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By 2022, the cryptocurrency market is expected to reach a valuation of over $1.3 trillion, making it the fastest-growing market in history. The expansion of the market can lead to several exciting projects being launched and being able to take advantage of investor interest, leading to both short-term and long-term price gains.

There are thousands of digital currencies in the world today, and each day, we see more and more being created that may become the next big cryptocurrencies.

Have you planned to invest in cryptocurrencies yet? With more than 15,000 digital assets to choose from, it is hard to choose the best cryptocurrency to buy out of many options. Thankfully, we have made a list of the best cryptocurrency opportunities in the upcoming years!

Check out these top cryptocurrencies and see how they will boom this year and beyond:


1. Ethereum

Ethereum is the best cryptocurrency to invest in. CoinMarketCap reports that it occupies approximately 18.49% of the crypto market.

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies on this list, but Ethereum may be the most explosive. In 2022, Ethereum is likely to explode again in a very large way.

Among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, Ethereum introduced smart contracts, which allowed developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) for desktop and mobile devices using blockchain technology.

In addition to its strong technical foundation, Ethereum enjoys a large and committed community – one of the largest in the cryptocurrency market.


2. Solana

Solana is another cryptocurrency that is expected to explode this year. In other words, it is a cryptocurrency capable of solving the ‘blockchain trilemma,’ namely providing both security, privacy, and scalability, which many cryptos have so far failed to manage.

Investing in Solana could turn out to be one of the best investment opportunities you haven’t heard about yet. As an up-and-coming competitor to Ethereum, it aims to provide better DeFi and dApps services and updates and is on the cusp of taking over the dApps market.

Despite the existence of several cryptos that want to challenge Ethereum for its position at the top of the charts, it is not clear that many have tried to create an entirely new consensus mechanism yet.

Therefore, Solana has developed a thriving ecosystem that will make it worth investing in by 2022.

For the remainder of the year, keep an eye on Solana as one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.


3. Cosmos

Considering that Cosmos represents the next big crypto, it is the next one to make waves in the market due to its innovative perspective of interoperability. In the case of altcoin investments, you will learn that those Blockchains tend to operate independently rather than in conjunction with other chains. The fact that this is a competitive mindset has forced dApp developers to decide whether their projects will run on one chain or another, which has resulted in a drastic decrease in the potential user base of these projects.

Despite this, the Cosmos protocol includes a mechanism by which developers can create their own ‘Zones’, independent blockchains linked to the central Cosmos hub. There is no central control over a developer’s blockchain, yet at the same time, the developer can connect to other Zones and share information between them. To increase interoperation and take these networks to the next level, dApps are integrated across several Zones, achieving enhanced interoperability and boosting interoperability.


4. Terra

Terra has evolved into one of the most customizable cryptocurrencies out there throughout the years. Today Terra has become an integral part of the DeFi community. The infrastructure helps to facilitate the development of stable coins and the development of decentralized applications.

This cryptocurrency, Terra (LUNA), is currently one of the most innovative projects on the market. As a result, it solves the problem of volatility effectively, which does not make it necessary to compromise the very principles that facilitate the making of profits on bitcoin.

As recently as two years ago, Terra (Luna coin) was worth less than $1 per coin. It went all the way up to $103 at the end of last year. LUNA will continue to grow shortly. Price predictions from LUNA say the coin will hit $500 by 2025. Terra’s value is destined to surge.


5. Cardano

The value of Carbonado is also expected to increase by 2022 and explode in value in the following years. One of the main reasons it is becoming more popular is that smart contracts have been implemented for the first time. There is one major thing the crypto market is waiting for now: the jump-start of some big companies on the Cardano platform ecosystem; when that happens, the price of Cardano’s coin, ADA, could significantly rise.

A key component of crypto trading is adoption, which drives up prices and demand to raise prices.

Several analysts have predicted that Cardano’s price prediction could reach $7 per ADA token by 2023 if this trend continues. According to CryptoNewsZ, ADA could reach $5 at some point between 2022 and 2023.

Cardano is widely believed to offer much more in the future. 


6. Uniswap

Uniswap, one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of the year, will make a big splash this year because it will crush major exchanges, such as Binance, marketplaces, and market makers.

On the Ethereum network, UniSwap is one of the most commonly used decentralized applications. In other words, instead of using conventional order books, the famous exchange crypto uses an automated system for making offers to fund the market. Through this, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions can be carried out safely and securely online between peers without any middlemen.

