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Millions of cryptocurrency investors like to opt for low-cost crypto in the initial days of their investment, which is when penny currency comes in. An investor can invest from 1 to 5 dollars, and you can now trade penny currency with just a few bucks like penny stocks.

Undoubtedly, every investment comes with few risks, so instead of opting for high-risk investments, go with law one with penny cryptocurrencies. These are known as the best investment to increase the potential value over time. Thus, you know several factors you should keep in mind while selecting penny crypto for investment, and several options are available.

So let us check out the 10 Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Buy for 2022 and how you can choose the one for yourself. Ensure you read the guideline thoroughly to make a high-value investment with current potential.

A description of the top 10 crypto pennies available to invest it

Here is a list of some well-known penny cryptocurrencies available for you to buy. You can invest 5 dollars with these pennies. Check out to learn more.

1. Lucky block

The best shaping crypto available under $1 to explode this crypto penny was released in January 2022. It has been observed that the lucky block is the best crypto that can explode in 2022 with maximum investments. Undoubtedly, digital assets fluctuate every second. Thus, add the lucky block to your portfolio at the writing with $0.0023. These are the rates that you will get from most of the investors.

This penny currency has a market value of over $236 million, and several traders love to invest in it due to its higher presale price. However, do you know what has made these cryptocurrencies number one on the list for 2022? If not, then let’s hear it out. In crypto games and competitions, everyone is a winner in the draws. This is because they use distributed technologies through blockchain, which allows them speedier and more transparent transactions.

Also, constant monitoring and documentation are available on every amount you won, whether big or small in the games. Not just this, the blockchain will verify the truthfulness of the plays and tickets to reduce the risk of data loss. Undoubtedly, the cost of running a prize pool is high and greatly influenced by payouts and the revenue generated while people invest.

So the platform cannot take the risk of any loss. Instead, if a site can save money, it will offer you more technical advancements and bigger rewards. These both can be turned out to be highly lucrative for the players. Lucky blocks have even shortened the period of the games and competitions to offer players instant rewards.

This is why the number of participants in the lucky block is exploding daily. It has increased the chances of winning while cutting down the expenses. Lucky block also developed as the NFT, whose upper limit is just 10000. The first luck block jackpot was held on 31st May 2022, where the tickets were available till 30th May. The range of this ticket was $5.

2. DeFi coin

The best available penny in the driving community, this DeFi is considered the best crypto penny to buy for. This penny was introduced in July 2021 to grow the decentralized finance ecosystem. As the penny was released, several platforms involved this in their list. However, the value of this penny is limited to millions.

Everything beginning from reflections, and manual burns to LP acquisitions, all are a part of DeFi projects. These all factors are considered to keep the coin ecosystem maintained well. If the DeFi website powers this token, it will be on the top list of the smart chain. It also takes advantage of blockchain’s speedier, fastest, reliable, and low gas price transactions.

With this penny, the collectors can swap the collectible s even exchange NFT. The trades pay a transaction fee of 10% to the growing network. The motive behind this is to reduce the volatile prices. If you make transactions, the first half will return to the holder, and the remaining in liquefied in the exchange services. Thus, if you buy a DeFi coin, then it offers you several advantages. One of them is the access to collect dividends. It is possible because of their flexible and fixed winning structure.

3. Chili

The best penny available for sports and entertainment, this penny is the subsidiary of mediarex group. It was created by the sports and entertainment ventures in 2006. However, almost two years of its creation, the team of chiliz got exploded and reached 8.8 million by October 2020. The market cap of this penny is approximately $1.4 billion.

Investors from the entertainment industry pay more interest in investing in the tokens, and even the users engage in the blockchain to participate in the chiliz fan tokens. As such, this penny is considered the best option available for people who want to make their investment in sports and entertainment tokenization.

The team has also built a platform based on chiliz blockchain architecture. With these platforms, a player gets several polls that offer them up-to-date information and compensates for the bridge between a player and sports. However, the socio platform is the mobile application. You can download it on your android devices or ios. Furthermore, with this downloaded version, you can swap the chiliz tokens to fan tokens.

4. XRP

A payment protocol that processes all kinds of international transactions with the help of blockchain technology, ripple is right your way. Over the last few years, it has worked with plenty of financial institution that also uses blockchain technology to process their work. The main motive of ripple is to offer investors a fast, safe, and secure transaction with minimal cost.

XRP was first launched in 2012 and came on the list of best penny cryptocurrencies you can buy from. This is because; it has 100 billion XRP tokens that have been created even before its launch. Besides this, it has been observed that around 1 billion XRP tokens will launch in some time. The market value of XRP is around $37.5 billion, and ripple can sell as many tokens as it wants to raise funds.

Besides this, the XRP offers a consensus system if you need to verify the transactions. It validates and checks the transactions, confirming a transaction when the XRP validators receive it. You might be astonished, but XRP transactions take a few seconds to complete.

This is due to the usage of blockchain technology. It is severely used by financial firms that offer you currency exchange at the lowest cost. Moreover, if the token is at the highest price, the transaction cost was 0.00001 XRP.

5. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is the lowest market cap crypto penny available to buy from. Many investors have heard about this penny busted in 2021 through Dogecoin, and it was designed to allure the real investors but ended up with the attention of mainstream media. Thus, from September to October 2021, the growth of this penny increased drastically by 1400% and gained an immense name on social media platforms.

However, the coin didn’t maintain the heights. It dropped off. It offers you double-digit returns at a low price. Now you may be thinking that if it offers you the lowest price, why is it best to invest in it? Well, the reason is the shibaswap. This allows players to swap the tokens, liquidity pools, and NFT trading. It is considered the most optimistic option for several investors.

