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Have you ever heard about the term Cryptocurrency Airdrop? Cryptocurrency Airdrop is a marketing stunt in which you can send coins or tokens to the wallet of the cryptocurrency traders to promote awareness about the new crypto or virtual currency. Only a small amount of new virtual currency is sent to the wallet of the active trader for free or even in return for the services, for instance, retweeting a post sent to the trader by the company that issued the currency. 

But before you move forward, you need to understand the cryptocurrency Airdrop. How does it work? And how can it be beneficial for you? Here you will learn about the Best Crypto Airdrops and everything related. So, let’s start!!


Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Cryptocurrency Airdrops are the promotional activity that blockchain-based startups perform. The only aim is to spread awareness about the cryptocurrency project so that more people will get to know about this and they will trade in it.

These are generally promoted on the website and the company, and the crypto forums and coins or tokens are sent only to those with the crypto wallet. If a person wants a gift, they need to hold the minimum quantity of cryptocurrency in their wallets. Or they need to perform some specific task.

It is not for the capital investment for the person, but the only aim is to be promotional. However, some crypto scams even involve sending a small amount of cryptocurrency to unknown traders, which is known as the dusting scams. That is why users should be careful about these deposits in their crypto wallets. 


Advantages of Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Cryptocurrency Airdrops does offer their users several different benefits and generate a buzz among the people about virtual currency projects. 

  • It is one of the most appealing marketing stunts and offers simple and low-cost advertising. The companies can use this as a promotional tool by giving a small amount of cryptocurrency to the wallet of the active trader.
  • When it sends the cryptocurrency to the trader’s account, who will then share it with their friends in the crypto community, sign up to a newly released and even share it on social media, which will help you learn more things.
  • Mouth marketing is one of the best ways to promote cryptocurrency, and when a company promotes the currency via airdrops, more people will know about it.
  • It will help the recipients educate themselves about the coin or token, which can help as an excellent fundraising method.
  • Many times, there can be an increase in the values of freebies, which will increase profits at zero investment because the investment will come from Airdrops.

Not just that, but the crypto airdrops offer several other benefits.


Best Crypto Airdrop

Here are some of the best Crypto Airdrops on which you can choose or create an account, which will help you get some free virtual currency.

1. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is one of the best-decentralized crypto games based on Blockchain technology. It is the process controlled by smart contracts, which will eliminate human intervention. The platform is entirely safe and secure for gamers. 

It is one of the best crypto airdrops to choose where you will get regular updates about the crypto airdrops. You can register on the platform to get updated about the upcoming promotions. There are no transaction fees. 


2. Binance

One of the most popular crypto exchanges you can find in the world is Binance. It supports more than 100 currencies you can deposit and withdraw from. When you use this platform, you will find plenty of opportunities to access the best crypto airdrops.

At Binance, there are several trading tournaments and giveaways for the users. You can create the account and access the multiple airdrops you can find there. It is easy for the person to apply for the Binance Card and must complete the KYC. But if you want to create the Binance card, you need to make the transaction for a minimum of $10.


3. DeFiChain

DeFiChain is another decentralized blockchain platform whose only motive is to make its services more intelligent, transparent, and efficient. The platform offers you complete DeFi capabilities. It provides a wide range of crypto-economic financial operations with complete security that will keep you secure from attacks.

It allows their investors to stake, lend and even earn yield. It is an upcoming crypto airdrop that offers worth $30 DFI tokens to its new users. Isn’t that amazing? Not just that, but if you deposit for the first time, you will also get an 11% bonus. If you want to experience their incentives, create an account, complete the verification, and deposit the currency worth $50.


4. Stormin

One of the best crypto airdrop giveaways is StormGain. It is the universal cryptocurrency trading platform where people can trade digital assets on a mobile phone app or even on a desktop. Millions of people, including newbies and seasoned traders, use the platform from all over the world.

If you are a new user, you must sign up for the account and receive a 25 USDT airdrop. The platform has a simple user interface that is relatively easy to use, and while signing up, you also need to complete the KYC to verify the account. Once you create the account, you can also claim the bonus. Here you can also mine cryptocurrency; if you refer this to your friend, you will get 15% of the funds. 


5. MetaMask

MetaMask is one of the best and most well-known custodial wallets. It is a promising upcoming crypto airdrop that you can have. It is the platform you can use on your mobile phone as an application and browser extension, giving the investors a secure login ID and key.

