BTC Markets

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BTC MarketsLaunched in July 2013, BTC Markets is a digital asset exchange based in Melbourne, Australia. BTC Markets aims to provide clients with an efficient, secure, and reliable trading platform. Its services are available to individuals, organizations, and Self-Managed Super Funds. With a geographical focus on Australia, the exchange offers a range of AUD and BTC trading pairs with tiered trading fees. BTC Markets is both an on and off-ramp for Australian Dollars (AUD) with free instant AUD deposits and withdrawals. The exchange features a range of products including an industry-standard trading API, advanced order types, tax reporting, and batch order management. BTC Markets has an Australian-based client services team. The exchange claims to be compliant with AUSTRAC-regulated AML/CTF legislation under the Anti Money Laundering Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2018.





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