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We provide comprehensive smart contract audit services that are designed to help you ensure the security and reliability of your Ethereum application before launching it onto the Internet.

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The Smart Contract is a logical function of a computer program that is built on top of blockchain technology. Ethereum is an open-source, distributed computing platform and operating system that runs on a blockchain-based distributed computing platform and that supports smart contracts. After being deployed onto the Ethereum platform, the smart contracts will be immutable once they are deployed onto the platform. As a result, security is of utmost importance when it comes to these contracts.

Crime and money have always been intertwined. Digital technology is no different. In the digital world, with the advent of blockchain technology, money has been at constant risk, and this has been true since day one. When this occurs, keeping your Smart Contract, which serves as the first line of security in an Initial Coin Offering, at risk puts at risk something more valuable than money – your reputation. Let ICO Listing Online audit your Ethereum Smart Contract to save yourself from embarrassing situations.

Whether you need a virtual private network security audit or a smart contract security audit for your NFT, ICO Listing Online can help. Our team will review each token, blockchain game, financial protocol, and other aspects of your smart contract for potential vulnerabilities and make recommendations on how to improve the security of your smart contract.

Our process for auditing your smart contracts for security vulnerabilities begins with a thorough review of your smart contracts. To identify potential security issues, we perform static analysis and use automated tools, as well as perform a manual review by our team of experts to check if these findings are supported by the analysis. With our industry-leading security recommendations, we’re able to support you in protecting your website and the data you store.

Our Smart Contract Testing and Audit Services

Smart Contract Audits

To prepare for your Ethereum blockchain applications to be released, we offer full-featured code reviews that will help you prepare the code for release.

Security Spot Checks

With the assistance of our Ethereum developers, your Ethereum code can be reviewed for security and that is how you can avoid any security breaches in the future.

Smart Contract Testing

There are a variety of different risks and security challenges associated with smart contracts and tokens, and we ensure to implement of security mechanisms of the highest standard possible.

Threat Modeling

By identifying entry points for hackers, analyzing the project’s attack surface, and updating the threat model in response to evolving risks, we help you to better protect your project.

Our Approach to Providing Audit Services for Smart Contracts


After having evaluated the business logic of your smart contract, we will select a set of security properties for testing.


The code we review will be subjected to various analysis processes, and the issues within the code will be evaluated by a manual review.


During the process of delivering a full report, we ensure that mitigation recommendations, vulnerability recommendations, and methods for continuous verification are included.

Why Ethereum smart contract audit with ICO Listing Online?

The ICO Listing Online team takes blockchains and smart contracts very seriously, as they are a key part of the blockchain ecosystem. Consequently, ICO Listing Online provides a comprehensive audit of your Ethereum Smart Contract using our static and dynamic assessments, which begin with unit testing and move through the entire contract auditing process.

By using automated tools for the standard test environment and manual testing techniques for the thorough contract review, we ensure that a double-tiered security posture is maintained.

Here is what stands us apart in terms of Ethereum Smart Contract Audit Services

Integrate easily

Our full-fledged code review services are designed to assist you in the preparation and launch of your Ethereum blockchain applications on a timely basis.

Review by an expert

The team at ICO Listing Online ensures that the implementation of industry-grade security mechanisms and monitoring of smart contracts and tokens is done in compliance with best practices.

A detailed report

You can use our service to identify entry points for hackers, visualize the project’s attack surface, and keep the threat model updated with the latest information on evolving risks.

Don’t make costly mistakes

With the assistance of our Ethereum developers, your Ethereum code can be reviewed for security and that is how you can avoid any security breaches in the future.


What is a Smart Contract Audit?

Smart contract audit involves examining the code that underwrites Smart contract terms in depth. An analysis of the code is undertaken to identify and correct bugs, vulnerabilities, and logical errors.

Third-party audits of smart contracts are generally conducted to enhance Blockchain security and to ensure that the code is reviewed carefully.

How does passing a contract audit benefit a company?

It is possible to detect and eliminate vulnerable smart contracts by running a smart contract audit, which allows companies to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them to cause serious damage to the company. As a result of the successful audit, potential partners and investors will be assured of the reliability of the company.

What Are Audits Designed To Do?

Ethereum smart contract auditing enables smart contracts to be assessed in terms of their security. Cryptography and blockchain technology professionals perform the audit. An audit’s purpose is to identify and suggest solutions to any potential vulnerabilities in code.

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