The platform also works as a wallet, crypto exchange, and anything that will help you manage your digital assets. There are more than 30 million active users. Several organizations and individuals may use the wallet to access mint NFTs and DeFi, where you can complete another task. The platform has also launched its currency, which has increased the popularity of crypto airdrop. The platform is already quite successful and can be the best upcoming airdrops!    


6. DAO Labs

DAO Labs is a worldwide network of dApp research and development projects of significant clients, blockchains, and collaborators. It helps in asserting several businesses in next-generation governance. It is also known as the tokenized consulting firm. The best part about the platform is that it offers you the chance to earn the digital currency for performing some simple tasks. 

When you complete these social chores, then it will offer you airdropping up to 60 BUSD. If you want to receive the 60 BUSD, you need to complete a few crypto airdrops in which you can participate. At last, you need to submit the details about the airdrop, and then you can get the chance to earn the crypto for free.  


7. Basic Attention Token

Another blockchain-based system you can use is the Basic Attention Token (BAT). The platform is in-built on Ethereum and uses the Brave web browser. The only goal of this project is to know the time and attention users offer to the website. Basic Attention Token effectively shares the money of advertising between the users, publishers, and creators of the online marketing adverts and material.

If you are the holder of BAT in this project, then you will get 70% of its advertising income, and all you need to do is download Brave Browser. You will even get the advertisement’s notification about earning free BAT while browsing. It is the best one because you need to interact with the alerts and look over the advertisements in the questions.


8. Pulsechain

If you want to invest in the Ethereum Network, then PulseChain is the one. It is a quicker, cheaper, and more ecological cryptocurrency project. It can be one of the greatest airdrops regarding digital assets. These crypto airdrops can be open to anyone with several ERC20 Tokens.

PLS tokens will be offered to everybody with ETH in their wallet, and the PLS should be relocated to the new wallet within 30 days. It is the new cryptocurrency, and there is a risk because no one knows its value. The airdrops you will receive can be transferred to the exchange, where people can earn crypto by farming.


9. Tidex

The next airdrop which you can find is Tidex. It is one of the best crypto exchanges whose headquarter is in London, where you can trade about 100 pairs of crypto and 70 individuals. It is one of the best crypto airdrops where you can claim up to 200 TDX. The users need to perform some basic activities that will help them get a prize pool. 

If you want to take part in an airdrop, then you need to create the account on Tidex, complete the process of KYC and then deposit about $20 crypto in the account. When you sign in and make the deposit then, only you will get the airdrops in 200 TDX.


10. RAW DAO 

If you are a beginner, then RAW DAO is the platform from which you can choose. It is the platform for networking, educating, and converting physical assets into digital ones. It is the latest free airdrops, JunoSwap and JUNO Holders. On this platform, the upcoming airdrops are intended to reward Cosmos and Juno ecosystem supporters.

If you are not, you can only become part of it now. Then, the person, who has stakes and supplies the liquidity for the longest time, will be the one who gets more rewards. There will be three categories of airdrops and the 200 million RAW tokens giveaway. First, you need to claim the best crypto airdrop by RAW DAO, and then to claim the airdrops then, you can go to the claim page and connect to the digital wallet.


How to get Crypto Airdrops?

If you want to get the crypto airdrops, then you need to create an account on any platform which will offer you the daily giveaways and tokens. If you want to earn the currency, then you can take a look over the points below-


Set up a crypto wallet and deposit the amount

At first, the person needs to set up the crypto wallet on a reliable platform. So you need to provide some vital information on the platform. When you do so, you need to deposit some funds to your account and then purchase the tokens from that exchange. But one thing you need to remember is that you should buy it from a reputable exchange. 


Connect your crypto wallet

After that, you need to connect your crypto wallet with the pancakeswap. It is easy to select the DApps and then look for the OPTION OF “Connect Wallet.”  


Buy tokens

After that, you need to buy the tokens from there. There you will find the option to add the amount manually with the help of the contract address. From there, only you can register for the crypto airdrops. 

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Here, the best crypto airdrops are reviews that offer you several different benefits. You can also find the main prize pool; you need to keep an eye on that because that will provide you with free crypto airdrops if you complete a few easy tasks.

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