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Play-to-earn games use blockchain technology and allow the payers to generate crypto rewards instantly. With these rewards, a person can even make investments in crypto. Besides, a player gets a chance to earn digital assets, which they can swap for real money.

The P2E games share the same similarities as that virtual games. However, to save you time, here is a list of the Best Play to Earn Games In 2022. So go through this guide and learn about the best P2E games, including features, supported devices, rewards, and how t0 start.

1. Tamadoge

Tamadoge is an NFT pet game that comes in the style of Cryptokitties and Neopets but with a Doge theme. This P2E game aims to tap into the mass appeal of meme coins but with more utility. The players will receive TAMA tokens for winning the battle.

In this game, the player will nurture, train and feed the doges from birth to adulthood. After which, the roadmap Tamadoge will implement a move-to-earn feature that will help the player to earn rewards for walking their dogs. Account to the first presale of Tamadoge, it has already raised $800,000 and is on the place to sell out immediately.

2. Battle infinity

The P2E battle infinity game developer aims to combine the gaming and the virtual world by building a platform that provides enormous benefits to the player. Moreover, the player has access to six platforms, with IBAT premier league offering a fantasy sports game.

In this metaverse P2E game, the player first buys the NFT pass to enter the league and then purchases the native tokens, IBAT. Thus, purchasing this coin is possible only on the Battle swap, a platform designed to trade NFT passes and convert them into other assets.

With this P2E game, a player can battle out the highest rewards. Besides, the players have their unique avatar, but they can upgrade it anytime. This platform allows the player to access multiple NFT games and earn from them. Moreover, a player can also sell their winning NFTs into other currencies.

3. Lucky block

Lucky Block is the best option if you look forward to the best P2E crypto game. It is an innovative crypto platform hosted by binance smart chains, which offers players the chance to win a high jackpot daily. These jackpots are usually paid out in LBLOCK.

This native token allows rapid prize distribution. LBLOCK began trading on the decentralized exchange early this year with a 12% tax on token sales. However, the prize pool of this P2E game stood at $2.2 million. Thus, you can purchase the tickets to Lucky Block daily prize draws at $5.

The LBLOCK holder can connect their crypto wallets to the lucky block platform. After joining the wallet, you will receive complimentary tickets to each prize draw. Besides this, Lucky Block will also offer you additional P2E features, including a vast array of raffles and physical items. It provides several opportunities for the player to win prizes.

4. Silks

Silks are another popular play-to-earn game for 2022. It is more than a game that leverages blockchain technology. This P2E game serves as a bridge between real and virtual metaverse. This platform has created a virtual world in which the horse racing experience is brought to life.

This platform combines training history, race records, bloodlines, breeds, and other data. That means you can own virtual horses in the shape of NFTs and link them to the real world. Every time the real-life horse triumphs in the race, you will be rewarded with a silks native token.

Thus there are several racetracks, and you can put your horses against each other. The NFTs will represent the horses, so they are transferable and allow you to create a secondary market. You can use these tokens on the property or silks ecosystem.

5. SandBox

The sandbox is one of the best P2E blockchain games for creative people. It is an Ethereum-based open-world game. After the title is switched to Polygon’s layer 2, it has reduced the carbon footprint and fees. It is a popular GameFi crypto token project, and the games are more likely Minecraft.

In the sandbox, you can design your own game, construct your world and organize adventures. Therefore, all of these can be sold for profit. For instance, if you have created a mini-game, you can charge people to play it. The sandbox’s most valuable resource is Land, and each piece of it is considered an NFT.

A player gets access to design unique locations and rent them to others. These play-to-earn games allow players to create unique goods they can sell in the market to earn SAND tokens. The sandbox is available for PC, iPad, and Mac, and you can also buy SAND tokens at eToro with low fees.

6. Splinterlands

It is considered the best P2E game with NFT solutions based on card games. This P2E game operates on the HIVE blockchain and connects to various others. The card game is known as steem monsters, and the players can combat monsters and win prizes in return.

However this game starts with a restricted number of cards, but as you begin winning additional rounds, the number of cards expands. Besides, by combining two or more identical cards, you can level up the prize.
Moreover, selling the cards is another way to get DEC tokens; cards with a higher rank will offer you more value. Splinterlands is the best P2E crypto game for android. Although it is also available for iOS and desktop, you cannot play this game on PC.

7. PirateXPirate

It is an NFT adventure game with a turn-based strategy built on blockchain. In this digital universe, with this P2E game, you can make money by going on high seas adventures. Recruit the crew, build the fleet, and put all the skills to the best.

Moreover, you and your fleet can help you create a pirate metaverse with a self-contained economy. The prizes in the P2E game are defined by the ship’s size and matched crew’s talents. The smaller ships are employed for tasks that require less time and are easy to finish.

On the other side, the large ships are designed to perform challenging adventures that consume longer times. Thus, the game requires a ship, a captain, and two crew members. The additional rewards are generated after the completion of the task.

8. Spells of Genesis

It is a blockchain-based puzzle game that is available for free. Spells of Genesis has a fantasy RPG feel and is compatible with various blockchains. In this P2E game, there are 300+ card games available, and it includes Ethereum, klaytn, and bitcoin. The merchant sells the blockchain cards straight to you in the game.

You will commence with four decks of cards, use your figure to aim and then release. The object should strike the opponent many times. Therefore, when you hit the adversary, you must set the damage amount. Moreover, attempt to eliminate those damages before the opponent can shoot.


These are the top 8 play-to-earn games from which a player can easily make out the money. These exciting games offer players several opportunities to win big cash and rewards. Now you can also play these crypto P2E games and take advantage of them.

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