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What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

Many individuals buy Bitcoin as an investment, purchasing the cryptocurrency in the hopes of profiting from market changes. These people regard Bitcoin as a speculative tool at first.

Others merely consider cryptocurrency to be a new method to spend money. Every day, the number of sites where you may use Bitcoin as a form of payment grows. To give you an example, below is a list of sites where you may spend your Bitcoins:

Via Internet

1. List of Best Internet Merchants

  1. Overstock – The first major online shop to accept and enable Bitcoin payments in their entirety. Anything from furniture to computers and televisions is available for purchase.
  2. Newegg –an e-commerce behemoth that takes Bitcoin as payment for the majority of its goods.
  3. WordPress – the popular platform for starting blogs and weblogs declared that improvements within its portal could now be purchased with Bitcoin.
  4. Shopify – an e-commerce platform comparable to Etsy and eBay that allows users to construct their own online businesses
  5. DELL – a computer industry behemoth and one of the corporations that have put the greatest faith in Bitcoin. He began accepting it as payment in 2014 since he was still relatively unknown.
  6. Etsy – Currently, over 100 merchants accept Bitcoin payments.
  7. Microsoft – Users may make deposits into their accounts using Bitcoin at one of the world’s top firms.
  8. Amazon – Bitcoin may now be used to purchase anything on Amazon thanks to the Moon business and the Lightning Network. We don’t buy straight from Amazon, but BTC may be used for anything.


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2. Spaces where all of the Bitcoin spending options are outlined

  1. Where To Spend Bitcoins UK –It’s a list of Bitcoin-accepting stores, bars, websites, and other locations in the United Kingdom.
  2. useBitcoins –a marketplace with around 5,000 BTC-accepting companies.
  3. Coinmap –a map showing Bitcoin-accepting establishments throughout the globe
  4. Spendabit – a search engine that can locate certain things that can be purchased using Bitcoins.

3. Services

Each company’s decision on whether or not to accept Bitcoin as a payment method is up to them. As a result, there are no marketplaces where BTC is generally recognized. Instead, some organizations in various service industries are adopting virtual currencies as an additional payment option in order to grow their consumer bases.

  1. Dish Network – a direct broadcast satellite service provider based in the United States.
  2. ExpressVPN – high-speed and secure VPN network.
  3. PureVPN –secure and high-speed VPN network.
  4. OKCupid – online dating site.
  5. WordPress –an online website that lets users create their own web pages and blogs.
  6. Reddit – Bitcoins may be used to purchase premium features.
  7. Namecheap – Registration of a domain name.
  8. Bloomberg, Chicago Sun-Times, etc. – Bitcoins can be used to pay for a subscription to an online newspaper.
  9. SuicideGirls –A prominent adult-themed community now accepts Bitcoins as payment for membership.
  10. Treehouse – a company that specializes in interactive online learning and accepts Bitcoin for a range of courses.


4. Video Game

Buying a video game used to require a trip to a real store. The majority of gamers nowadays purchase online. Video games, like digital currency, have become a digital possession. As a result, it’s only logical that too many big game-selling sites accept Bitcoin.

  1. Xbox – Games, add-ons, and Xbox Live memberships all cost money.
  2. PlayStation Network –Pay for video games, add-ons, and PlayStation Network memberships.
  3. Humble Bundle – Indie gaming website.
  4. Big Fish Games – a Seattle, Washington-based casual game developer.
  5. Green Man Gaming – games, digital games, and game serials.
  6. Zynga – mobile and online games.


5. Travels

Many rival travel-related services exist, and the majority of them provide fairly comparable capabilities. Providing various payment methods is an excellent strategy to acquire new clients. Here are a few places where you may book your fantasy trip and pay for it using Bitcoins:

  1. Expedia –Currently, one of the world’s top online travel booking services allows Bitcoin payments for hotel reservations, but it plans to expand its Bitcoin payment options to include airlines, activities, and more.
  2. AirBaltic –The very first airline to take Bitcoin as payment for a wide range of flights.
  3. Webjet – Flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and other travel services are available through this website.
  4. CheapAir – A website for booking flights, car rentals, rail tickets, and other travel arrangements.
  5. Bitcoin Travel –a trip booking platform with the most extensive lists of businesses that accept Bitcoin.
  6. Travel For Coins – a travel booking platform that allows customers to book flights and make payments for them using Bitcoin.
  7. Virgin Galactic – The world’s first commercial spaceline to take Bitcoin is Richard Branson’s firm.
  8. Corporate Traveler – Because of cooperation with BitPay, the UK’s largest travel management announced in mid-2019 that it will take BTC.
  9. Casual Hoteles Chain –Since February 2019, the Casual Hoteles network of hotels in Spain has started accepting Bitcoin payments.


