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Minting bitcoin was never this easy until the introduction of bitcoin cloud-based mining sites. With these sites, a person can easily mint Bitcoin without purchasing ASIC kits or consuming hefty energy and power. Therefore, whenever you search for the best bitcoin mining platform, you need to ensure that the platform is legitimate.

You need to explore what coins it allows, what setup cost you will need, and how much you will earn in terms of ROI. Thus, considering all these points here is a list of the top 8 best bitcoin mining sites you can pick from. Go through it can start minting bitcoin with ease.

List of best bitcoin mining sites


ECOS is the crypto ecosystem’s home, providing various products and services to users. It is a legitimate bitcoin mining company, and ECOS is located in a Free Economic Zone in Armenia. This platform is a cloud mining site that offers you 100% secure wallets leading to crypto exchange.

This site runs on Android and iOS. You can start online, and the ECOS customization tools will allow you to create a minting contract that meets all your requirements. You can also set the parameters linked to the contract period and duration. Besides, you can also state your prediction on the prices you believe while creating a contract that provides you a clear idea of potential ROI.

For example, imagine you have created a 36-month contract and think your bitcoin is worth $60000. When it gets expires, then your ROI amount would be 99%. You can also break your ECOS profits daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Moreover, with the ECOS minting site, you get real-time customer service and a free trial contract for one month. On top of that, you can make a contract for as low as $150.

2. Shamining

In terms of reputation, profitability, and fees, no one can beat shamining. It is considered the best bitcoin cloud mining site. That means you can make money without purchasing hardware equipment or consuming vast electricity. Instead of that, you can rent a bitcoin mining.

Although it may sound complex to you, it is a straightforward process. You must register to the site and decide which bitcoin firm you want to invest in. After which, you can instantly start generating income by making a deposit that will pay for your bitcoin contract. Therefore, to begin minting on Shamining, you must make a minimum deposit of $250.
Moreover, this minting platform notes that the average income multiplier is 1.43*. That means for every $1000 investment; you will get equivalent crypto of $1430. This minting site is quite popular, and since 2018, over 70000 people have been using this site to mint bitcoins. With this platform, you have a variety of contract options, and each of them comes with minimum investment requirements.


The following minting site on the list is GAINERS. It comes with a similar nature to Shamining and ECOS. GMINERS is a cloud mining platform that exclusively mints bitcoin. Thus, this mining platform will offer you an ROI of 150%, which is quite competitive and to start minting, you need to register your account on the site with a minimum deposit of $250.

After which, you have several bitcoin contracts to choose from. Thus, all of these contracts have a minimum term of 1 year. Moreover, you can access these sites on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet. Therefore, in terms of fees, it won’t charge you anything for creating an account, but you have to pay a contract fee of $0.0120 per 1 GH/S.

4. ChickenFast

If you are new to the crypto world and minting bitcoin for the first time, then the ChickenFast minting site is the best option. This platform is designed to keep the newbie in mind. Besides, to access this platform, you do not need any prior experience.

You need to know how much money you need to invest in bitcoin mining. Moreover, the ChickenFast algorithm will determine the essential contracts at the investment time. This site offers you a daily payout that means you can reinvest your profits into new minting contracts easily. Thus, the minimum investment you need is 250 dollars, and the minimum withdrawal requirement is 0.0003 BTC.

5. HashShiny

If you are looking forward to a bitcoin cloud mining site that accepts multiple coins, then HashShiny is the best option. It accepts bitcoin and other cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash Dogecoin, Zcash, etc. So you are not forced to stick to just one coin.

Thus to start minting, you need to register an account and make a deposit. You can do it using cryptocurrency, debit/credit card, or PayPal. Regarding fees and ROIs, it depends on which crypto you have minted. Moreover, this site offers you a variety of contracts to pick from, each of which has some specific deposits.

6. BeMine

It is another bitcoin minting platform that offers many investment opportunities. Therefore, choose one of the align that matches your goals. The best part of using this site is that it highlights clear information on how much you will earn.

Therefore the ROI and mining fees depend upon the contract you have chosen. But you need to make a minimum investment of $99 and a maintenance fee of $1.09. You can pay the bitcoin mining contract through cryptocurrency, Visa, or MasterCard.

7. TrustMining

TrustMining has been operating for the past three years and is believed to be the best bitcoin mining site for casual investors. You do not require to buy expensive mining equipment, and the minimum first-time investment begins from 250 dollars.

You can even choose from the three contract specifications. Each of them offers you similar returns. Let’s understand it with an example. If you have invested $250 into the SHA-256 contract, it will yield $43.80 per month and $525 annually.

On the other side, with Ethash contracts, you will get a little more profit. That means if you invest $250, you will get an ROI of $45 per month and $550 per year. You can use this platform on laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Moreover, this platform offers you 24/7 customer support, and you will get your shared mining rewards every 24 hours. This site is user-friendly and offers you clear information on potential ROIs.

8. Genesis Mining

The last platform in the list of best bitcoin mining sites in Genesis. This minting site is quite popular and offers profitable contracts. The platform supports bitcoin and other cryptos like Zcash, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, etc.

Due to this, an investor gets plenty of options to create a diversified basket of mining contracts. Therefore the yields and ROI depend upon the contract you have chosen. However, to start minting, you need to make a minimum investment of $499.

Genesis mining allows you to deposit through debit and credit cards, which is suitable for the first-time investor. Therefore, because of the popularity of genesis mining, it claims to have 2 million investors in the book.

These bitcoin mining websites it has opened the door for investors to mint bitcoin on the budget. Besides, using these sites doesn’t require expertise or specifications, and you can even mint bitcoins at the lowest cost.

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