6. Cardano

With the highest market cap, this penny was launched in 2017; the market value of this crypto penny is over 37 billion dollars. The highest supply of this penny is around 45 billion. It is known as the highest function currency available for the player. The idea behind creating this penny was to use the evolution of the Ethereum concept.

Cardano comes with blockchain technology that is flexible, sustainable, and scalable. It is considered the best platform for smart contracts. With this creation, you can get many decentralized finance applications, tokens, games, and transparent transactions. This penny offers you the most eco-friendly platform.

Instead of using any energy-intensive approach, it offers you a uniquely complete, proof stake consensus. It is known as ouroboros. If you want to move towards a decentralized future, this is the best crypto penny to invest in. It comes with a large market valuation and offers a broader look at the crypto market.

7. Basic Attention token

If you want to be a part of a long-term investment, then a basic attention token is the most vulnerable option. This crypto penny was launched in 2017. The market capitalization of this token is around 1 billion dollars, and the maximum supply of tokens it offers you is 1.5 billion. However, this crypto penny comes with a purpose. This penny is a blockchain purpose system.

It uses a brave web browser to record and track all kinds of media user attention and the time they utilize on the websites. These tokens are typically transferred to users, advertisers, and publishers. Basic attention token offers you an advertising ecosystem. The purpose behind this penny is to share advertisements between marketing agencies, users, and publishers on the online platform.

However, a small proportion of funding is listed towards the advertisers as 70-75% goes on to the users. Due to this, the advertisers have increased advertising prices and dislocated the equation of cost-efficiency. These placements have made the basic attention token the best penny to invest in your portfolio.

8. Tron

The decentralized-based blockchain platform Tron was introduced in 2017. It was designed by a non-profitable organization with a market value of $6.6 billion. It is the best crypto penny to invest in if you look forward to a digital token with an independent blockchain.

This penny has migrated its network with blockchain technology. It offers freedom to the investor to invest freely and effectively. Besides this, it has enhanced the Tron blockchain’s efficiency and increased the demand for it between investors.

Tron has witnessed an expanding developer and an immense source of valuation. As a result, it has majorly become the most powerful crypto penny available to buy from. The demand for Tron has attracted millions of investors towards it. In general, it offers you long-term success if you buy Tron.

9. Decentarland

Like any other cryptocurrencies, decentral was launched in 2017 with the virtual world of Ethereum. It is powered by the native crypto MANA. Investors like to purchase these tokens in the form of wearable, names, avatars, etc. However, the market value of this particular penny is around $4.3 billion, and it offers a supply of around 50 billion decentraland tokens over the given period.

It already has around ninety thousand built-in parcels, each of which holds ERC-721 NFT. It has made tremendous development in the virtual world. However, these tokens have direct control over policy and voting. The artists have also set up a virtual gallery to make their tokens work out and NFTs in the metaverse.

Even several brands have commenced opening virtual real estate stores with decentraland platforms. It has built a marketplace where buyers and sellers can communicate easily with the NFT through available avatars. It is considered the most effective and versatile metaverse with real money transactions that interact with users.

10. Stellar

Stellar is a well-known name in the crypto world, and this penny was released in 2015 by a decentralized network. Stellar is the most popular crypto penny available that focuses mainly on money transfers and makes your transactions more convenient, affordable, and transparent. People from all around the world love to spend money on Stellar because it offers them high returnable.

You can invest in these tokens in the form of dollars, Bitcoin, and Euros. The goal of stellar is to connect investors from all around the world and enhance the financial network of the world into one. It offers people low-cost transfers and quick transactions that can help them deal with costly transactions. The market value of this penny is around $5.1 billion.

It offers the investor flexibility to connect between stellar core and applications. Thus, it makes stellar the most beneficial and compelling penny to invest in. The roadmap of stellar is surrounded by innovation and scalability. However, according to the developers, around 3000 transactions per second can be recorded in stellar, and thus the visa manages around 17000 simultaneously.

How can you select the best crypto penny to invest from?

Well, there are several factors that you should take into count while investing in one of the best pennies available. Check it out below.

1. First of all, as there are so many options available for you to select from, spend some time looking at the strengths of the penny, the market value, and the projections it offers you. That way, you can figure out which penny will meet your requirements.
2. The development team should have knowledge and experience of crypto and blockchain. But honestly, it is not mandatory. Of course, you should know, but you can work without it if you briefly understand the coins.
3. Make sure you opt between specific market caps. You can find a range between 10 million to 1 billion. You can pick according to your requirement. Thus, it is advised that you should opt for a market valuation of around $20 million at least to get higher outcomes.
4. Make sure you confirm the coinbase, BitMEX, and other crypto exchange lists to get an insight into the price projection of each coin. It will surely help you to select the best one for yourself.
5. You need to figure out that the coin you have to buy has a 24-hour volume trade and that, too, is not less than one million dollars.
6. Check the market performance, history, track records, and projections of the penny before investing. These statistics will help you a lot in choosing the best penny to invest in.
7. At last, if you are still confused about which penny to invest in, you can take the help of a financial crypto advisor. Some even start with testing out the tokens you want to buy and help you make the most profitable deal.


These are some of the top cryptocurrency pennies available to pick from. All of these add the best values to your shares and offer you 100% transparency and a guaranteed outcome. Thus, if you are having difficulty selecting any penny, you can get help from all the above factors. They will surely help you find the best penny to invest in and offer you the best outcomes for your investments.

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