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GCB’s token ICO as expected was a success and kept on occupying the talk of crypto followers as well as businessmen and entrepreneurs and grabbed the attention of investors since the main project supporting it is already operational and is the first Arabic crypto exchange platform: Fast and Secure Crypto Trading Platform | GCB EX (gulfcryptobank.io).

This outstanding leap is considered by investors a golden opportunity as the readiness of the project raises and ensures the growth of the token.

This courageous one-of-a-kind step was a masterstroke in the world of crypto as it changed the norms of what is usually practiced to launch the ICO to be able to later start with the projects. On the contrary GCB token was launched strongly since its projects were already developed and active.

Gulf crypto exchange platform will offer numerous outstanding criteria for its users and as GCB token, it is built with the latest innovative Web 3 and AI technologies and with the outmost professionalism. It will offer minimal fees, 24/7 customer support, a referral program as well as other benefits.

GCB token is now in the last phase of its ICO which will end soon on its own website GCB Token.

Also, the GCB token has a launchpad on pink sale GCB presale – How to buy GCB (pinksale.finance) which is a well known and credible platform.

GCB token is developed with the latest encrypted technology in  the markets with vesting release and auto- burning protocol which ensures maintaining the balance of the price value and gaining levels that rise rapidly in the rate of increase in demand in front of supply rates, which necessitates this technology to achieve continuous price rise throughout a period of 12 months following the listing date.

It is noteworthy to mention that the inclusion of GCB projects is parallel with the beginning expected crypto season known as the Bull run stage.

After the ICO phase, GCB token will be listed on Tier 1 centralized exchange platforms among others as well on it its own exchange platform along with decentralized exchanges and it is expected to grow as it is backed by solid projects that have a community base supporting them.

GCB Token, supported by its project, the GCB digital financial system, is owned by the public joint stock company GCB, which encompasses two thousand partners from Arab businessmen therefore making it a community force in the market with powerful impact in the Arab world.

The main goal of GCB is financial inclusion for all and aims to provide all users with the easiness to access the new digital era and to be part of the most advanced ecosystem.

Telegram: https://t.me/GCBProject

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GcbGulf


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