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Top 10 Initial Coin Offerings with the Highest ROI

The economics of ICO or Initial Coin Offerings hasn’t left anybody uninterested. As per many reports, the money raised via Initial Coin Offerings in their complete presence is approaching 27 Billion Dollars, a number that raised dramatically between 2017-2019.

That said, as per these reports, a lot of ICOs that have been initiated proved to be very successful. These figures and data show once more that prospective investors need to be vigilant while deciding on a start-up to finance in.

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Within this installment of our guide on Initial Coin Offerings, we’ll talk about 10 of the thriving ICO campaigns so far. But, since this guide is designed for financiers, not start-ups, we’ll concentrate on the projects having the maximum ROI. Simply place, ROI gauges the sum of return on an investment associated with the price of that particular investment.

Below we have mentioned a formula:

Return on Investment= (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) divided by the Cost of Investment

For checking the present Return on Investment ratio of a particular undertaking, you just have to equate the cost of the token amount at the time of an ICO having the current price of the said token.

The ICO fiat value is generally gauged by dividing the sum of money in US Dollars raised at the campaign with the number of tokens sold throughout the campaign.

You can always search the token price on whatever return it appears (a Google search must point you in the correct path). Instead, you can even utilize CoinMarketCap, which lists nearly any token available at present.

It is vital to mention that there can’t be a definitive list of the top 10 ICOs of all time since the expected return on investment is entirely based on the prevailing price of a project’s token. Indeed, there is a great movement on the list of the top ICOs of all time. Nevertheless, this is the list of the most lucrative Initial Coin Offerings in terms of return on investment since the end of June 2019:

1. NXT – 11,547,519 % ROI

This is among the oldest undertakings associated with Blockchain. On 28th September 2013, an unknown developer made the official announcement at the BitcoinTalk forum, claiming to be a veteran forum member employing a novel account to stay unknown.
During this announcement, NXT was called a successor of Bitcoin that aspired to enhance quite a few traits of Bitcoins and resolve some of its issues, like switching to a PoS (Proof-of) mining algorithm, blockchain collapses, etc.

The crowdfunding campaign was held at the BitcoinTalk forum. At last, the unknown developer gathered about 16000 Dollars in Bitcoin, dispensing 1 billion tokens. Thus, the price of the NXT token at the time of its ICO was just 0.0000168 Dollars.

On 23rd December, the year 2017, the value was 1 Dollar 94 cents for every token, which showed astronomical returns for its prior financiers, making it the most lucrative ICO token ever witnessed within the current market estimations.

At the moment, NXT is a completely functional advanced Blockchain platform. NXT offers you a set of modular tools that lets you create your individual blockchain-based applications. It has its individual messaging system, internal market, and asset exchange.

2. Spectercoin – 676.227% ROI

Spectercoin is one of many cryptocurrency platforms prioritizing privacy and secrecy over anybody else. In order to get this, Spectercoin joins a Blockchain with a tokenized ring signature project.

A ring signature is a kind of digital signature in cryptography. It can be executed by any team member who has the keys. It is not possible to track which member of the group signed a deal. Also, any team of users can be utilized like such a group without any extra configuration.

Different from a majority of cryptocurrency platforms, Spectercoin employs the Tor network for enhancing privacy at the network level. All nodes interact with each other entirely via Tor. This specifies that Spectercoin transactions undergo a chain of mediators prior to reaching their last stop. Therefore, this becomes untraceable. Spectercoin also gives a way to hide the reality that you employ Tor via a technology which is known as OBFS4.

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The people behind this platform held their Initial Coin Offerings from 18TH Nov 2016 to 6th January 2017. Nearly 19 million tokens were sold, and the group raised 15 500 Dollars. All the tokens were sold out for only 0.001 Dollars, and irrespective of the tiny amount that was accumulated, the project ran efficiently, and the value of a single coin was 5 Dollars 51 Cents.

3. IOTA – 522,900% ROI

IoT (Internet of Things) is the term on which the project’s name is based. This term is used for defining a planned future wherein a lot of various “things” like cars, home appliances, automobile service providers, and many, interact with each other. For instance, a highly advanced refrigerator can automatically reorder certain products and pay for them. IOTA intends to give a token amount for those transactions.

Furthermore, IOTA is the lone major cryptocurrency that does not employ a complete blockchain to transact. Alternatively, it functions on a system that is known as The Tangle. The Tangle needs its users to confirm a transaction just identical to the one in progress. This resolves the scalability issue that is among the most challenging issues for several cryptocurrency platforms available and enables transactions without fee requirements.

This makes IOTA an excellent and ground-breaking project. Furthermore, it aims to serve an incredibly new marketplace having a strong vision of the future and preparation for the future. Therefore, it can be observed easily why their Initial Coin Offerings held during late 2015 succeeded with more than 400,000 US Dollars raised. Each of the many tokens was sold for 0.001 Dollars. On 19th December, a MIOTA (IOTA token), was estimated at 5 Dollars and 21 Cents, receiving one of the best returns on investments ever.

4. Ethereum – 442.869% ROI

Any individual who is distantly interested in Cryptocurrency networks might be somewhat familiar with Ethereum. Ethereum is an open-source distributed ledger platform that enables users to build and run decentralized apps or DApps, plus carry out and utilize smart transactions.

Vitalik Bluterin (the brain of Ethereum) is maybe the most renowned individual for the whole cryptocurrency community. In addition, with its Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the platform works together with lots of important clients. These include the largest corporations of the world, as well as smart deals in businesses across the globe.

The Initial Coin Offerings of this platform were held in the year 2014. Indeed, that turned out to be a big success as the team raised about 15.5 million US Dollars, selling 50 million tokens for 0.311 Dollars/token. The platform reached its best high of 1377 Dollars and 72 Cents on 14th Jan 2018.

