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You may have heard about the different ways through which you can purchase crypto. You can purchase it from the crypto exchange, do crypto mining, and so on. But have you ever heard that you could earn crypto through playing games, watching ads or videos, or even solving quizzes? If you have not, you will be surprised to know it is true! A person can easily earn crypto in this way, and this method is known as Crypto Faucets.

If you do not know what Crypto Faucet is, then keep reading this article; here, you will learn about Crypto faucets, their benefits, and some Best Crypto Faucets you can use. So let’s begin!


What are Crypto Faucets?

Crypto Faucets are mobile applications or websites where users have to perform some easy and simple tasks or even play some humdrum games to earn crypto. You will be given some minute tasks or jobs such as playing games, watching videos or ads, or even solving the quizzes. It does not matter where you are; you can easily consider playing the game and earn Crypto from there.

These Crypto Faucets are profitable, but only if you use them strategically. However, it is one of the best and easiest ways to earn Crypto in a few hours and get the chance to become a millionaire. When you join the Crypto Faucet website, it will create a micro-wallet where your currencies will be sent (which you have earned). 


Why should you choose Crypto Faucet?

Crypto Faucet helps the user earn crypto and is also quite beneficial. Take a look over the points below to learn more- 


1. Earn crypto quickly

The main benefit which you can experience is that it is one of the best ways through which a person can consider earning crypto. Furthermore, it is best and easy to start with Crypto as deposits and funding criteria are also simple.


2. Safe and profitable

Another benefit you can experience is that these websites or mobile applications are quite safe and profitable. It is one of the safest options because you can find a reliable site to earn crypto without facing any problems.


3. User-friendly and straightforward

Most people do prefer Crypto Faucets because it is user-friendly. It means if a person is using a website for the first time, you can also easily use it. In addition, it is completely straightforward and does not cause much trouble for beginners.


How to choose Crypto Faucet?

You may find plenty of crypto faucets, and the person must consider carefully what they should use. If you are thinking of using Crypto Faucet, then here are some of the things you should consider-


1. Timer

Once you win the rewards, you need to wait for some time to claim those rewards. Most of the time, it ranges from five minutes to an hour. If you want to increase the rewards, you can look for the Faucet, which requires less time to claim the rewards because only you can have several options.


2. Withdrawal methods

Usually, you can withdraw the crypto into the micro-wallet and transfer it to the Crypto Wallet. However, there are some Faucets which does require KYC verification before you withdraw your funds. That is why you need to be aware of the terms and conditions before you sign-up for an account.


3. Payment quantity  

Many Bitcoin Faucets do not pay much, as they pay only a small amount of Crypto, usually from 50 to 500. You may not find that much better, but if you play more games and refer to friends, you will get the chance to maximize your rewards.


4. Minimum Withdrawal limit

It is also essential for you to know about the amount that you have in your account. In some Faucets, there is a limit for you to withdraw a limited amount, and some do not if you are looking for ways to cash out the rewards without any low withdrawal minimum. 


10 Best Crypto Faucets

Here are some of the Best Crypto Faucets you can consider using and experience unlimited benefits. 


1. FreeBitcoin

FreeBitcoin is one of the most popular and oldest Crypto faucets one can find today. It was launched in 2013, and just like the name suggests, you can earn Free Bitcoins by playing games. When you play the games there, you can win $200 worth of Bitcoin every hour. Despite playing games, many other contests allow their user to earn free Crypto.

The platform also offers its users free crypto interest accounts with an APY of around 4.08% of their account balance. There will be unlimited opportunities which you can get to earn free Bitcoin every hour. When you refer it to someone else, you can even get free tickets to the contents.


2. Cointiply

The next platform you can use as a popular crypto faucet for Crypto or any other digital tokens is Cointiply. Every month, you can earn hundreds of dollars, depending on your time on the platform and location. The user can gain rewards on the platform in several ways, such as discovering new businesses, completing surveys, playing free games, and watching videos.

There is no limit on the Crypto which you earn; here, you can even get the chance to multiply the earnings when you participate in any contest. The platform also has some loyalty programs in which you can take part and get the opportunity to earn 25% bonuses in referral programs. If you want to, you can also download it as an app for your Android device. 


3. Lucky Block

If you are looking for one of the best crypto lottery projects, then Lucky Block is the one! It is the best platform that helps get the jackpot prizes drawn and even offers rewards to the participants. You will get 100% random results. The platform runs on smart contracts, which is why there is nothing to worry about the credibility.

