Best Crypto Under $1 To Buy In 2024

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Cryptocurrencies have become a popular investment option due to their potential for high returns. With the constant evolution of the industry, new investment opportunities arise regularly, making it challenging to identify the right cryptocurrency to invest in, especially for those seeking low-entry options.

In this article, we will explore some of the best cryptocurrencies trading under $1 that investors can consider in 2024 for potentially significant returns.

1. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin (DOGE) started as a meme-inspired currency but has gained popularity due to its rapid price increase in 2021. Despite experiencing volatility, Dogecoin still holds promise in the crypto market, currently trading at around $0.20. As the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, Dogecoin’s potential for significant growth in 2024 remains high.

2. Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is a blockchain platform that aims to make cross-border transactions more accessible. With steady growth over the years, Stellar is currently trading at around $0.35. Its unique ability to process transactions quickly and at a low cost has made it popular among businesses and individuals looking for fast and affordable payment solutions. With its potential for mass adoption, Stellar is a strong contender for profitable investment in 2023.

3. Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a decentralized meme-inspired cryptocurrency that has gained significant attention recently. Despite its low value, SHIB has grown in popularity due to its association with Dogecoin and its growing community. At around $0.000025, SHIB is a high-risk investment due to its volatile nature. However, if it continues to gain popularity, it could yield high returns for investors in 2024.

4. Chiliz (CHZ)

Chiliz (CHZ) is a blockchain-based platform that focuses on sports and entertainment. It enables fans to participate in their favorite teams and clubs’ decision-making processes and activities through blockchain technology. With its unique approach, Chiliz has gained popularity and adoption among fans and businesses alike, currently trading at around $0.36. CHZ has the potential for significant growth in 2024, making it a strong potential investment.

5. Holo (HOT)

Holo (HOT) is a blockchain-based platform that aims to decentralize web hosting and application development. Holo provides a platform for developers to build and host decentralized applications, which could transform the way we interact with the internet. Trading at around $0.01, HOT is a low-value investment with significant potential for growth. With its unique approach to web hosting and application development, Holo could potentially be a strong investment option for those seeking low-cost and high-reward opportunities.

In conclusion, investing in cryptocurrencies trading under $1 can be a high-risk investment but presents an opportunity for potentially significant returns in the future. It is essential to conduct thorough research and exercise caution before investing in any cryptocurrency to make informed investment decisions. As the market continues to evolve, staying up-to-date with the latest developments is crucial to making sound investment decisions in the crypto space.


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Are you thinking of investing in digital currencies? If you are, you must ensure you are starting with low-value currency if you do not know about trading. You can even look for the Best Crypto Under $1. But if you are looking for that, will it not be easy for you?

But here, you will learn about the best digital currencies that fall under this category. You will also get the right direction, and it will help you make an informed decision. In this guide, you can explore the best crypto under $1. So, let’s dig a little!

How to Buy Crypto under $1?

If you are wondering how you can buy crypto for under $1, then you need to follow the steps that are mentioned below-

  • Get the trusted wallet

If you want to purchase crypto, then the first thing that you need is a safe and secure wallet where you can keep it. So, you need to purchase the crypto wallet first from the trusted platform. There are several platforms from which you can choose, but not all of them are secure. In addition, there are two different types of storage, and you need to choose the one that is best and safe for you.

  • Deposit Funds

Once you have the wallet, you must deposit your fund in your account. Without funds, you will not be able to purchase crypto from the platform. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have enough funds to purchase the crypto you want.

  • Place order

Now is when you should place an order for the crypto you want to purchase. Then, you can choose the one, and you need to transfer your crypto to your wallet.

Best Crypto under $1

1. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is the one you can consider investing in if you are looking for the best cryptocurrency that will explode in 2022. It was launched in January 2022 and is the best crypto under $1. Even today, it is considered the number. It is the project building on the crypto lottery platform and improves the traditional draw of the lottery. It even intends to enhance fairness and transparency by conducting lottery draws on the platform with the help of blockchain technology.

As an investor, it is considered the best investment because several features make it an excellent option to produce profit in the long term. Until then, the highest price of Lucky Block, which has been recorded, was $0.009, and at the time of writing, it was $0.002. The token is almost 78% lower at all times, and this can be the best opportunity to invest in the currency.

2. Basic Attention

Basic Attention Token is another best cryptocurrency you can invest in in 2022. It was launched in May 2017, and the Token serves a worthwhile purpose. It is considered the Di-Fi coins, whose only aim is to tackle specialized and well-known crypto needs. Basic Attention Token is built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. It even faces several difficulties in advertising, including an abundance of trackers, advertiser fraud, user misuse, poor loading time, and many more.

Brave Software designed the token, which has changed how the internet is used to gather data, treat users, and display ads.

The highest price of Basic Attention Token was $1.92; if you talk about it now, it is about 57% lower than at the time of its writing. There has been an analysis that it could get high in 2025. So it is your precious chance to invest in Basic Attention Token now.

3. De-Fi Coin

Another currency that you can purchase is De-Fi Coin. It is the most undervalued crypto, priced under $1. The coin was initially launched in May 2021, and because of the long-awaited launch, it has sprung in the recent weeks after its launch. It is an innovative cryptocurrency in the new decentralized exchange. It even offers several possibilities for income generation and speculation.

It is considered one of the altcoins with high potential because the coin has already produced a triple-digit return since the launch of Di-Fi Coin. That is why; it does offer several possibilities for income generation and speculation.

