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You’ve heard of and seen NFTs, but you’re probably thinking, “This is ridiculous,” or “How can I get in on the hype?” This piece is for you if you can identify with the latter.

‍Thankfully, it’s not as difficult as it’s made out to be to mint your NFT. The best aspect is that you don’t require expensive equipment or highly developed artistic abilities. Additionally, since NFTs are most advantageous to creatives, trying them out is not a terrible idea.

What are NFTs? 

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are bits of information kept on the blockchain. Imagine the blockchain as an open-source, decentralized database. Instead, the exact version of the database is kept up to date by numerous participants. NFTs can be any data. They could be written, spoken, audio, video, or any other kind of creative material. Each NFT has verifiable ownership because it is stored on the blockchain, giving it uniqueness.

NFTs essentially make digital scarcity possible. Real-world items are, by nature, rare and valuable, as we all know. NFTs make it possible for things and data to have value on the internet.

Steps to Create a Successful NFT project

The process of creating an NFT project does not involve creating several works of art and then waiting for a buyer. It all depends on how active the community is behind it. To create a good NFT project, you must thoroughly comprehend the following procedures. There are merely suggestions that you can abide by rather than rigid restrictions.

You can quickly own your digital work by following these 5 easy steps.

A Beginners Guide to Minting NFTs

Step 1: Develop Your Concept

The concept-generation process would be the “tough” element of minting an NFT. We mean anything when we say that NFTs can be anything, so it can be challenging to understand where to begin. Examining your reason or purpose for generating the digital piece in the first place during this phase is highly recommended.

If you’re seeking to raise money for a project or company or want to get started in the NFT space while it’s still new, you might be doing so. Whatever your motivation, it’s critical that your creations are consistent with the overall goal you’re assembling.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Vee Friends is a beautiful illustration of an NFT initiative with a unique, entertaining twist. Similarly, crypto influencer Tai Lopez introduced his own NFT initiative in response to his material. These are just a few examples of how you may incorporate digital art into your branding.

Step 2: Choose a Platform

The platforms to mint and sell NFTs are numerous, similar to e-commerce. Considering how new NFTs are, it’s important to remember that your alternatives are constrained. The only decision to make is the fees and wallet alternatives you like from a limited range.

‍It’s just as simple to set up your profile as it is to set up a Facebook profile, though we’d say that it is more complicated. Here are three beginner-friendly markets where beginning makers can start to assist you in picking which platform is right for you.


It is most possible that if you are reading this blog post, you are already familiar with OpenSea. The well-liked platform houses all NFTs and is renowned for its intuitive user interface. OpenSea now provides the option to bypass the initial gas price, despite the Ethereum blockchain’s reputation for imposing exorbitant service fees, sometimes known as “gas” fees. This entails that artists don’t have to spend gas money up front; they can upload and mint their work.

Blockchain(s): Etherum and Polygon

Wallet Needed to Start: An ETH wallet

Creator Fees: 2.5% of your sale


‍It is no secret that Ethereum is the most widely used blockchain, but Solana is renowned for its quick and economic performance. The platform has a reputation for being the more environmentally friendly of the two because it uses less energy because of its speed and efficiency. Holaplex has established a reputation as the new, less harmful marketplace as an alternative to Ethereum.

Blockchain(s): Solana

Wallet Needed to Start: Phantom wallet and ArConnect Wallet

Creator Fees: Reportedly 0.000005 SOL ($0.00025), but can fluctuate


 Rarible considers itself a community-owned marketplace, even if it is just another platform with a wide variety of offerings. Owning the Rarible project is accomplished by using their unique token (ERC-20 RARI). Rarible allows for the democratisation of platform ownership and provides additional entertaining features to start NFTs. The full projects are only available to buyers on Rarible, but creators are permitted to give visitors a glimpse of what they’ve created.

Blockchain(s): Etherum, Flow and Tezos

Wallet Needed to Start: A wallet compatible with your choice of blockchain

Creator Fees: Vary depending on the blockchain used, but there’s a free minting option

Step 3: Build a Community

Before you print your first NFT, why should you concentrate on developing a digital marketing strategy? While most people believe it is wise to start your project once you have already created it, you need to generate some buzz long before it is launched.

If you’re not currently active on social media, particularly Twitter, you’ll want to do so to generate buzz about NFT projects. Other platforms like the gaming and cryptocurrency enthusiast chat network Discord are excellent resources.

These channels have the highest concentration of other fluent NFT producers and consumers. You increase your chances of giving your NFTs a head start by getting involved with them and spreading awareness about your projects early on. In the end, the community is crucial.

Step 4:Create Your Project

Because everyone has quite varied objectives when using NFTs, the process of developing them also varies. If you want to start as many projects as possible, you might want to look into tools like NFT Art Generator, a programme that creates many NFTs.

As an alternative, you’ll need to sit down at the drawing board and produce them yourself if your goal is to publish one or a select few noteworthy pieces of work. One more clever tactic to finish the job quickly is outsourcing your projects.

Ways to Develop Projects: 

  • Use artwork or projects you’ve already created
  • Partner with other creators and create with them
  • Base your projects on your audience’s interests

Keep your preferred platform in mind whenever you make a decision. The platform’s permissible file types and size must be considered; therefore, this is particularly crucial. For over-capacity ideas, the 100 MB file limit on OpenSea, for instance, can be limiting.

Step 5:Mint, List & Share 

The procedure for uploading your project is easy once you’ve made an account on the platform of your choice. Start by going to the creator tab, which is probably located close to your profile page or on the platform’s navigation bar.

‍When you’re prepared to create your first NFT, you may start by uploading your project files, entering the details of your collection, calculating your royalties (which will be used if your artwork is ever sold on secondary markets), and finishing your listing.

Your NFT will probably appear on your profile immediately after it has been created. Although this indicates that it has been minted, you must still put it up for sale by assigning a price entirely up to you. For this phase, don’t forget to utilise your prior preparation efforts.

It would be best if you now started your initiatives on social media by tweeting, sharing, and engaging in conversation about them. Your initial NFT initiative is more likely to succeed if you frequently promote it to wealthy and interested audiences. ‍

Fortunately, making your own NFT is much simpler and more accessible as they become increasingly popular. One thing to remember is that your efforts’ success depends on how much noise you generate. The secret to drawing attention to NFTs is to generate awareness about your work by acting as your promoter. We’ll leave that duty in your hands, though.

Use these NFT Tips to Make your Launch a Success

It’s a really exciting time in the world of Non-fungible tokens, with almost $41 billion worth of cryptocurrency transacted on NFT marketplaces in 2021.

It’s essential to work hard to make your NFT launch successful. Use this advice to support the development of your mint and the production of lasting value for your holders.

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Building an NFT project is advantageous for numerous reasons. One of them is that NFTs are now widely used and are about to overtake other markets and industries regarding market share. Therefore, this is the ideal time to debut. Make careful that the project does not become one of the numerous others that never materialise because their valid reason for being was never discovered.

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