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With decentralized finance, everyone can access a financial market that banks don’t regulate. Defi heavily uses cryptography, smart contracts, and blockchains.

The DeFi industry relies primarily on smart contracts. With DeFi smart contracts, the banking system is being disrupted without using outdated methods and technologies.

It is pretty surprising to many people that DeFi has ignited the cryptocurrency revolution. Cryptocurrency markets continue to see huge sums of money flowing despite the relative innovation. The DeFi market is being hailed as a bubble in the process of bursting.

Nevertheless, smart contract development companies disagree, believing the above is not the case. It is possible to develop, audit, and use smart contracts without the involvement of a central authority, which enhances the decentralization of finance functions. Let’s start learning more now! There’s so much to learn!

What is a smart contract audit?

A smart contract audit involves testing its source code for errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities. Smart contract auditing companies detect and prevent vulnerabilities in smart contracts that hackers can exploit. Smart contracts are easier to hack than blockchains, even though hackers might have a hard time cracking a blockchain.

As a result, hackers have been able to drain millions of dollars from the newer platforms in minutes. Hence, it has also made DeFi users aware that they should only interact with platforms with audited smart contracts.

The backbone of Defi protocols is the development of smart contracts.

Implementing smart contracts for a decentralized financial ecosystem to work is imperative. Smart contracts automate every transaction, removing the need for centralized financial services processing. It consists of the same elements as decentralized financial protocols but with pre-written software. Smart contracts are what drive DeFi’s development.

Customers and sellers can agree to engage a smart contract development company for a specific task. Upon fulfilling the predetermined conditions, the contract’s operations are executed. The companies frequently offer decentralized finance services, such as creating smart contracts and auditing them. Smart contracts for decentralized finance services are developed, audited, and implemented without a central authority with DeFi smart contracts.

How DeFi Smart Contracts can benefit you?

Developing decentralized financial applications with smart contracts has many benefits.

  • High-level security

A highly protected workflow is created by meticulously creating and auditing smart contracts. Consequently, as a consequence, the smart contracts powered by the blockchain make every transaction carried out with them extremely secure and irreversible.

  • Completely digitized

In a fully digital smart contract, the transaction information is stored on a decentralized ledger in a digitalized format, and Digital contracts are involved.

  • Precision unrivaled

Using DeFi services, smart contracts are automatically executed, eliminating the need for human intervention.

  • It’s lightning fast

A smart contract eliminates lengthy borrowing, lending, and other processes. All financial transactions are automated through this online contract, resulting in a faster processing time.

  • Decentralization

Decentralized Smart Contracts execute all transactions in a decentralized network, and Smart Contracts are stored in an immutable decentralized network.

Who should get their smart contracts audited?

This might look like a tough question, but let’s take an example and see how you decide. The Ronin hack, which happened on March 29, 2022, took $625.5 million. During just two transactions, 25.5 million USDC and 173,600 ETH were stolen from Ronin Bridge, making it the biggest DeFi vulnerability ever.

Poly Network, Wormhole, Beanstalk, and Vulcan Forged all suffered massive hacks in the year 2022 alone, where hundreds of millions were stolen from the platforms through hacks perpetrated by hackers. As a result of these incidents, DeFi users should only engage with audited smart contracts. Therefore, if you operate your own ICO, operate a DeFi app, own a blockchain game, or provide a DApp that uses smart contracts, you should do a third-party audit of your smart contracts.

Different industries use Defi smart contracts

The use of smart contracts is becoming increasingly popular across various industries and verticals. Here are some of the most popular uses for smart contracts:

  • Supply chain management

With smart contracts, your supply chain procedures can be automated, lowering the possibility of errors. Smart contracts allow you to track materials and supplies along the supply chain. As well as increasing efficiency, you may optimize the processes involved in your supply chain.

  • Healthcare

In the context of DeFi smart contract development, several activities can be carried out using smart contracts, including managing patient data, processing claims, scheduling appointments, etc. Consequently, healthcare costs will be reduced.

  • Banking and Finance

Loan processing, payment processing, and KYC verification are smart contract applications in the banking and finance industry. In addition to increasing your company’s overall efficiency and saving money, smart contract development companies can enhance your operations.

  • Insurance

Insurers can handle claims and underwrite risk using smart contracts. It will reduce the overall cost of insurance.

  • Real estate

Among the many uses of smart contracts in real estate are the registration of properties, mortgage clearance, and rental agreements. This will result in more efficient business operations.


Smart contracts are being harnessed by decentralized finance to create DApps that appeal to the needs of individuals. People are becoming aware of the DeFi revolution, which powers several sectors. Despite this, smart contracts and platforms can be attacked, and attacks erode trust in systems.

A smart contract audit is essential for any individual aware of the importance of ensuring their codes are secure, efficient, and deliver higher value.

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