Uniswap’s main goal was to make it easy for both the buyer and the seller of crypto assets to conduct their transactions.


7. Aave

Ave is another cryptocurrency that has the potential to explode shortly. This cryptocurrency lending platform is one of the leading platforms in the world, and it is growing at a very fast speed as DeFi marches ahead this year and in the future.

DeFi Pulse reports that Aave currently holds more than 15% of the DeFi market, making it the biggest player. As a result, Aave will gain from the DeFi market trend and growth in 2022.

In 2022, AAVE predicts that the price may reach $960. That would represent a 350% increase over today’s price.

CoinQuora, an authoritative crypto publishing site, predicts that the Aave crypto will reach $700 by 2022 or $750 midway through the year.


8. Dogecoin

Dogecoin started gaining popularity last year and will likely explode in 2022 as one of the biggest meme cryptocurrencies.

This meme-coin, the DOGE, was intended as a joke initially and never meant to pose as anything of importance.

A few people have made considerable sums of money through Dogecoin’s hype. 

Earlier this year, SpaceX announced that they would create billboards in space – and people will be able to pay with Dogecoin, of course!


9. Chainlink

Chainlink is regarded as one of the strongest cryptos on the market today. Therefore, it is one of the top cryptocurrencies predicted to explode in 2022.

For those unfamiliar with Chainlink, it is a method of connecting blockchains to the outside world via ‘oracles.’

One of Chainlink’s biggest strengths is that it is the most powerful decentralized oracle on the market. The Chainlink data center is the obvious choice for any project that needs data that can be manipulated in real-time.

As oracles are necessary sources of data and information, smart contracts will be able to react to events outside the blockchain by enabling them to use them, allowing them to react to events outside of the blockchain.


10. ApeCoin (APE) – Next Best Crypto with ‘Meme Coin’ Potential

If you are searching for the next big cryptocurrency with the potential to become an internet meme coin, ApeCoin is your best option. In terms of value, ApeCoin is closely linked to one of the most expensive NFT collections, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which is considered one of the best NFT collections to buy. When ApeCoin was released earlier this year, BAYC NFTs attracted the attention of various celebrities, leading to a lot of hype.

Even though BAYC’s creators did not create ApeCoin, this cryptocurrency has come to be regarded as one of the native tokens of the Otherside, the metaverse platform created by Yuga Labs. In addition to being used within the upcoming virtual world, ApeCoin can also be integrated into other mobile games, making further use case opportunities. Even though APE isn’t yet useful, it can benefit from enormous community support so that it may be the next crypto to boom this year.


How to Find the Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a new rage, but you need to know where to look to find the next best one to invest in. Despite the fact that more and more people are opting to purchase cryptocurrencies every day, it can still be difficult to locate coins with high potential because of the sheer number of new projects being launched every day.

You need not worry since we have done the research and discovered three of the greatest ways in which you can locate cryptocurrencies that are on their way to becoming huge, all of which we have discussed below:


  • Use Social Media

In 2022, social media websites will be an excellent resource for finding the next cryptocurrency to explode. Twitter and Reddit tend to be the top sites in terms of real-time updates on crypto projects.


  • Check out Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a way for digital currency developers to raise funds to further their projects. An ICO allows investors to buy tokens issued by the development team (often at a low cost), thus allowing them to get a share of the profits when the project takes off.


  • Keep Track of the Latest Crypto News

Staying up to date with the latest crypto news is a good way to find the next crypto to explode in 2022. Unlike traditional financial markets, the crypto market is still relatively young, which means that certain news events can have a noticeable impact on a coin’s price.

Furthermore, news items can also draw attention to specific coins, allowing investors to make a move before prices skyrocket. 

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Crypto investment is ideally a long-term investment unless you are interested in trading them to capitalize on the large fluctuations in their prices when they are traded. In the article above, we identified 10 cryptocurrencies capable of exploding in terms of price growth this year. Possibly, the most important factor that propels the growth of crypto and the crypto community is its usability and functionality.

Ethereum has enormous volumes and a high market share, so it is likely the price will explode because of the hype when it spreads to a wide audience quickly, along with its widespread use globally. Those cryptocurrency prices will plummet despite their ease of use in finance and other ecosystems.

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