It is a worldwide competition and games platform where you can play and earn rewards with the help of blockchain protocols. If you want to draw a prize, then you need to buy BLOCK, the native digital token of Lucky Block. To draw, you will need the ticket, and each ticket will cost you $5. However, if you will connect their crypto wallet to the Lucky Block App, then you will get the chance to earn a free ticket every day.


4. Bitcoinker

If you want to earn rewards multiple times in a day, then Bitcoinker is the website you should choose. It is one of the highest-paying crypto faucets you can find in the market. But, the rewards you will earn will only be in the form of Satoshi. The Satoshi you will earn will not automatically be transferred to your crypto wallet. People who are unaware, it takes about 100 million Satoshi to make one Bitcoin.

That is why you need to collect on your account, and once you reach a minimum of 20,000 Satoshis, only you can withdraw it in your private wallet. There are many ways you can earn cryptocurrencies, such as playing games, completing surveys, watching ads, or just browsing through websites. 


5. CoinPayu

The next most preferable platform that anyone can choose to earn crypto rewards through watching ads is CoinPayu. It is the best platform where you can claim about 15 different digital coins. However, the rewards offered to you will be in terms of Satoshis. While withdrawing the amount, you can easily convert those Satoshis into any digital coins you prefer.

Along with watching videos or ads, you can also participate in several contests, which will be there for 15 days, and you can claim as many rewards as possible. But before you withdraw the amount, you must ensure that you have met the minimum withdrawal amount or feeds. These amounts will depend on the cryptocurrency which you have chosen.  


6. FireFaucet

Another amazing platform that you can choose, which supports about 12 Digital Coins, is FireFaucet. It is the platform that seeks to create a diversified portfolio for digital coins with the help of a crypto faucet. People prefer the website because it offers you more rewards in digital tokens, including- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, and so on.

The rewards you will receive from here will depend on the user’s rank. If you want to increase your rank, then you need to engage with the platform. The user can also find it advantageous because it offers rewards and additional incentives to 20 users every day. You can complete the daily challenges if you want to experience additional perks.


7. adBTC

adBTC is the platform where you can get the chance to claim Bitcoin through surfing websites. All a person needs to do is browse the websites to earn crypto. If you are using the platform to browse, you must gather information regarding the investment.

It is an affiliate program where you can collect about 10% from the referral surfing earnings and about 5% from the advertisement. To withdraw the crypto, you must have at least 1500 Satoshi. It is one of the best platforms known for transparency and where you can get the information without even signing up.


8. FaucetCrypto

FaucetCrypto is a platform where you can get access to 18 different cryptocurrencies. It is not the only best part, but you can also earn coins on this platform for free every 25 minutes. You have completed the tasks such as taking surveys, viewing videos, and others. It is a user-friendly site with an advanced panel where the user can track the earnings.

It is the site that follows a level-up system which helps in offering more rewards. When you complete more tasks on this platform, you can only get the chance to claim higher rewards. When you finish the challenges, you can collect different items and sell them on the marketplaces.


9. Altcoins.pw

Altcoin.PW is another free crypto platform with Auto Facet. If you are a beginner and do not know how to use it, then it is the one you should choose. It is beginner-friendly and will offer you several advantages which might be appealing. Besides crypto faucet, Altcoins.pw is the platform that functions as a web miner and crypto exchange.

You can get the chance to earn the free crypto by playing games, watching videos, and even taking part in referral programs. There are plenty of crypto games from which you can choose one. It also has multi-features that you can use to earn about three different cryptocurrencies simultaneously. 

The users can claim the rewards daily and can get the chance to have 13 different cryptocurrencies. In addition, on this platform, you can find a chat room where the user can receive help when they are in need.


10. SantoshiQuizz 

Another way through which you can earn crypto for free is SatoshiQuizz. The platform offers you a small amount of Bitcoin, but only ten people (the first ten) answer the question displayed on the screen. Therefore, if you want to claim the rewards, you must register on the platform.

The rewards you will get will depend on the rank you have gained; if you give any wrong answer, you will lose one life every time. You can even enter the solo game challenges and get the chance to earn crypto.

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The Bottom Line!!

One of the best ways to earn digital currency for free is Crypto Faucets! These are some of the best platforms where users can easily earn crypto by playing games, watching ads, and performing other tasks. If you also want to earn crypto for free, choose any of the above platforms, grab the opportunity, and become rich!!

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