5. Neo (Formerly Antshares) – 378,453% ROI

Neo is usually known as Chinese Ethereum. This cryptocurrency platform utilizes smart transaction applications. However, it also adds digitized assets, decentralized commerce, and identification to the mix.

The developers of China are building a blockchain that would represent legitimate evidence of proprietorship and will be accepted by the more expansive society, not only the crypto community.

During Neo’s Initial Coin Offerings, there was possibly not a single financier doubting whether it is worth putting money on the platform. It was financed by renowned corporations, such as Alibaba and Microsoft. Indeed, their ICO held in the year 2015 turned out to be a great success as they sold 17.5 million tokens and raised 556,500 Dollars. After one year, in September 2016, it made another sell-off in which it sold about 22.5 million tokens and raised more than 4.5 million Dollars.

The original Neo’s token ICO value was 0.032 Dollars. It reached its best high at the starting of 2018, dealing at 162 Dollars with 11 cents.

6. Stratis – 302,900% ROI

This platform provides complete solutions for the testing, progression, and deployment of Blockchain applications for enterprises across the globe. “We make Blockchain easy for you” is the key slogan of Stratis. Actually, the start-up built a platform that is completely well-suited with .NET and C #.

First and foremost, your undertaking or plan entices basically all the major enterprises that employ Microsoft products. Secondly, Microsoft themselves included Stratis BaaS or Blockchain-as-a-service in their Azure cloud service. It mainly targeted the corporations wanting to create in-house Blockchain solutions.

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Having that kind of backing from Microsoft, this platform’s Initial Coin Offerings was meant to be a success. It was able to raise 610,000 Dollars. The tokens were sold out for a price rate of 0.007 per token and reached their maximum high of 21.21 Dollars in Jan 2018.

7. Lisk – 50.952% ROI

This cryptocurrency platform is the first modular platform of the world anchored in Blockchain. This implies that you hold the core chain, a chain that presently accommodates the LSK coin, and will turn out to be a hub for every side chain as soon as the platform is completely operative. Sidechains are identical to personal blockchains; they can be created with ease and modified using Lisk tools.
Lisk platform will let the developers build their own applications, host them on their side chains, and perform an ICO, as well. Above all, Lisk apps are the natural primary preference for a majority of developers since they are created using JavaScript.

The platform includes lots of big-name Ethereum players on board. Thus, their Initial Coin Offerings was a tremendous success. The crowdfunding campaign that took place in the year 2016 in February and March brought the Lisk team about 5.7 million Dollars. The tokens were sold for a cost of 0.076 Dollars per token, and its ultimate high was 38 Dollars and 8 Cents as of 7th January 2018.

8. QTUM – 34.383% ROI

QTUM, often pronounced as quantum, bridges Ethereum smart transactions using the steady Bitcoin Core Blockchain when also employing a Proof of Stake algorithm for verification. The ultimate goal of QTUM is to raise the extent of apps with smart transactions, particularly for business purposes.

So, QTUM aids from the best of the novel progressions of Bitcoin and Ethereum societies. Moreover, it intends to host smart transaction tools, templates, etc., for making constructing and implementing smart transactions for companies safer and more convenient.
It held its Initial Coin Offering in 2017 and ended up raising 15.6 million Dollars. All of the tokens were sold for a price of 0.3 Dollars/token. Also, it reached its all-time high of 103 Dollars and 45 cents.

9. DigixDAO – 17,011% ROI

Among many key features of Ethereum is that it enables the users to build and run DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). DAOs is a completely novel way of building a business as there are no bosses or managers of the whole enterprise. Alternatively, every decision is made via voting and proposals.

DigixDAO was among the initial main Decentralized Autonomous Organizations built on the Ethereum platform. It is interesting that the project utilizes 2 tokens, which are DGX and DGD.

The DGD tokens were sold to financiers at their Initial Coin Offerings. One thing that should always be considered while we discuss DAO is that token sales are executed not only to draw finances. The coins that were purchased grant financiers the right to vote in proposals submitted to DAO. With this, all those who have the tokens can take part in building the future of the company.

DigixDAO’s key objective is to make a new, steady cryptocurrency, supported by gold bars. This is where DGX tokens showcasing 1 gram of gold enter the game. Every gold bar has undergone a Proof of Asset Protocol, and its presence has been confirmed on the Ethereum Blockchain. DGX tokens, on the other hand, can be translated into gold bars and redeemed by each token possessor.
The participating custodial vault is in Singapore. It can securely store up to 30 tons of gold. In the forthcoming years, nevertheless, DigixDAO might come up with more vaults across the world.

This platform created history by commemorating the opening sale on the Ethereum chain. In 2016, it managed to raise its target of 5.5 million Dollars within 12 hours. The DGD tokens were sold out for a price of 3 235 Dollars, and it reached its greatest high of 553 Dollars and 57 Cents in 2018.

10. Ark – 9,190% ROI

Ark is everything related to collaboration and integration. The primary goal of this platform is to build a complete bionetwork of linked Blockchains, basically bringing them together into a big “web of use cases.” As well, it seeks to integrate other cryptocurrencies into its Blockchain.

Fascinatingly, Ark is decentralized and collaborative from beginning to end: It comprises 17 core team members from eleven different nations.

Ark held its Initial Coin Offerings in 2016 during November and December and raised nearly 950,000 Dollars. The token’s cost at the ICO was just 0.1 Dollars. On the 10th of January, it reached 9 Dollars with 29 Cents.

We hope that you’ve understood how to estimate the legal and prospective benefits of an ICO and have also taken a glance at some of its best highs by now. If you want to get engaged in a future project but want further details on what is happening and when Cointelegraph got you covered.

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