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Today, many people invest in different types of cryptocurrencies because of the benefits it offers to investors. Besides, it is a great way to enter the world of cryptocurrency and investing. According to reports, the market value of cryptocurrencies is $1 trillion.

Every second, one investment is made. However, if you are also looking forward to investing in cryptocurrencies, then you are at the right place. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you learn everything about crypto investment, from benefits to factors to investing steps.
It will also provide you with a list of some top platforms you can choose to invest in. So go through it and help how to invest in crypto with ease.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryoptocurrency is a digital payment system that is autonomous and does not rely on banks for verification of transactions. Peer-to-peer payment systems allow anyone to make and receive payments anywhere in the world. Also known as crypto-currency or crypto. These digital assets can gain or lose their value over time. Unlike traditional currencies, crypto is available as virtual coins, tokens, and units. You can sell, buy and trade on cryptocurrencies. Besides, you have so many platforms to choose from to invest in your crypto.

You can easily track your investments and their past owners. There is no server, location, or virtual bank where the cryptos are stored, and your transactions are verified using a decentralized blockchain system.

Today, more than 100 million people own cryptos. This doesn’t exist in physical forms, and they are digitally present on blockchain in the form of tokens. Moreover, several platforms accept cryptocurrencies as a form of money.

What should you know before investing in cryptocurrency?

Due to the growing demand for cryptocurrencies worldwide, scams are also increasing. That is why; you need to make an investment that protects you from raging storms. Thus, to ensure that you are making a safe investment, here are some things you should know before investing in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Understand the mechanism of buying, exchanging, and selling cryptocurrencies

Local platforms will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals. That means your funds are moving in and out. Due to this, you must understand the mechanism of buying and selling the trades. This way, it will become quite simple for you to buy and sell crypto at the right time.

  • A diversified portfolio resembles a successful investment.

Your cryptocurrency has a direct impact on your portfolio. Thus if you make an investment that doesn’t offer you quality results, it can be risky for your portfolio. You can diversify your portfolio with crypto markets through top projects like NFTs and DeFi. Moreover, make sure you start with low investments and monitor all your profits and loss to get an idea about your crypto portfolio.

  • Do your research before making any decision

Before you invest in cryptos, it is essential to spend some time and look at the various cryptos available to invest in and figure out which will provide you better sustainability if you hold in for long terms. Besides this, make sure you do not just invest in crypto blinding just after referring your friends or relatives . Instead, research well so that you get promising results.

  • Compare the road map

One of the best advantages of the latest technologies is that you can check the ability and activity of developers and figure out the progress on the road. Any crypto is worth digging into as it will provide you insight on whether you should invest in it or not. A roadmap of cryptocurrency also alerts you from any red flags and protects you from scams.

  • Time is everything

Remember, no matter how worthy your investment is, it can still make you lose if you do not invest it correctly. The timing of the crypto market and investment should line up to ensure that you are making the best out of your cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it will provide you with profits in the long run.

  • Don’t invest more

Remember, cryptocurrencies are non-volatile and risky. Most tokens can even go to zero. That is why; you must ensure that the cryptocurrency you invest in is within your budget. You should never go beyond your affordability.

Funds can easily be stored in the crypto market and left for as long as you wish. Thus, there is no guarantee that the token you hold will offer you profit or loss, so make sure you invest as much as you can afford.

  • Keep the long term in mind

Many cryptos offer you high returns in the initial investment stage, while some make you wait for long terms. That is why; opt for currencies that provide positive short-term and long-term results. Moreover, they should be well-informed and offer you the most significant gains.

What benefits will you receive from investing in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are risky, but you cannot neglect that they offer several advantages. No doubt, investments depend upon knowledge, luck, and timing. But it depends upon what kind of cryptocurrency you pick from.

You can choose many options like bitcoins, litecoins, Ethereum, etc., that are pretty popular among miners and investors. However, especially beginners are often concerned whether investing in cryptocurrencies is worthy or not. That is why; here are some points that will clear all your concerns.

So let’s check out.

  • Cryptos are long-term investments

In case you think that cryptocurrency investments are short-term, you are wrong. With crypto, you can make a lot of money in long run. Also, you can store your cryptocurrency in the e-wallet and cash it out at a later date.

It is important to remember that the value of your cryptocurrency may or may not be higher when you buy it, but that it will increase over time. In other words, if you want to earn money faster and easier, crypto is your best choice.

  • The highest price is still not reached.

2017 was the year that was the best year for crypto investors and recorded the highest price in blockchain history. Many investors still consider it a golden year for the crypto market. However, several people believe that the best is yet to come. It is considered that the demand for crypto and exchange prices can increase in next two to three years.

  • Crypto is fun and exciting.

It is exciting to see the change in the market every single day. However, people become a bit scared when prices drop, but the excitement is over the moon when the rates grow to their peak. So you will not only experience investing but will have a unique experience. Besides, you get to meet new people with similar interests, and additionally, you can also learn some investing techniques from them.

Where can you invest in crypto?

You will find 100s of exchanges and brokers through which you can invest in cryptocurrency. But when considering investing in cryptocurrencies, it is essential to have a reliable platform that offers you security and low fees.

On top of that, it should accept all types of cryptocurrencies. However, to reduce your load in finding the best platforms to invest in crypto, here are some best references for you. Pick any of these platforms which will make your investment safe and worthy.

  • eToro

The eToro trading platform offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to invest in. This platform was launched in 2007 and had access to more than 60 cryptocurrencies. Besides this, it also covers ETFs, index funds, and communities. You can invest from as low as $10.