The supply of this coin is fixed at 100 million tokens with a built-in manual burn which will reduce the total supply of the coins over time. De-Fi is a deflationary asset because the remaining tokens are deemed scarce. Its features will ensure that it will be the best crypto under $1 that a user can consider investing in.

4. Tron

Another popular cryptocurrency in the world that you can invest in 2020 is Tron. If you are looking for a steady penny investment, then it is a great option you can consider. It means it will lower the volatility of the currency. It is the currency that runs on the smart contract that helps the developers in creating the dApp.

The main purpose of this cryptocurrency is to bring both content providers and consumers together for P2P transactions. The company purchased BitTorrent in 2018, which was a big step toward its goal. If you make more than 2000 transactions in one second on this platform, then it will be able to handle that.

You know what makes Tron the best, and that is because it does not have any transaction fees. The highest-ever token price for Tron is $0.30. As a result, it is considered one of the top 25 most valuable cryptocurrencies you can find, with a market capitalization of about $7.5 billion.

5. Ankr

This crypto token was launched in September 2018 on the ethereum network. It is generally a cloud platform that offers you several comparable providers, to deal with. With the help of ankr, cloud computing businesses can rent out unused machines and work on them. Along with that, in exchange for tokens, cloud computing companies can enhance their processing power. Using underutilized assets is a great option if you want to help the environment.

Besides this, it also features chain tools and note architecture. That means new you can operate several blockchains effectively and precisely. It has a wide range of applications used by developers to create blockchains. Investors use this crypto token to get incentives.

For a long-term investor, you can start with an ankr at $1. The market cap of this cryptocurrency is around $900 million dollars. It is super volatile crypto, and prices remain between $0.02 to $0.20. However, according to the estimation, the price can rise to $12 per token until 2025.

6. Ren

If you are looking for the most promising cryptocurrency you can purchase in 2022, then you should choose Ren. It is the currency designed by cryptocurrency professionals and IT and was launched in 2017 by them only. It creates the freedom of transactions among the users as it has the open Ethereum token protocol, which will allow any currency to transfer the token across any blockchain network.

The only aim of the time is to ensure that normal people can also make a secure, private, and speedy transaction. Therefore, it is the powerful encryption software that you can choose. In February 2021, it will increase to $1.84. Since its launch, Ren has gone through several changes but is also considered one of the best investments you can make.

7. Chili

The next best crypto under $1, which you can find for the entertainment properties, is Chiliz. It is the best entertainment and sports-oriented cryptocurrency project launched in 2018. Chiliz is a fan engagement platform that will work in partnership with other big sports teams. Chiliz is the cryptocurrency of the Socios platform and proprietary exchange, which is official.

It is the reason that increases the value because many fans buy tokens and also the voting rights of their favorite team. If a fan purchases the tokens, they can support their favorite teams. The blockchain network has made Chiliz the best and most promising cryptocurrency.

The market capitalization of Chiliz is $1.8 billion more than what it was at the time of writing. However, because of the volatility in price, there has been a fall in the crypto market, and it came to $0.40


One of the best and new cryptocurrencies you can invest in is It is a blockchain-based machine and AI learning platform launched in 2017. It offers you the ‘digital twins,’ which are copies developed to simplify the life of both professional and personal users. It is also known as the Autonomous Economic Agents.

The project helps people with monotonous activities such as parking and food preparation. It also helps in completing the tasks automatically, which means there will not be any middleman, and you will be the one who will handle all data on your own.

It is also used to make contacts for your business and advertise it. In addition, cryptocurrency offers speed, flexibility, and security, making it great for long-term investment. It has been predicted that will reach $2 or even more in the next five years.

9. XRP

From being one of the most suitable cryptos that you can evaluate for less than 1 dollar, it has the potential to eliminate inefficient and outdated international transfer systems. XRP is a protocol that verifies transactions. Firstly, the validators accept and approve it, and the transactions are conducted next.

Surprisingly, you can earn greener cryptocurrencies in seconds at a lower cost and minimum energy. It has a banking connection with more than 200 institutes that work for it. The changes in XRP are favorable and legal, and prices can hike any minute. XRP is one of the digital currencies that has been profitable for investors.

It had a high value of $3.40 in May 2021, and the number will rise to $0.90 or $1.08 in a few weeks. Thus, the market cap of XRP is $86 billion and will rise to $4 by 2025.

Is investing in under $1 Crypto beneficial?

When it comes to investing in crypto under $1, then that can be quite beneficial and will be comparable to the penny stock. First, they are not expensive to purchase, but they can be extremely volatile. That is why you need to invest in a currency with a high potential for growth in the future.

A person can even purchase the crypto on a large scale, but that will only be beneficial if the crypto they invest in has high potential. One of the main reasons to invest in crypto is to make money, which will be possible if you invest in something that will offer you rewards.

It is hard for everyone to tell which cryptocurrency will build a diverse portfolio or offer you the highest returns later. However, it can prove beneficial for the person to invest in under $1 crypto if they have tracked their records and if there is a possibility that it will offer you higher returns in the future.

The Final Words

There are thousands of currencies out there that you can choose to trade, many of which are prices before $1. Here, you will find the best under $1 cryptocurrency in which you can invest and get the best response. But if you are investing, then you need to consider each and everything related to the currency.

Lucky Block is the one you can choose if you are looking for the best. It is the overall best cryptocurrency to invest in that will offer you higher returns in the future. This currency aims to make changes to the lottery system and also the gaming industry.

You can even look over other cryptocurrencies which are best in which you can invest in 2022 that may not even ask for deposit fees and are also quite simple to use.


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