solution for impermanent loss.

About IDO Beaver Finance

Beaver Finance is a Single-Asset Intelligent Yield Enhancing platform that is the first in DeFi to integrate Liquidity Mining with the Option-based cutting-edge hedging solution for Impermanent Loss.

Beaver’s Asset Allocation Engine dynamically pairs equal-valued tokens from LP pools by algorithms for supplying liquidity on major DEXs, which enables users to automatically gain the high yields of dual-token LP enhancing in single-token staking mode.

Beaver’s Impermanent Loss Hedging Engine supported by Asteria Finance Lab, protects LP assets of enhancing positions by constructing European Option Portfolios for hedging against Impermanent Loss.


Beaver will conduct a fair launch for the $BVER token, meaning there is no presale or pre-mining, only public sale. Details on the fair launch will be announced on Beaver socials.

Holders of $BVER token when staked into Beaver Boardroom would enjoy enhanced mining power and earn fees from platform ecosystem.