Additionally, if you are looking forward to exploring crypto and making a low-risk investment, then eToro will offer you a fantastic experience. No matter how expensive the crypto is, you can still investing in crypto from as low as $10, and it accepts payment methods like PayPal, online banking, debit, and credit card. Besides, the trading commission is just 1% when you buy cryptocurrencies.

So now, you can comfortably invest in crypto by sitting at your home through online payment methods. Moreover, the eToro wallet can easily be downloaded on ios and android phones. It will offer you complete control over your investments and offers flexibility. Therefore, some other features make eToro a reliable platform, such as

1. eToro is heavily regulated

2. You do have to deposit any fee

3. Different types of payment options are available

4. Trading with just %10

5. Offer you trading tools


With these benefits, you can easily invest in eToro.

  • Webull

You do not need to risk thousands of dollars on investing in cryptocurrency when you can trade it through $1 from webull. Besides, you do not need to make any deposit to create an account, al you need to do is to add $1 and start trading on cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, no transaction fees are utilized. It will offer you several benefits, and you can find more than 20 cryptocurrencies to pick from. However, this platform is considered best among beginners because of-

1. Zero commission fee

2. Trading from $1

3. Real-time market data along with charting features

4. Two-step authentication

5. Receive a $5 reward on the first crypto investment


These are some reasons why webull is a suitable platform for beginners who are entirely new to the crypto world and want to make their first investment.

  • Binance

Binance is the biggest crypto trading platform that offers you to invest in more than 600 cryptocurrencies and supports 80% of markets. However, once you open the account of binance, you need to make a deposit. Besides, you can start trading cryptocurrencies with a commission of just 0.10%. But if you deposit with a credit and debit card, the charge will be expensive, which is 4%.

However, as told, binance is a bit fast and expanded platform. So, if you are a beginner, think about what to initiate with small amounts before you go for binance. However, if you invest in crypto through binance, then it will offer you-

1. More than 80 cryptocurrencies market to trade on

2. The trading commission will be relatively low

3. You will receive dedicated services

4. Suitable for technical traders


With these benefits, it becomes easy for a person to trade crypto through binance.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase is the preferred choice among investors. Besides, investing in this platform is straightforward and requires less than 5 minutes. Additionally, over 90% of the customers on Coinbase keep their crypto store in cold storage, and the accounts are secured with two factor authentication. That means it is considered the safest platform to invest crypto on.

Besides this, the standard investment commission on Coinbase is 1.49%. However, if you make the payment ACH, it is free, but with debit and credit cards, the charges will be doubled, which is 3.99%. It provides you access to more than 50 cryptos.

Moreover, you can also manage your accounts through private keys. That means your cryptos are completely safe and secure. Besides, there are several other advantages that you will receive from Coinbase which includes:

1. A mobile-friendly interface

2. You can use debit/credit or PayPal to make the payment

3. It provides you with educational content

4. Two-factor authentication on your accounts


These points exemplify why Coinbase can be an excellent choice for a beginner. Besides, the fee is cheaper than any other platform, and you will receive different storage options to keep your crypto safely and securely.

  • Gemini

Gemini is quite similar to coinbase as it offers a simple interface that can benefit beginners in investing. Besides, it is a heavily regulated exchange platform, and you will never find any issue related to security. However, Gemini is considered the most expensive crypto exchange in the market, which charges you 1.49% of commission on an investment of $200.

Additionally, if you make a payment through a debit or credit card, then you have to pay back 3.49% of your purchased amount. Moreover, the deposit fee for wire transfer is entirely free, but it depends on the payment method you pick.

It supports 75+ cryptocurrencies from bitcoin to Ethereum to litecoin to Zcash etc. But the best part is that it also provides you with earning tools from which you can quickly generate interest on your crypto investment. Several other factors make using Gemini worthy option.

1. Strong framework

2. It supports more than 75 cryptos

3. High-grade security

4. Availability of Earning tools


How can you invest in cryptocurrency?

For beginners, it can be confusing to understand how to invest in cryptocurrencies. That is why to make your first digital purchase hassle-free, here are some steps that you can follow. With this, you can easily invest in crypto.

  • Create your account on the platform you have picked

First, as listed above, you have different platforms to pick from to invest in crypto. Choose the one which you think meets your demand. After which, open the account on the official website by clicking on the join now button.

Once you sign up on the website, you will get a form where you need to fill in all your details along with your contact number and email address. You will also receive a confirmation mail at your email address, and make sure you verify it to continue the process. You must also upload identification cards, such as your driving license, passport, or state ID card.

  • Deposit the funds

Once you have registered yourself on the official website of investing crypto, you need to choose the type of payment method. You have options like debit and credit card, PayPal, e-wallet, etc.; you have to make a deposit from which you can buy cryptocurrency. Thus, a tax deduction will be applied if you are outside the US.

  • Choose the type of cryptocurrency you want to invest in

You have many options, such as Ethereum, bitcoin, lucky block, BNB, XRP, etc. Choose the one that you want to invest in. If you are confused, read some basics about these cryptocurrencies before investing. Moreover, you have more than 60 options available to pick from.

You can choose any one of them. To learn about what market is supported, you can click on discover.

  • Invest in cryptocurrency

Ultimately, once you have decided on which cryptocurrency you need to invest in, you need to go to the dashboard and click on the trade button on the right-hand side of the cryptocurrency. It will load an order form for you. Now enter the amount you need to invest. You can stake from just $10 and can reach up to hundreds and thousands.

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The final verdict!!

Investing in cryptocurrency takes five minutes, but there are a lot of things that you should know before you invest. That is why; this guide will surely help you learn everything about crypto investment and ensure that you make a worthy investment that offers you high returns in the future. So if you are a beginner and want to trade on cryptocurrencies, follow the above guide.


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