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The rise of cryptocurrency has proved beneficial to numerous industries – including the lottery industry, which digital currencies have revolutionized in recent years. The crypto lottery industry now offers various sites, each with its own set of features and prizes.

This guide shows you how to enter a crypto lottery today using the ten Best Crypto Lottery Sites available in 2023, focusing on their services and showing you where to find them.

The 9 Best Crypto Lottery Sites in 2023

A crypto lottery offers a revolutionary new option for people interested in playing online, offering a novel take on legacy systems. In that regard, the following are the ten best crypto games operating within the lotto industry:

An Overview of the Best Crypto Lotteries

As you can see from the list above, there are several cryptocurrency lottery platforms available to choose from, so you can make sure to find a lottery platform that suits both your playing style and your financial situation.

Now let’s review the top cryptocurrency prize draws and lottery websites to watch out for in 2023:

1. PoolTogether – Best Crypto Lottery Site for Free Jackpot Entry

If you wonder where to play the online lottery, PoolTogether is another option. Unlike most of the best crypto games, PoolTogether does not function like most. It offers premium bonds as a savings protocol, and daily prize draws.

Since the platform’s inception, over $5 million in prizes have been distributed through the interest on users’ deposits. For PoolTogether’s draws, a depositor does not need to purchase a ticket as they are automatically entered, as all depositors participate in the draws. This means that there is a chance to earn free cryptocurrency prizes and generate interest payments.

Similar to Lucky Block, PoolTogether uses Chain Link VRF to choose its winners. This ensures that their selection process is entirely random and that victories are verified. The largest prize so far has been a stunning $40,000.

2. Lottoland – Bitcoin Lotto Draws with 1,000 BTC Jackpots

When looking for a place to buy lottery tickets, Lottoland may also be worth considering. Our list of the top cryptocurrency lottery sites includes Lottoland because the site offers an excellent array of lotteries. There are several US-based lotteries that users can play here, including Mega Millions and PowerBall, two of the most popular lotteries in the country.

The Lottoland platform will also be attractive to those who invest in cryptocurrency, as it offers a feature called ‘Bitcoin Lotto.’ There are 1,000 Bitcoins on offer in the beginning round of play, which amounts to approximately $38 million at writing.

The Lottoland team provides resources to set up a crypto wallet and participate in prize draws. Ticket purchases for the Bitcoin Lotto feature are made digitally, with a 1-in-7 chance of winning. This is excellent news because you don’t need prior knowledge of the cryptocurrency market to play.

3. Quanta – High-Security Crypto Lottery Platform on Ethereum Blockchain

As the world’s first globally licensed blockchain lottery software provider, Quanta claims to offer its customers a wide range of services and platform solutions. Based upon the Ethereum blockchain platform, Quanta operates in several countries worldwide and utilizes a proprietary RNG algorithm to determine who wins the jackpot.

By conforming to the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing legislation currently, users of the platform can conduct business in a secure and legal environment. Quanta employs several KYC processes to ensure that its customers are safe against cyberattacks and strict data protection measures.

4. DuckDice – Bitcoin-Based Lotto Platform with Weekly $100,000 Prize

Due to the fact that DuckDice has existed for such a long time, it has become one of the most popular play-to-earn games available in the market today. DuckDice was established in 2016 and enjoyed a stellar reputation for providing a wide range of exciting games, which can be played via bitcoin.

The players can buy Bitcoin and then use the digital currency to participate in certain games such as lotteries, races, duck hunts, and others using the digital currency. Every week, DuckDice holds a lottery draw with a staggering jackpot of $100,000, with results being announced each Monday.

5. Crypto Millions – Best Crypto Lottery Site for Variety

As an option for those looking for different types of crypto lottery games, Crypto Millions can be the best choice for you as it offers various types of prizes, slots, scratch cards, and more. Several media outlets, such as Yahoo Finance, have covered the Crypto Millions platform, further crediting the program.

Promoting Crypto Millions may generate commissions for users, providing another way to earn rewards. There is also the possibility of earning points for playing regular games or referring friends, which can be used for purchasing lottery tickets or entering raffles.

6. FortuneJack – Exciting Crypto Lottery Platform with Free Play Mode

With FortuneJack, you have the opportunity to make money with cryptocurrencies via a user-friendly online experience filled with exciting crypto lottery games. FortuneJack offers sports betting, dice games, and casino games with dedicated jackpots distributed in cryptocurrency.

Every FortuneJack game uses RNG-based algorithms and ‘Provably Fair’ algorithms. This helps reduce the threat of cyber-attacks since results cannot be manipulated.

Users can also enter crypto lotteries using FortuneJack’s handy mobile app while on the go. The platform’s ‘Free Play Mode’ is even available in which you will be offered the chance to play for free – these activities will be further enhanced if you choose to play with FortuneJack’s native token, which does not have any material value.

7. CryptoGames – Best Crypto Lottery Site for Progressive Jackpots

CryptoGames offers various casino-based games, making it another of the best crypto lotteries. A low house edge of only 1% is claimed by this platform, which claims that each of its games is ‘Provably Fair.’

There is no need for you to divulge any extensive personal information. Four different coins can be used to play CryptoGames’ lotteries: BTC, ETH, LTC, and DOGE. It is also worth mentioning that CryptoGames offers fast withdrawals if you are one of the lucky winners. In addition to that, CryptoGame even has progressive jackpots, which means that there is the possibility of winning massive amounts in the long run.

8. Bitcasino.io – User-Friendly Platform with Crypto Casino Games

Bitcasino.io is an online casino that uses Bitcoin to facilitate its operation in keeping with its name. Using the platform is extremely easy, and no experience with cryptocurrencies is necessary. There is a wide range of popular casino games available at Bitcasino, such as baccarat, jackpot slots, and even betting on Esports.

9. Gamdom – ‘Provably Fair’ Bitcoin Casino Platform

In the last place on our list of the best crypto lottery sites we have Gamdom. Gamdom is an online platform that allows users to earn prizes and communicate in real-time with other players. The total number of games available is six, with the opportunity to win ‘Free Money’ through giveaways and events held on the live chat box.

A wide variety of crypto lottery games can also be played on the site, including slots, roulette, and other table games that follow a similar structure. In particular, Gamdom is currently developing an affiliate program to reward players who refer their friends to the platform. Last but not least, Gamdom’s games are all ‘Provably Fair,’ its hashes being published immediately following the winner’s announcement.

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Conclusion: The best cryptocurrency lottery sites

In conclusion, this article has reviewed the best cryptocurrency lottery sites on the market, focusing on features and gaming capabilities you should be aware of. There is perhaps no doubt that the crypto lottery industry is in its infancy. Still, its potential is considerable, indicating that these platforms will continue to grow in prominence in the coming months.


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