Donations and Charity

Oftentimes, donating money to nonprofits results in large fees. For whatever reason, some people might want to keep their donations secret. Making donations in Bitcoins is indeed the best option to avoid these costs while still maintaining anonymity.

  1. Wikimedia Foundation – a non-profit devoted to the growth, production, and sharing of free multilingual educational resources.
  2. Wikileaks –an anonymous source provides confidential info, news leaks, and classified media to an international non-profit organization.
  3. Bitcoin for Charity List –A list of certified charities that take Bitcoins that is always increasing. Their wallet addresses are even included!


A list of websites that receive donations in Bitcoins

Offline Business

Regardless of the fact that Bitcoin has yet to achieve widespread worldwide adoption, numerous businesses are now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for their clients.

There is a list of businesses that accept Bitcoin payments, along with maps. Bitcoin.Travel and Coinmap.

1. Food and Bitcoin-accepting bars

  1. Subway — in many locations throughout the world, you can order sandwiches using Bitcoins.
  2. PizzaForCoins – a website that lets you order pizza with Bitcoins.
  3. Pembury Tavern- a pub in London, England.
  4. Old Fitzroy – a bar in Sydney, Australia.
  5. The Pink Cow- a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo.
  6. Burger Bear- a food vendor located in London, England.


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2. Cab

Several taxi dispatch services and airport shuttle providers accept Bitcoin payments in different regions of the world. The following is a list of such businesses.

Gift Cards

Gift card purchases account for a significant share of Bitcoin transactions. It is by far the simplest method to buy things using cryptocurrencies from large corporations across the world as well as tiny local shops, both online and offline.

Several websites, including: allow customers to purchase gift cards of nearly any value using Bitcoins.

eGifter, Gyft, purse.io, Crafter, Instagift, Yes to Bitcoins! and Fold App.

Bitcoin Accepting Merchants in Japan

Recruit Lifestyle Co., Ltd. teamed up with Japanese bitcoin trading Coincheck to develop a point-of-sale software dubbed ‘Mobile Payment for AirREGI’ in early 2017. The tablet-based program allows retailers all around Japan to accept Bitcoin payments with ease.

The first business to accept Bitcoins was a network of 334 eyeglasses stores across Japan. Approximately 260,000 business enterprises, eating outlets, pharmacies, as well as other retail stores accept BTC across the country.

Famous capsule hotels like Comicap and Anshin Oyado, one of the largest electronics retail chains Bic Camera, and Kai Corporation, which runs five unique restaurants in Japan, are among the most recent additions to the increasing list of shops taking Bitcoins.

Bullion Trading

There are organizations like BitGold, which specialize in utilizing gold for transactions and savings, including Bitcoin, for people who wish to save their assets in a weighty and tangible form. Amagi Metals, a firm that has been exchanging Bitcoins for precious metals since 2012, is another option.

Unusual Ways to Spend Bitcoins.

The University of Nicosia, a private institution in Cyprus, was the first to offer a ” Master of Science in Digital Currency ” degree in 2013. Of course, you may pay your fees in Bitcoins if you desire to pursue this program.

The state of Ohio became the first in the United States to accept Bitcoin for tax purposes in 2019. This is owing to a partnership with BitPay, which will allow businesses and people in Ohio to pay up to 23 various taxes using Bitcoin as a payment method.

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Meltdown Comic Shop in Los Angeles was the first comic book retailer to accept Bitcoins recently.

For individuals who have made millions with Bitcoin, there is a BitPremier premium BTC market where you can purchase a Bali home or an $ 11 million boat. You may also use Bitcoin to purchase a Bugatti, Bentley, or Rolls-Royce from Post Oak Motor Cars in the United States.

Reeds, an American luxury jewelry chain, has also begun to take Bitcoin. In Canada, we may also find Birks jewelry accepting Bitcoin in their stores.

You may try your luck at one of the many Bitcoin virtual casinos and gambling websites if you’re feeling brave.

Finally, the enigmatic darknet is full of websites and markets that take Bitcoin for a number of products and services, but they are illegal in the majority of nations.

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